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Latest News From Bernie Black
Hard to Believe it is March Already!

Summer has been really good so far, with temperatures rising to some very high levels and beautiful days of sun shine abounding for our district but rain has finely quenched the ground with something like 200mm in areas close to the mountain and around 110mm down towards the coastal strip making it a bit of a life saver for our farmers who have been
facing drought conditions if we never had this amount of rain at the beginning of Feb. There is now a certain air of Autumn, as we head into March.

Well our New Year is certainly underway again and time is marching on at an enormous pace, that makes one realise the old myth phrase; that time waits for no man. I can hardly accept that a quarter of 2015 has almost passed. Our first installation for the year is about to happen again in Patea on the second Wed of the month with V W Bro Bill Hone P G Lec, once more leading the Lodge. I offer mine, and the Districts congratulations, to both Bill and Nell, wishing them every success for the year ahead and trust they are able to make it as enjoyable as possible. Whangamomona have once again chosen to hold their Installation on Sat 11th of April at Mahoe Street Inglewood, with W Bro Bryan Stevens taking on his second term and we wish, both him and the Brethren a very successful year. It is also pleasing to see, there is a candidate, knocking on the door, so it is hoped they continue to attract new membership.

There are signs of the dropping off of members in all Lodges of the District, but we mustnít lose sight of our commitments to our own Lodge and focus towards the future of the Craft. Less members means more work for the remaining
few who are holding Lodges together, but with good planning and budgeting it can progress. Can you say; your Lodge is working satisfactorily and that you are proud of it's achievements. If not then look more seriously at, why not.

The Grand Master and Mrs Litton will be attending the special presentation of the Seventy Year Bar to two brethren of the Manaia Lodge, R Wor Bro Clarrie Brown P Prov GM and Bro Reg Duff who have both contributed for such a long time to their Lodge and a more full report will be made next month as it is about to happen in a few days after I write this Comment.

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