Central Division
The Napier District Masonic Trust was set up under the Charitable Trusts Act 1967 to assist in charitable, educational and scientific purposes, to supply the needs of the sick, aged and the infirm and to help the needy, as well as to assist organisations of similar mind. The immediate objective of the Trust, which was incorporated on 1st December 1961, was to build twelve Flats on approximately two acres of land, with a further twelve flats to be built later, when finance became available.

Grand Lodge approved the Trust project and made a grant of $4,000 towards the cost. The tender for the first twelve flats was let in July 1962, with the Housing Division of the Ministry of Works taking on the role of Clerk of Works.

Since the establishment of the Trust over fifty years ago, the organisation has grown enormously with the hub centered at Devonshire Place Taradale.

Devonshire Place includes a rest home and a hospital continuing care wing, looking after seventy patients, with a staff of eighty care givers, enrolled nurses and registered nurses.

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The major change in the patients welfare, prior to being admitted to our facilities, has  meant we now have to cater for patients whose health requires more hospital care. This has meant we have to provide more hospital beds rather than rest home beds. Rooms are being changed to meet this demand.

There will be a need to build a new kitchen/ dining room.

More palliative care rooms with family accommodation.

Provision of more villas around the Devonshire area.

Upgrading of emergency equipment.