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March 2016 report from VW Bro David Johnston - District Grand Master

That time of year has arrived when we consider those worthy of advancement and elevation to Grand Lodge Offices. We have many worthy brethren in our District who would enhance Grand Lodge by their presence. However some of those brethren for different reasons feel unable to accept nomination at this time in their masonic careers. We must appreciate their decisions and allow them time to grow within Freemasonry before considering advancement.

I would urge Lodges to consider carefully their nominations and be sure that those nominated understand the commitment required as a Grand Lodge Officer. It is not only expected that they look nice but that they are experienced in Ritual and protocols. The District relies on capable brethren to carry us forward. So think carefully! Be sure that those nominated fit the criteria in dedication and ability, our Craft depends on it!

Following last month’s musings I would like to touch upon the “Internal Good” of Freemasonry. It is Wonderful when a Shy Brother Blossoms but the Internal Good is the wonder, the fact that we find it Wonderful. When the Ritual is done well it is a Gift to the Lodge and the candidate. When the meaning of the words shine through, and when the rubric is exact and when the supporting players are perfect, something Magical occurs. The internal goods are the wonder the expression, the gift the magic and the caring. These internal goods are not available to a non-Mason nor to a Freemason who joined for the wrong reasons.

Only a Mason who really understands and gives himself to Freemasonry would be able to experience the “wonder”, the “expression”, “the Gift”, the Magic and the Caring. Even to understand what I am saying requires you to be a “Good Mason”. A daily advancement in Masonic Knowledge is praiseworthy but a daily advancement in personal growth is equally important.

David Johnston
Dist Grand Master