Central Division

Greetings Brethren

Apologies for my short comments this month but Penny and I are taking a short break overseas and internet is very very slow and unreliable.

Just a reminder to register for the:

Divisional Conference 29 April 2017,

Wanganui Race Course Function Centre, Ingestre Street, Wanganui.

Registration form is on the Central Division website, as is the programme.

I have an expectation that all Masters and Wardens will be in attendance.

Look froward to meeting one and all there.



The start of the masonic year is upon us once again and from what I can gather has got off to another great start.

Hutt Wairarapa District No. 21 and Ruapehu District No. 15 have both held Installation ceremonies this month with credible performances by both new teams.  I had the pleasure to attend the Installation of WBro. Biel PGLec at Lodge Rangitikei No. 38 last Thursday the 16th for what was a very enjoyable evening at a great country Lodge. 

The Grand Master has made two visits to the Division so far this year, the first, a Masters Forum in the Kapiti Wellington District No. 19 on Saturday 11th February with 14 Masters and 9 Brethren present which was followed on the Sunday with the "Proud to be a Freemason" lunch hosted by WBro. Russell Pratt GS and his lovely wife Tania and then yesterday, Saturday 18 February in Eketahuna for a 3rd degree for Bro. Renie Macatual, from Lodge Windsor from the Kapiti Wellington District. The ceremony was conducted by the brethren of Lodge Eketahuna from the Hutt Wairarapa District.  Grand Lodge was well represented with Brethren from all 5 Districts in attendance.

Planning for the Divisional Conference in Whanganui on Saturday April 29th is now in full swing and the registration form will be live on the website later this week. In an effort to reduce costs, we will not be having a conference dinner however any who decide to stay overnight will be most welcome to join myself and the Grand Master for a “cheap and cheerful” meal and drinks on Saturday night. 

Speak Up For Freemasonry - Visiting

A Past Master of my Lodge once said to me “if every Mason went out one extra night a month, other than to his own Lodge or for an installation, imagine what our meetings would be like”.

We all value visiting as one of the cornerstones of our fraternity, but in all honesty when was the last time you visited a lodge or more especially accompanied your Master on a visit?

My first challenge to you for 2017 was to speak to one non-mason a week about Freemasonry.

Your second challenge for 2017 is to visit one other Lodge each month, that’s 10 more times (lets work on a Masonic year of February to November) you are going to go to Lodge this year.

There is even a Toolbox for visiting here in New Zealand


And whilst travelling overseas.



Happy New Year

I trust you have all had a Merry Christmas and an enjoyable New Year.

Divisional Conference 29 April 2017,

Wanganui Race Course Function Centre, Ingestre Street, Wanganui.

Lock this date in now. Open to all masons. We have an exciting and very relevant programme planned for the day.

More details to follow.

I have an expectation that all Masters and Wardens will be in attendance.

Have you spoken to someone this week about Freemasonry?

Speak Up For Freemasonry

“Speak Up for Freemasonry” the new initiative by our Grand Master, MWBro Mark Winger, is a programme designed to encourage

masons to talk about Freemasonry to their friends, their family, to their workmates.

If we don’t talk about it, nobody else if going to!!

Your challenge going forward is to speak about Freemasonry to at least one person every week in 2017. That’s 52 more people who

will know about our great organisation this time next year.

Don’t know what to say?

Grab a copy of the “Plain English Guide to Freemasonry” and have a read. Carry a copy so you can give it away. Copies are

available from Grand Lodge Head Office.


Check out our new Divisional Website...

By now I trust you have had a chance to look over our new and revitalised website, all of which has been made possible by the very hard

work of WBro Russell Pratt PGS, thank you Russell on behalf of us all.

You will already have noticed that a number of changes and new applications are being included, our end goal being to provide a single point of reference for all things masonic, not only within our division but also nationally, the Central Division website having become the model on which both the Northern and Southern Division websites are being based.

So what to watch out for:

..and your Lodges Monthly Meeting details. Traveling? you will be able to download a list of meetings by District, by Division or even nationally for a given month.

More to come, so make certain you make it a habit to check in regularly.