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Memorable Visit to Eketahuna Lodge for 3rd Degree

I was delighted to attend a 3rd Degree ceremony at Eketahuna Lodge (in the Hutt Wairarapa District) on Saturday the 15th of September.

The candidate was Callum Fraser, son of Lodge Homewood's Master, Craig Fraser.

I counted more than 50 brethren in the lodgeroom including Bro George Myers Right Worshipful Master of a Lodge from Edinburgh and Klaus Heinger. a master mason from Austria.

Eketahuna Lodge is one of only 7 in the country that use a mechanism in the 3rd degree not typically seen in other Lodges.

After the meeting, brethren were joined by their ladies and went across the road to enjoy a wonderful 2 course meal at the Eketahuna club.

12 visiting masters were in attendance all of them having travelled from across the Rimutakas to attend.

Both Craig and Callum are well known throughout the Division for their playing of the bagpipes - so it was only fitting that such a strong contingent made the trip to witness this special occasion.

The picture above, taken at the conclusion of the working, shows Hutt Wairarapa District Grand Master, Rick Masterton; Callum's grandfather George Stables (from Picton); Callum; his Dad Craig; and acting Worshipful Master for the meeting Kevin Hislop.

Further evidence of the respect and harmony between Districts 19 and 21 - a candidate from District 19 being raised in District 21. Masonry at its best.

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