I recently received this letter of thanks from Chris Bryant:

Wow! What a great result!

On Tuesday evening (13 December) at the New Zealand Pacific Lodge No 2 Meeting the Grand Master MW Bro Mark Winger, announced that the total for the appeal for our District project was just under $94,000. This of course includes the subsidy from the Freemasons Charity, in addition to the contributions from Heartland Bank, The Grand Masters MW Bro John Litton’s Seed Fund, "Run Fat boy Run" Events, The Wellington Masonic Association, and last but certainly not the least the participating Lodges and Brethren who have all worked very hard and contributed to this worthy cause.


While it has taken over 3 years work to achieve this result and I know many have asked the outcome, it is only recently that the end result has become known. A long and sustained period of effort but clearly worthwhile in the end.
The Kapiti Coastguard has recently engaged naval architects to undertake the necessary drawings as a precursor to the building of new vessel and trailer. We would expect this to be operational by this time next year.

The important attribute is that for the next 25-30 years, the expected life of the vessel, it will have on its side in big bold letters our Freemasons Branding. In addition the call up signature will be "Freemasons" which will be heard by everyone on the radio network.
Brethren, what a great opportunity to share all of this good news with friends about one of our many activities. Use this opportunity to practise the Grand Master's new initiative "speak up for Freemasonry"

Arrangements for the presentation of the Cheque and also later the launching of the new vessel will be advised to all brethren in due course

Thank you.

Chris Bryant
Organising Committee