It's smiles all round as Worshipful Master, Randall Stainton enjoys a visit from the Grand Master at the Eketahuna Lodge No. 92.
And so on an indifferent day in Wellington weather-wise, the great trek to Eketahuna was commenced. Now the first two photo’s do not really give you a true indication of the day ahead. Diesel spill on the Rimutaka hill. So I am sitting in my car listening to the radio, regretting that I had not brought a book to read (had even left my ritual book at home) when lo and behold Worshipful Brother's Tom Greaves GS and Marty Waters walk past on their way to see Right Worshipful Brother Jim Watt and Very wWrshipful Bother Dennis Blacklaw who were about 10 cars in front of me.

So it was off to Aston Norwood Gardens less than 1km up the road for a coffee with fellow masons. To cut a long story short we were expected in Eketahuna at 1:30 pm and got there at about 2:30pm, but in true masonic fashion, this was not a problem.

Before we could get down to the business of raising Bro Rene Macatual to the third degree, firstly there was the reception of VW Bro Rick Masterton, District Grand Master into the lodge, and then the reception of MW Bro Mark Winger Grand Master. If you have never seen an official welcome to a district of the Grand Master, you have to put it on your bucket list. We talk about the Grand Master being accompanied by Grand Lodge, but really it is so much more than that. The Grand Director of Ceremonies leads it off, and in come the Grand Bible Bearer with bible, the Grand Sword Bearer with sword, the Grand Standard Bearer with standard and the Grand Deacons with wands. To make it an even better event MW Bro John Litton Past Grand Master, RW Bro Graeme Wrigley Deputy Grand Master and RW Bro Jim Watt Divisional Grand Master were also in attendance along with some other Right Worshipful and Very Worshipful brethren. To be honest great theatre indeed.

Eketahuna lodge is one of the districts most iconic lodges, and Bro Macatual is the third master mason from Lodge Windsor to be raised there. In the words of our Grand Master, you have to have some sympathy for Brother Macatual, for when he says “I was invested by the Grand Master” brethren may say in true Tui Brewery fashion (and let us not forget that Mangatainoka is just 30km up the road) "Yeah Right". But never fear, the Grand master has recorded this fact in his Volume of the Sacred Law. Our Deputy Grand Master completed the extended Secrets with aplomb. Truly for those of us who enjoy ritual done well, seeing such senior masons performing on the lodge room floor is simply inspiring. Nothing more can be said.

Refectory was held at the Eketahuna Club and a convivial time was had. Our Grand Master's reply to his toast was, to put it mildly, inspiring. He is leading from the front in speaking up for freemasonary. All and all truly a great day, even if it did start off a bit rocky.

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