Central Division
April Allocution

Greetings Brethren all, 

     April has so far been a busy month starting with the Installation of WBro. Harry Coulson as the Master of The Research Lodge of Ruapehu No444, followed the next week by the Installation of Bro. Iain Robertson as Master of The Manawatu Killwing Lodge No47. The following night saw the presentation at Lodge Rangitikei Lodge No38 of a 50year Badge to RWBro. Wally Plank and a Certificate of Merit to WBro Robin (Ivan) Macann.

Brethren 50year badges and above are I believe are presentations that we should make an effort to attend there have been quite a few in recent years and perhaps because of that have not been as well attended as they should. But that is changing as candidates get older and fewer reach that high award we should recognise the dedication of those who get there.

This week The United Wanganui Lodge Installed Bro. Gary Brown into the Chair of King Solomon and it was particularly pleasing that his father was able to give the Obligation of Fealty.

Next week the NZEFMA will be attending the ANZAC ceremony at The Ashurst Domain on Tuesday 25th 12noon to join in the the Memorial and Wreath laying ceremony.

On Wednesday 26th April there are two ANZAC meetings -

1. The NZEFMA will be at Otangaki Lodge No70 for their annual ANZAC Ceremony.

2. The St Andrew Kilwinning Lodge No79 will be doing The ANZAC ceremony to the Empty Chair.

Saturday 29th sees The Divisional Conference taking place in Wanganui registration 8.30 - 9.30am This is an opportunity for all to have a say and to learn what is happening in the Division and of course our District. It is not just a day for Grand Lodge Officers and Masters to attend it is open to all so please make an effort.

Finally Just outside of April on May 2nd there will be a District Meeting to be held at the Fitzherbert Lodge Rooms at 7pm all welcome.

March murmers

We are fast heading towards the end of March, the first part of which I missed due to a welcome break on the Gold Coast but on my return things picked up fast with the Installation WBro. Robert McLellan at Lodge Wharite No.451 on 15th.


The 16th saw us visiting Lodge Tongariro No.705 English Constitution in Wanganui for the Installation of WBro. Robert Jenkins it was very pleasing to see all four constitutions not only represented but also taking part in the ceremony.


On Saturday 18th Lodge Otangaki No.70 celebrated its 125th anniversary and the Lodge was honoured by the presence of our Grand Master MWBro. Mark Winger. The Grand Master was received at 3.15pm and after greetings and introductions the Lodge performed a 2nd degree.

After the meeting the brethren retired to the Village Valley Centre and met up with wives and partners for a social evening with drinks and an excellent meal which was thoroughly enjoyed.

The following day Sunday 19th an informal Masters meeting with the Grand Master was held at the Fitzherbert Lodge rooms with a number of topics discussed for the betterment of Freemasonry in the District.                                         



Getting back to work

February is fast coming to a close and it has been a time when most Lodges have been getting back to work.We have two new Masters in the District Wbro. Alan Dean at the Petre Lodge and VWBro. Roderick Biel at Lodge Rangitikei. Both Installations went well and I would like to thank not only those Brethren who participated in the ceremonies but also all those visitors who attended. This District is well known for our visitor numbers and I'm am sure it is one of the main reasons that we are maintaining our membership numbers, and I hope we can continue in the same way. There are a few things coming up in March Including the Installations at Lodge Wharite on 15th March and Tongariro EC on 16th and then on 18th the 125th anniversary of Lodge Otangaki which will be attended by the Grand Master. This is a special occassion and it would be good to see a great turnout for this event.


New Masonic Year

February marks the start of a new year masonically speaking (Wharite apart) and I hope everyone has had a good break and are ready to get busy again. It also means the first Installations for the new team, and like London buses after a long wait two come along together. The first being Petre on Wednesday 15th and then Rangitikei on Thursday 16th, hopefully both will go well! The date for the Central Division Conference (29th April) in Wanganui is approaching fast and the closing date for Lodge representatives is 24th of February. Just a reminder of the Speak up for Freemasonry campaign, I'm sure that in this District we have already been doing this hence our excellent record of higher membership levels but we must not get complacent, we all need to be working hard to attract new members. I would like to wish all Lodges and Brethren a great Masonic year for 2017.


Christmas is fast approaching and I would like to take this opportunity to wish all the Brethren in the District, their families and friend all the best for the holiday season and to hope that the New Year brings prosperity and happiness to all.

Happy New Year

A new year has begun and it brings new challenges,after what I hope has been a relaxing and happy time for all we need to get our masonic hats back on and look at how we can advance Freemasonry in our District. Bearing in mind The MWGM new initiative "Speak up for Freemasonry". There are two events coming up this month. Firstly on 17th The United Lodge of Wanganui invites all Masons friends and family to an evening entitled "My life in music" presented by Della Jones an NZ Opera Tutor the evening commences at 6pm with light refreshments.

   On 26th we have the Summer Lecture at the Fitzherbert Ave Lodgerooms commencing at 7.30pm the guest speaker will be the Area Commander NZ Police once again the invite is to Masons family and friends.

I'm sure both will be very interesting evenings and our support where possible wold be appreciated.

Roll of Honour

Brethren Last night at Rangitane WBro Maru was presented with a Roll of Honour Certificate and Badge after a short Christmas message from Bro. Puki of Lodge Rangitikei. The presentation was made by RWBro. Marshall PDepGM and it was very interesting to hear the amount of work that Mick Maru has put, not only into Freemasonry but also into the local community. The evening was enhanced by the presence of wives / partners and guests including a ukelale group from the local Marae who played during the Refectory proceedings and I would strongly reccomend them to any Lodge who wants to enhance their evening.

     I would also like to remind people that next week WBro. John Lowen will also be honoured with Roll of Honour at The Petre Lodge in Wanganui on Wednesday 14th visitors 11am a good turn out would be appreciated.

These awards are not given out lightly and the recipients are fully deserving of them and we should do our best to attend these presentations.

First official visit

This is my first practice on the new comments site for the District. My first official visit has now been arranged and it will be to Lodge St Andrew Kilwinning. on the celebration of their St Andrews evening Grand Lodge will be recieved at 8pm and I'm sure it will be and enjoyable evening for all wives and friends are also welcome and a short address will be given in lodge by the Wanganui mayor before a traditional Scottish evening

20-11-2016. Brethren today is my first day as DistGM. after attending the Grand Installation and I would like to congratulate WBros Ashley Williamson, David Johnson and John Pennell, who were invested as Dist GDC and GS's respectively. The Insatllation was a great success especially when you consider the problems that have hit the Capital as well as many areas in NZ during the past week, and congratulations must go to the organisers. It was good to see some brethren in the audience especially those from our own District it was a pleasure to see them there. The Grand Istallation is not just for GL officers it is open to all. I have been invited to attend Rangitane Lodge on 6th December for their annual Christmas message this will be my 2nd official visit. I also will be attending the St Andrews Lodge Installation in Brooklyn 30th November to support the newly Installed VWBro Johnston (Merv) who has the privilage of being the first newly Installed DGM to conduct the ceremony.

First official visit completed nerves settled a little but the big test still to come, it was a very enjoyable evening at St Andrew Kilwinning with a relaxed feel and even brethren smiling in Lodge, the Mayor of Wanganui gave a short talk of his ideas for the future of thr area, it was good to see so many visitors and ladies at refectory, a very social evening and a pleasure to have been there. It was unfortunate that it clashed with the meeting at Otangaki, which I would also liked to have attended being a 3rd degree.