A particular highlight of the evening was a letter Ms Jones had brought with her from England.  The letter reads;
‘To all New Zealand Freemasons, especially those in Wanganui’

“This brings to mind our respective grandfathers, who fought together 100 years ago in the First World War. Those who were Freemasons joined together at local Lodge meetings, some Masonic Halts still have mementos of these visits. The help of the New Zealanders is not forgotten.

My own grandfather's sister married one of the New Zealand soldiers and returned to New Zealand as a war bride, never to come back to visit until after the Second World War.
I deliver heartfelt greetings, I am proud and very grateful to be able to send this message”.

The letter was signed by,

William Gunary
Past Senior Grand Deacon of the United Grand Lodge of England,
Past Provincial Grand Master of the Province of Essex

Ms Jones stated it was a great pleasure to be able to deliver the letter and passed it to VW Bro Alan Davies PGD, Master of the United Lodge No 468.