Central Division
MWBro Mark Winger GM Visit to present Sixty Year Service Bar to RWBro Jim Logan PGW

The Grand Master, MWBro Mark Winger, is visiting Lodge Woburn No 25 to present RWBro Jim Logan PGW with his Sixty Year Service Bar on Saturday 27 January 2018.

The day starts at 11:00am with the Grand Master meeting with all the Masters (and Masters Elect) of the Lodges in the Eastland Ruahine District, where he will share his vision - Speak Up For Freemasonry - for the growth of Freemasonry and the role Masters and Lodges play in growing the Craft, as well as listening to the successes and challenges that the Lodges in the District are facing.

There is a catered lunch at $15 a head. Bookings with the Secretary, VWBro Colin Heyward or home 06 857 8299

Lodge Woburn No 25 tyles at 1:30pm to raise to the 3rd Degree, receive visiting Brethren, receive the Dist GM then receive the Grand Master. Dress code is lounge suits. The Lodge will then close to admit Ladies, Family and Friends for the presentation of a Sixty Year Service Bar by MWBro Winger to RWBro Logan. The presentation marks the significant contribution that RWBro Jim Logan has made to Freemasonry in his 60 years of membership of the Craft and is an auspicious occasion for Lodge Woburn having the Grand Master present.

The Lodge and I welcome your attendance on the day in support of the Grand Master and RWBro Logan.

Lodge Waikaremoana No 158 Sell Marine Parade Lodgerooms

With the passage of time and advancing years the Bethren of Lodge Waikaremoana No 158 were no longer able to man the gates of the local A & P Show in Wairoa, which provided their principal source of income to finance the running of their Lodgerooms. Facing an uncertain financial future and the passing of a couple of Brethren, the Lodge made the courageous decision to sell their Lodgerooms.

The Foundation Stone for their Lodgerooms was laid by MWBro JS Hawker GM in 1967 and the Lodge started meeting there on the completion of the building in 1968. Membership was strong and the Lodge prospered for many years, celebrating their Centenary in March 2008 with a visit from MWBro Barry McLaggan GM. Unfortunately times have changed and the Lodge held their final meeting at Marine Parade on 14 November 2017.

The Brethren of Lodge Waikaremoana No 158 meet for the final time at Marine Parade, Wairoa.

Internation jazz pianist and Wairoa resident David Parquette has purchased the old Lodgerooms and I look forward to hearing jazz piano where once I heard ritual.

Lodge Waikaremoana has been able to find alternative accommodation at the Hind Building, 39 Queen Street, Wairoa and the future is looking a little brighter as they have three men - a joining member and possibly two candidates - expressing an interest in Freemasonry.

The Lion Lodge No 114 and Lodge Zetland No 312 Fraternal Visit

On Saturday 14th October the Lion Lodge No 114 of Ormondville hosted yet another annual fraternal visit from Lodge Zetland No 312, a tradition that has been occurring every year since 1945. Each June The Lion Lodge returns the favour, visiting Lodge Zetland in Wellington. The Lodges share a travelling gavel and travelling minutes recording each visit. 

The visit started with lunch (and a whisky provided by nonagenarian WBro Vic Ives PM who was away celebrating his 90th Birthday). The Lion Lodge then called back on to receive Lodge Zetland. Unfortunately both the Master, WBro Matt Dyer, and the intended candidate from Lodge Zetland were unable to attend due to work commitments. In their stead VWBro Duane Williams P Dist GM, a Past Master of Lodge Zetland, acted as Master and assumed the Chair to pass Bro John Villiers, a recently raised MM, in a simulated working. John joked that it was the fourth time he has been the candidate in the 2nd degree, but that as he is a large man Lodge Zetland don't seem in any hurry to raise him again in a simulated 3rd degree working! RWBro Graham Wrigley Dep GM, attending as a member of Lodge Zetland, presented the 2nd Degree Tracing Board and Bro Jack Steer pesented his first ever charge in Lodge with the Charge After Investiture.

