Grand Lodge Capability Database - Editable Version
Record ID First Name Last Name Initials Rank Office Held Best Phone Email Address Status Postal Address District/s Offices Charges Division Any Comments
  350JimWattJL RW BroDiv - can participate at InstallationsP.O. Box 22401 Khandallah Wellington 6441Eastland-Ruahine Kapiti-Wellington Hutt WairarapaInstOff DC SW JWTiB AddtoMast AddtoWards AddtoBreth CCCentral
  349GraemeMillerGH VW BroP Dist - can participate at Installations62 Grovenor Drive Orewa Auckland 0931AucklandInstOffAddtoMast AddtoWards CC SO JONorthern
  348CHRISHOBBSCG W BroG Std B0272994358hobzee60@gmail.comActive - can participate at Installations32/115 Grove St NelsonNelson MarlboroughIGAddtoMast JOSouthernObligation of Fealty and obligation in the Board
  347GeoffEvansGR W BroDist - can participate at Installations26 Tamaki Avenue Otahuhu Auckland 1062Auckland Counties_HaurakiDCNorthernSix months in as District GDC...
  346PeterFaberPG W BroPG Std B099727393petraefab@gmail.comActive - can participate at InstallationsVilla 120, 45, Reed St., Tikipunga, Whangarei 0112NorthlandSW JW OrgAddtoWardsNorthernDue to recent serious illness I am not as capable as previously. The Northland DGM is aware of my situation.
  345RonDonaldsonR T W BroPGS03 - can participate at Installations29 Wills St Ashburton 7700MidlandIGSouthernI can invest Almoners, Deacons, Scotch Deacons and Organist I have sent this in again as I had left my initials out. Many thanks
  344AllanCameronAS W BroP Dist - can participate at Installations13 Brookfield Place Blenheim 7201Nelson MarlboroughHeraldTiBSouthernWilling to learn any charges needed.
  343AzherMirMK W - can participate at Installations43a Adams Lane, Blenheim, Marlborough, 7201Nelson MarlboroughSouthern
  342StuartHumphrey S I W BroP Asst GDC021 782862 Active - can participate at Installations1/133 Tauhara Road Taupo 3330Eastland-RuahineIGAddtoWards JOCentral
  341BrianKennedyBK RW BroP Dep GM2339 - only attend Lodge rarely these days128 Pope Street Camborne Porirua WellingtonCentral
  340LesGreenL A RW BroPGW03 - can participate at Installations43 Dunrobin Street Waverley DUNEDIN. 9013WickliffeHeraldJOSouthernAt present only herald in the Wickliffe District. In addition happy to invest treasurer, secretary, inner guard & Tyler if required
  339DavidKeenanD S W BroPGBB04 - can participate at Installations13 Ruru Crescent Heretaunga Upper Hutt 5018Hutt WairarapaSW JW Chap IGTiB AddtoWards CCCentralIf urgent can assist in Kapiti-Wellington District
  338JohnLindoresJG VW BroGDC03 Active2 Middle Road, Allenton, Ashburton 7700Southern
  337GraemeHillGS VW BroPG Lec06 327 - can participate at Installations'Mayfield' 41 Wanganui Road Marton 4710Taranaki Ruapehu Kapiti-WellingtonJW IGTiB AddtoMast AddtoWards CC SO JOCentralAs well I very often invest the Wardens, have done so in Taranaki Dist also
  336LaurieSmithL W W - can participate at Installations22 Russell Street WESTPORT 7825Nelson Marlborough WestlandSW JW IGSouthern
  335RogerQuartlyRV VW BroP Dist - can participate at Installations27 Tatyana Place Royal Heights Auckland 0614AucklandNorthernI would be pleased to hold the following offices with 1 month minimum notice: - Installing Officer, Board of Installed Masters, Secrets in the Board, Address to the Master, Address to the Wardens, Charter Charge.
  334JohnPeryerJF RW BroP Div GM06 877 1254john@peryerfs.comActive - can participate at Installations12 Hunters Hill Havelock North 4130Ruapehu Eastland-Ruahine Kapiti-Wellington Hutt WairarapaSW JWAddtoBreth CCCentralAlways happy to assist wherever I can
  333NEILHINDRN VW BroDist GM838 - can participate at InstallationsP O BOX 2 WAIROA 4160Eastland-RuahineSW JWAddtoWards AddtoBrethCentralRestricted to attendance at Day Time Installations for preference LATE NIGHTS AND TRAVEL ARE HARD WORK THESE DAYS DUE TO AGE AND DISTANCE OF TRAVEL. DistGM understands and I will assist whenever possible.
  332JohnDennisonKJ VW BroP Dist - can participate at Installations1 Guildford Place, Chatsford, Mosgiel 9024WickliffeSW JWAddtoWards AddtoBreth CC SO JOSouthern
  331RodneyVIALOUXRN VW BroPGC09 - but only in a support (non-ritual) capacityTownhouse 43 Edmund Hillary Village 221 Abbotts Way Remuera Auckland 1051Northern
  330DaveRobinsonD VW BroP Dist GMdaveandcarol@wekamail.comdaveandcarol@wekamail.comActive - can participate at InstallationsT18/ 75 Valley Rd PukekoheAuckland Counties_Hauraki WaikatoInstOffAddtoWardsNorthernIn our District (Counties-Manukau) Address in the Board (Traditional History) is a separate charge & I deliver that for most new Masters
  329MichaelWoodingMT W BroDist - can participate at Installations82c Colemans Road SpringlandsPegasus CanterburyDCSouthern
  328EdwinClarkeEB VW - can participate at Installations5 Mangakoea Place St Andrews Hamilton 3200WaikatoAddtoMastNorthern
  327RonHunterRG VW BroP Dist - can participate at Installations38 Clyde St, Kinmont Park, Mosgiel. 9024.WickliffeDC ChapAddtoWards AddtoBrethSouthern2014/16 was District Grand Master. With age & health would now prefer to take it easy, but would help out if required.
  326NormanDewhurstNA W BroP Dist GDC09 232 - can participate at Installations94a Percy Millen Drive R.D. 4 PukekoheCounties_HaurakiSW JW Chap IGAddtoMast AddtoWards CCNorthern
  325MalcolmMooreM F VW BroP Dist GM03 440 - can participate at InstallationsP O Box 247 Alexandra 9340Midland Otago Lakes Wickliffe SouthlandInstOff JW Chap IGTiB AddtoMast AddtoWards AddtoBreth CC SO JOSouthern
  324LoganPackerL.F. W - but only in a support (non-ritual) capacity6 Miro St Te Aroha 3320Northern
  323BobCresswellRM W BroPG Std - but only in a support (non-ritual) capacityPrivate Bag 438 PICTON 7250Southern
  322DeneRichardsE D R VW BroP Dist GM07 871 9011dene.richards@xtra,co.nzActive - can participate at Installations805 Frontier Rd RD 6 Te Awamutu 3876WaikatoInstOff DC SW JW Chap IGTiB AddtoMast AddtoWards AddtoBreth CC SO JONorthernLiving in Te Awamutu means long travel to most other districts
  321DeneRichardsE D R VW BroP Dist GM07 871 9011dene.richards@xtra,co.nzActive - can participate at Installations805 Frontier Rd RD 6 Te Awamutu 3876WaikatoInstOff DC SW JW Chap IGTiB AddtoMast AddtoWards AddtoBreth CC SO JONorthernLiving in Te Awamutu means long travel to most other districts
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