Nick Font came to New Zealand in February 2008 with his partner, Terri and their then 10 year old son, Adam. Within weeks they had settled in Churton Park, Adam had started at Churton Park Primary School and Nick had found employment.

One of their highest priorities at the time was to register Adam with a local football club and having attended pre-season trials at Alex Moore, the decision to join North Wellington was a no-brainer. This resulted in Adam playing for the club at every grade from U11s up until the senior second team. Nick was pleased that his passion for football has rubbed off on him!

Having joined Freemasonry in the UK many years before, joining a Masonic lodge in New Zealand became a priority for Nick personally and he duly signed up with Ngatiawa Russell Lodge in April 2009. Since then he has had the honour of serving the Lodge in different offices and as Master on two occasions.

Freemasonry is similar to other great organisations such as the Lions and Rotary, which serve their local communities mainly through charitable and sponsorship activities. The difference is that Freemasonry has a very strong historical perspective going back hundreds of years. Our internal activities are underpinned by ceremonial traditions which enhance the experience and elevation of our members. These activities provide a moral education which develops the individual and improves his standing within society.

In 2015 Nick saw an opportunity whereby his two great passions of football and Freemasonry could be combined. It came to him whilst sitting on the terrace at Alex Moore watching the second team play. At the time Ngatiawa Russell Lodge was looking for ways of promoting itself within the local community and his attention was drawn to the sponsors logo of the North Wellington football jersey. He thought "What if?". A couple of months later the Lodge committee had been persuaded and he entered into sponsorship negotiations with Grant Stephen. The result is the first team sponsorship by the Lodge and the huge pride which Nick takes in seeing the Lodge name and the symbol of Freemasonry (the square and Compass) on those team shirts.

That same pride is shared by all of their lodge members. When the first team line up on a Saturday afternoon ready to kick off in the Capital Premiership or Chatham Cup they can also take pride in the fact that they are representing not only a great local club, but a great local Masonic Lodge also.

Ngatiawa Russell Lodge have been part of the local community for over 25 years following the merger of Ngatiawa Lodge (est 1949) and Russell Lodge (est 1923). The Lodge has over 40 members and they meet at the Masonic Hall in Philip Street, just down the road from the North Wellington Club rooms on the first Wednesday of each month. If you are a man, 21 years or older and would like to find out more about Freemasonry or Ngatiawa Russell Lodge in particular, then feel free to give Nick a call on 0211734895.

Contrary to popular opinion (and the Discovery Channel!) Freemasonry is not a religious cult, political faction or a sinister group of self serving sycophants! It does, however bring together individuals of good standing in pursuit of self improvement and service to their communities. If that notion appeals to you then please give Nick a call.

Great initiative Nick! Freemasonry needs more good men like you!