RW Bro Graham Wrigley Dep GM, Bro John Villiers, WBro Bruce Williams Master of The Lion Lodge and VWBro Duane Williams P Dist GM

Lodge Abercorn-Tuahine No 76 Installation

Twenty years after first being Installed as Master of Lodge Abercorn-Tuahine No 76, WBro Mike Coyle repeated the experience on Saturday 7 October.

In proposing the Toast to the Master in Refectory, newly invested Director of Ceremonies WBro Barrie Denham RH, recalled Mike's time as an announcer on 2ZG, as a Communications Officer for the Council and his retirement job as a driver for InterCity. In reply Mike spoke of his plans for the Lodge for the year, with a good mix of Masonic and social activities for the Brethren and Ladies.

Installing Master VWBro Ian Hunt Dist GM, newly Installed Master WBro Mike Coyle and RWBro John Peryer P Div GM who Addressed the Brethren.

There are two Installation ceremonies remaining in the District this calendar year:

Bro Trevor Martin at Lodge Frimley No 359 on Monday 16 October, Visitors 7:00pm, at 8 Elbourne Street and

Lodge Te Mata No 298 on Thursday 16 November at Jervois Street, Hastings.

VWBro John Bray PGDC 60 Year Service Bar

VWBro John Bray passed to the Grand Lodge above on Thursday 28 September, so the presentation of his 60 Year Bar by Central Division Grand Master RWBro Jim Watt in the Woburn Lodgeroom at Waipukurau on Saturday 30 September didn't quite go as initially planned.

John was an initiate of Lodge Waikaremoana No 158 in Wairoa on 10th September 1957 and had retained his membership there for sixty years. When John moved onto his farm in Central Hawke’s Bay in 1967 he joined the Porangahau Lodge No 296 and was their Master in 1971 and again in 1976. In 1979 Porangahau Lodge merged with Bedford No 25 and Abercorn No 30 to form The Woburn Lodge No 25 and John was Woburn’s Master in 1980.

Friends, Brethren, Ladies and members of John’s family met for a memorial service lead by his son VWBro Richard Bray. Jim spoke of his own connections with John and placed John's Service Badge on his apron, which had been set up (along with other memorabilia) in the Lodgeroom.  Recollections were made of John's life, character, Freemasonry and practical jokes, then the assembled retired to Refectory to further remember him.

VWBro Jim Lum PGC 50 Year Badge

VWBro Jim Lum PGC was initiated into Victoria Lodge No 21 in August 1967, which was recognised at Hawke's Bay Daytime Lodge No 453 when RWBro Willie Wong P Prov GM presented Jim with a 50 Year Badge.

In making the presentation Willie recalled attending Jim's wedding, even though he don't know him at that time. Willie's parents had been invited to the wedding and, as is Chinese custom, the family went. Later, when they were both Grand Director of Ceremonies of their respective Districts, they served together at a Grand Installation in Palmerston North where they were cheekily referred to as "the Chinese Takeaways".

As well as being a member of both Hawke's Bay Daytime Lodge No 453 and Scinde Lodge No 5, Jim is Chairman of the Hawke's Bay Masonic Almoners' Association.

Bro Rod Asuncion MM

Ormondville dairy farm worker Bro Rod Asuncion was raised to the sublime degree of Master Mason at Lodge Rawhiti No 66 on the evening of Tuesday 15 August. Rod was originally to have been initiated into Lodge Puketoi No 149, but when it became apparent that Lodge Puketoi would close he was initiated into Lodge Rawhiti. It was appropriate then that former members of Lodge Puketoi WBro Mark Holdaway, WBro Frank Kay, Bro Craig Broughton and RWBro Jim Logan all had a part to play on the night. Visiting Brethren from The Woburn Lodge No 25, The Heretaunga Lodge No 73, The Lion Lodge No 114 and Lodge Gisborne No 233 swelled the numbers in the Lodgeroom in support of both Bro Asuncion and Lodge Rawhiti.

