The Craft and The Arch - Indelibly Joined ...cntd
Of course I've also had the privilege of working closely with our Grand Master, MW Bro Winger - particularly in my 4 years on the Board of General Purposes.

During that time I got a rare glimpse of the passion Mark has for genuine synergy across the Craft. I saw it in the unprecedented 'closeness' between the English, Irish and Scottish Constitutions at his Installation in 2016. I've seen it in his genuine attempts at creating 'one craft' as part of his 2040 visioning work; and I have seen it in his tenacity for creating 'runways' for great Craft and Arch collaboration and as evidenced by his attendance at Graham's investiture.

Graham is a very clever man - he has provided accountancy expertise to global giants all around the world - including a stint in the Cayman Islands. He is astute. He has an 'eye' for the possible and the energy to make it happen.

A realisation by both orders that each are key to the success of the other really is the foundation stone for a closer working relationship. Craft masons often leave the chair after their time as Master of the Lodge still with more to give. For many the richness and diversity of the 30 degrees that follow Craft masonry is enough to maintain interest in Freemasonry and nurture involvement - which is good for the man, good for the Arch and good for the Craft.

Tania and I had the privilege of sitting with Les and Olga Borrell at the 2013 Grand Installation Banquet in Wellington. I remember at the time being 'swept away' by the vision of this man in creating connections across our Orders. His 'integrity' of thought and his will for considered change stayed with me for many months after the dinner.

We could stand back and make jokes about the 'lawyer' and the 'accountant' but I think we would do so at our own peril. The silver cord that lays before us has the potential to strengthen the ties of cooperation and collaboration between our Orders.

I am a great believer in fate. That things happen for a reason. That our course is already charted. Something feels very right about this latest union.

Congratulations Graham on your preferment, I for one can't wait to work with you on making freemasonry even better - it's not about the colour - it's about the future.