Some of you will be intimately familiar with those 3 little letters. Mine was found during a routine blood test as part of my Volunteer Fire Fighter medical. I must admit I was totally ignorant as to what it all meant - so I consulted Dr Google! Ten minutes later I was convinced I was going to die! There is an age old lesson there:

          “Knowledge can be dangerous, but a little knowledge can completely spoil your evening!“

The health system whirred into action; more blood tests and rectal examinations followed. Suddenly I had ultrasound biopsies booked for late April. I decided that was too long to wait and opted to go private. I was recommended to have an MRI. To cut a short story even shorter - all was fine - I have an enlarged Prostate but it is benign.

So why am I wasting your time with this diatribe? Well firstly, I had put off the dreaded physical examination until I was forced to have it. Like many men the thought of it really turned me off! If you, like me, are uncomfortable with the idea of the examination, I have some sage words of advice - get over yourself. It really is nothing; 10 to 15 seconds of mild discomfort compared to some very frightening alternatives. Of course, I would have preferred to have been treated to dinner and a show beforehand, but you can’t have everything…

      If it is detected early, prostate cancer is 100% treatable, and most men will not experience any symptoms.

What has any of this to do with Freemasonry you may ask? Well Brethren, this subject has to be talked about and awareness has to be heightened. We are a Fraternity and, as such, we look after each other. If just one of my Brothers reads this and decides to have a check-up, then it was well worth writing.
Find out more about this condition, symptoms and treatment by clicking here!

Thanks again for your bravery Steve - you may have helped a brother to see the light and pay a visit to his GP!