WBro Fred Allardice, Bro Craig Broughton, Bro Rod Asuncion, WBro Gary Woodford, Bro Geoff Waterworth and Bro Clayton Locke.

Hawke's Bay Masonic Almoners' Assn Mid-Winter Lunch

Once again the Hawke’s Bay Masonic Almoners’ Association sponsored the Mid-Winter Lunch to provide an opportunity for the Widows, Widowers and more mature Brethren of the Lodges of Hawke’s Bay to meet socially for fellowship and companionship, at a time of the year when there are fewer social or festive functions offering.

Over sixty old friends got together at the Taradale Club on Thursday 6 July for the friendly and informal gathering, with entertainment provided by Lodge Rawhiti Almoner Ngaroma Driver. 

Lodge Rawhiti No 66 Installation

WBro Gary Woodford was Installed as Master of Lodge Rawhiti No 66 for a second term on Saturday 20th May 2017, with Bro Geoff Waterworth and Bro AG Little invested as Senior and Junior Wardens respectively. 

During the ceremony Divisional Almoner VWBro Mike Kendrick presented WBro Arthur Stalky Law, long-serving Almoner of Lodge Rawhiti, with a Gold Charity Jewel in recognition of his service, not only to the Lodge, but also to the wider community.

Seeking new men for your Lodge?

Are you seeking new men to be Initiated into your Lodge?

At the recent Central Division Conference in Whanganui RWBro Neville Patrick spoke of the dilemma that his Lodge, The United Services Lodge in Christchurch was facing with declining membership and the looming threat of dissolution of the Lodge. He then went on to relate the success that the Lodge has had in attracting new men into Freemasonry with a targeted Facebook campaign.

Bro Damian Birchman, JW of Lodge Omarunui No 216, was so impressed with the possibility of bringing new men into his Lodge that he's organised a Skype with the designer of the web page for a proposed fitting for Hawkes Bay at 7:00pm on Wednesday 24th May, at Elbourne Street, Taradale. This will include a formal presentation followed by questions from the Brethren and a discussion on the costing of the set up and running of the web page. If this gets the reaction they are hoping for they are willing to refer candidates to other Lodges that might be closer to where the potential candidates live. 

If you'd like your Lodge to grow with new candidates you're most welcome to attend. For any further details contact Damian on 027 442 2184.

WBro Barrie Denham Roll of Honour

WBro Barrie Denham was Initiated into Lodge Abercorn No 76 in Gisborne on the 6th of June 1967 and served as Master in 1984. On Tuesday 2nd of May I had the pleasure of presenting him with the Roll of Honour to mark his contribution to Lodge Abercorn-Tuahine.

Barrie is currently serving as Senior Warden of his Lodge and in the course of making the presentation I invited the Brethren to share their reasons for nominating Barrie for the Roll of Honour. Many spoke of his skill as a ritualist, the mentoring he had provided to them and his service to the wider community as well as to Lodge Abercorn-Tuahine.

WBro Robert Bos PGS rounded out the evening with a fine piece of rhetoric on the Seven Liberal Arts and their relationship to a Fellowcraft.

April 2017 Installations

Two Masters were Installed in the District during April 2017.

On a wild, stormy night as Cyclone Cook drenched Waipukurau and blew trees over across Hawke's Bay, WBro Frank Bottrill PGS was Installed as Master of The Woburn Lodge No 25, on 13 April. Frank is an experienced Master, having already served in that Office in 2004 and 2008 in Woburn, and 2007 in Lodge Omarunui No 216.

By way of complete contrast, on a calm, sunny Gisborne afternoon WBro Bruce Kells PGBB was Installed as Master of Lodge Gisborne No 233, on 22 April. Bruce is a likewise experienced Master, having served his Lodge in that capacity in 1983, 1999 and 2016. Once the formality of Installing Bruce as Master was complete - during which WBro Bottrill Addressed the Wardens - I had the pleasure of Investing Bruce as Past Grand Bible Bearer and congratulating him on his preferrment.

