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20 March, 2017
10 Optical Illusions that will have you wondering...
10 everyday optical illusions that will make you realise just how easily fooled that our brain really is. I particularly liked the last one. Amazing. Click on the picture above to start.
The latest tool features the Grand Masters ‘Speak Up for Freemasonry’ awareness project. Make yourself aware of this important campaign and the resources available by clicking on the Toolbox above.
The Freemasons Toolbox
20 December, 2016
Freemasonry employs the tools
and instruments of stonemasonry
to teach a system of morality, friendship,
and brotherly love, hence, the standard
emblem of Freemasonry is the square and
Webmaster (March 2017)
Freemasonry exists in various
forms all over the world, with a
membership estimated at around five
million (including approximately 480,000
in Great Britain and over two million in the
United States). There are more than 6,500
freemasons in New Zealand.
Webmaster (March 2017)
Over the last 30 odd years
freemasons in New Zealand have
donated over $4 million toward the
tertiary education of outstanding young
New Zealanders. This makes Freemasons
New Zealand one of the largest private
providers of tertiary scholarships.
Charity Administrator, Sheila Hicking (2015)
We have again gone out to the
Lodge Almoners with this year's
Widow's Gift. We distributed just under
3,500 gifts, encouraging the Almoners to
treat it as a "gift for no reason".
Freemasons Charity (2016)
Freemasons New Zealand has one of the best Masonic quarterly magazines in the world. Click below to read the latest edition.
This edition from March 1967 includes an interesting article entitled "as Others See Us" - an article on how Freemasonry is seen by non-masons.
New Zealand Craftsman from March, 1967
1 March, 2017
1 March, 2017
New Zealand Craftsman from March, 1917
Take at look at what was being talked about back in 1917. In this edition there is an interesting article on the dangers of Freemasonry being seen as a "christian" organisation. Some things never change.
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Webmaster (March 2017)
Contrary to popular belief, the
Freemasons are not a secret
society. A Mason can freely tell people
they are a Mason. They just can’t reveal
the secrets of the order.