I have very few regrets as a freemason - but one thing I would like to have done was to have been an active Mason during Mike's reign as Grand Master. During his time in the role (1998 - 99) I was overseas, contracting in the United Kingdom, attempting to save the world from Y2K.  

I returned to New Zealand shortly after Mike's term ended - but didn't join a regular Lodge again until nearly 5 years later.

I never got to witness the first hand 'strength of leadership' that Mike exercised during his term - but I am certain that Sandra was right there beside him quietly supporting, encouraging and guiding.

I listened intently to the hundreds of people at the funeral who knew Sandra much better than I did. They all used different words - but they all said the same things. Integrity, Trust, Respect. Caring. Love.

I was touched by Sandra's daughter who spoke of how grateful she was for the example of a kind, loving and caring mother and how she is now equipped with the very best training to demonstrate those virtues in her own life.

We thank God for the life of Sandra and for her union with Mike and the subsequent gift of them both to the Craft.

The candles below burn an eternal flame. They will flicker in perpetuity to remind us of the great gift that Sandra has been to us all,

Our duty now is to wrap Mike in that love and sincerity that only freemasons know. His gift to us of Sandra was enduring and selfless. It's now time for us to repay that debt of gratitude.
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