As well as being kept busy breathing new life into their Lodges to ensure a sunny disposition for their future; both Masters are participating in the next Installation Ceremony in the District, being that of WBro Gary Woodford at Lodge Rawhiti No 66 on Saturday 20 May in Dannevirke, where WBro Kells will Obligate the Master Elect and WBro Bottrill will present the 2nd Degree Working Tools to the newly Installed Master. 

Services Lodge of Hawke's Bay No 313 Anzac Commemoration Service

Formed in 1945 by men who had served in the Armed Forces, the Services Lodge of Hawke's Bay No 313 has each year remembered those who served and paid the ultimate sacrifice in the defence of their country, in their annual Anzac Commemoration Service.

On April 19 a full Lodgeroom participated in the 72nd Anzac Commemoration Service, lead by the Master WBro Roger Sinclair RH, with WBro Ken Barrowman providing the Commemorative Address and WBro Steve Wallace playing The Last Post and Reveille. The evening had the added poignancy that this was likely the last time that the Services Lodge will conduct the ceremony, the Lodge being in the process of dissolving in June.

Following the Service, the Brethren retired to Refectory for the Empty Chair commemoration lead by Vietnam veteran WBro Paul Hawke PGS, supper and the Service Lodge's own peculiar coffee.

"From Flanders Field.....

to Lands afar."

"They shall grow not old, as we who are left grow old.

Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.

At the going down of the sun and in the morning

We will remember them."

Puketoi Lodge No 149 Final Meeting

Faced with declining membership and the sad realisation that the Lodge cannot continue, the Brethren of the Puketoi Lodge No 149 have voted to dissolve the Lodge.

Divisional Grand Master RWBro Jim Watt will be presented with the Charter of the Lodge by the Master, WBro Mark Holdaway, at their final meeting on Wednesday 12 April 2017, at the Lodgerooms in Pongaroa. The Lodge tyles at 7:00pm.

All Brethren are invited to pay one last visit to Lodge Puketoi and recall the character and enjoyment of visiting this fine old Lodge of 109 years standing.

March Installations

Lodge Waikaremoana No 158

WBro Allan Pickering will be Installed as Master on Saturday 11 March, in Wairoa. The Lodge is tyling at 2:00pm, receiving Visitors at 2:15pm and Grand Lodge at 2:45pm. This will be Allan's third term as Master.

WBro Allan Pickering Installed as Master of Lodge Waikaremoana No 158.


Lodge Omarunui No 216

Bro Fred Orr, who was Initiated into Lodge Omarunui in February 2011, will be Installed as Master on Saturday 25 March, at Elbourne Street, Taradale. The Lodge is tyling at 2:00pm, Visitors 2:15pm and Grand Lodge 2:30pm. Dinner in the following Refectory must be booked with Secretary Bernard Lock by 17 March.

I look forward to your support of both of the Lodges as they celebrate a new Master in the Chair.


WBro Roger Sinclair Roll of Honour

It was my pleasure to present WBro Roger Sinclair with the Certificate and Jewel of the Grand Lodge Roll of Honour, in recognition of the meritorius service that he has rendered to the Craft, at the Services Lodge of Hawke's Bay No 313 on Wednesday 8 February. During the presentation I invited the Brethren of his Lodge to speak of the service that Roger had willingly given and they recalled, among other things, his practical accounting assistance to many of the Hastings Lodges and Other Orders, his four terms as Master of the Services Lodge, his involvement with the Royal Arch and his general demeanour as a good man and a true Freemason. Others also related his community involvement as a football referee and with St John.


Meeting with MWBro Mark Winger GM

A great pleasure to meet with MWBro Mark Winger GM at the recent Grand Communication in Wellington and to hear him expound his vision that we all need to Speak Up for Freemasonry.

Article and photo from Hawke’s Bay Today.