From here battling a head wind found it was difficult to maintain any kind of speed at all and that was before we even reached Porters Pass. Testing the gears and using all the power we could find we made our way steadily upwards at little more than walking pace. The relief of making the summit evident on more than one or two of the competitors faces.

A short break on the shores of Lake Lyndon, then on through the pass. It’s not until you attempt the ride through the Alps on a 50cc bike that you realise just how often the gradient changes. At least we got a chance to see the beauty that road through mountains has on offer.

Lunch in Arthurs Pass village was very welcome. Unfortunately the thought it being all downhill to the finish was short lived, as we first had to climb our way to the head of the pass. Descending the over the viaduct would be a test of nerve on 30 years old bikes, on skinny tyres and poor brakes. With the rain setting in the road down to Kumara would offer a few more challenges before the end of the day.
A final short break before the last 20 km’s along the coast, reaching Hokitika a little over 9 hrs from the start.

I am pleased to report that all five team members and their machines arrived safely at the finish, albeit slightly damp and feeling a little worse for wear.

The Six previous events raise just over $789,000 and with the addition of this year’s event, an amazing $320,000 that brings the figure up to a grand total of $1,109,000. With the money still coming in they expect that figure to surpass $1,120,000.

There is still time for you as an individual or your lodge to make that figure even higher. So if you haven’t already done so please donate what you can into the events account, every little helps.

Widows Sons Charity Account BNZ 02-0876-0001948-03

All money raised goes to the Cancer Society for scientific research and cancer patient support.

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