Central Division

Greetings Brethren

I am presently working on the 2017 DHL Lions tour, in the process of which I am meeting some very pleasant Lions Supporters and on my suit is my usual masonic lapel badge.  It has been great the number of fellow masons who have come up to me and greeted me as a brother, we truly are a great organisation. Log on next update for some photos of what I have been doing.

Lodge properties, their cost, the state of repair of some of them and the public image they portray, are becoming a major concern within the Division.  Your District Grand Masters will be making contact with all hall owners and companies in August to carry out a review and I ask that you give them your cooperation so that we can get a better idea of what we are dealing with going forward.

And finally – who did you speak to about Freemasonry today?


Greeting Brethren

We are very fortunate to have WBro. Russell Pratt PGS in our division and on behalf of you I cannot thank him enough for all the work he does, not only with our website, but also now with the Northern and Southern Division websites which mirror ours. This month he has put together an interested front carousal for us, with highlights from the Divisional Conference and if you didn’t attend, then the videos of the two presentations and the Grand Masters final comments are worth a view.


Monthly Lodge Meeting Reports: Russell has also developed a number of applications and reports and one of the best to be launched is the “Monthly Lodge Meeting Reports” and this is now live and will save you time in filing your monthly reports to Grand Lodge.

Submit a Working: Does your Lodge want visitors? Go on line and file a “Working”. Just click on the “Submit a Working” button and follow the prompts. This is now available nationwide and you may just be surprised at who may pay your Lodge a visit and from where.


If you sat through the video of my final remarks at the Divisional Conference, you will remember my two challenges to every Mason in the Central Division:

1. Speak to one non-mason per week about Freemasonry.

2. Visit one Lodge (other than one you belong to) per month.

Are you taking up these challenges? 

And a question: When was the last time you supported your Master when he went visiting?

Freemasons Scholarship Presentation

And finally, for the last few years I have had the pleasure of assisting with the annual Freemasons Scholarship Presentations and every year I am more and more amazed at the talents of young people we are supporting.

We were again hosted at Parliament by Jacinda Ardern (a Freemasons Alumnus) and Deputy Leader of the Labour Party and our guest speaker and presenter was Distinguished Professor Bro. Sir Richard Faull, Director of the Centre for Brain Research and Co-Director of the Centre for Research Excellence. Both spoke of the great assistance Freemasonry has given them, Jacinda during her time as a student and Sir Richard on his research.

Both said that Freemasonry helped them get where they are today.

Makes you proud to be a Freemason doesn't it!!!

2017 Central Division Conference

Apart from the sound and audio gremlins, for which I must apologise especially to those brethren who had hearing aids, the Divisional Conference we a success with 126 brethren and 32 partners in attendance.

Whilst the conference was in progress the ladies enjoyed a trip on the Whanganui River on the MV Waimarie (look for Penny’s report and photos on the next update of the website).

Following an opening address from the Grand Master, we had speakers who covered a number of topics:

Aside from the usual Division business session and voting for the remits, we also an address from the President of the Board and reports from the Ceremonial Review Committee and the National Operational Advisory Team.

Brett Hewson presenting the Heartland Bank Scholarship to Haley McConanhy



Heartland Bank Scholarship presentation was made by Brett Hewson from the Heartland Bank to Haley McConanhy. Haley spoke briefly, thanking Freemasons New Zealand and Heartland Bank saying that the scholarship would go a long way to helping her achieve her study goals.



Ray Kennan and Mark Winger



The Grand Master then made a presentation on behalf of Lodge Te Puni 315, of a Gold Freemasons Charity Jewel to Ray Kennan DistGDC recognising all the work he has done organising fundraising functions and events for both his Lodge and the Hutt Wairarapa District.




Finally I had the pleasure of inviting RWBro’s Steve Salmon and John Peryer, as Past Divisional Grand Masters, to the stage to join me in a presentation to VWBro. Graeme Harvie and Rosemary for all their work on behalf of the Division. Graeme will hand over the duties of Divisional Secretary to WBro. Sidney Hill in September/October 2017.

Graeme and Rosemary Harvie

Graeme will have served 7 years as Divisional Secretary and both he and Rosemary have been tireless workers for the division, especially with the annual conferences. On behalf of you all I would like to thank them for their service to the Division and knowing them both I expect we will probably still see them in or around the registration desk at next years conference.