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Latest News From Graeme Evans
September Message from Graeme Evans

During the last month and the coming months it is indeed encouraging to see some lodges in the Ruahine District conducting initiations, passing’s and raising. The disappointing aspect is that other lodges don’t fully support the conducting lodge by their attendance at these very important meetings. It must be of great encouragement to the candidate to see a full lodge room rather than a handful of brethren scattered around the lodge room.
May I respectfully ask all Worshipful Masters to try to encourage their brethren to these important masonic occasions?

The new district team for the new Eastland / Ruahine District has just been announced and I would personally congratulate those brethren that were successful, and to thank those brethren that allowed their name to go forward that weren’t successful at this time.

Some of the new team is VW Bro Ian Hunt District Grand Master, W Bro Nigel Friggens District Grand Director of Ceremonies, W Bro Paddy Driver Grand Steward, and W Bro Rob Rawcliffe Grand Steward.

May I remind all lodges of the ongoing project to help support Camp Quality, all lodge secretaries have the details pertaining to this worthwhile project.

Lodge Haeata is to be congratulated for their amazing effort in helping the woman’s refuge to assist them in purchasing household items. VW Bro Hastie and his lodge have been the driving force behind this worthwhile project.

I look forward to Lodge Te Mata Installation on the 15th September and would encourage brethren to attend this important occasion for Te Mata.

July Thoughts from Graeme

I would warmly like to congratulate two new masters this month W Bro Graham Bundle Worshipful Master of the Woburn Lodge No 25 and first time master of the Rawhiti Lodge No 66  W Bro Gary Woodford. I hope both these masters along with all masters are ably supported by their brethren.

I remind all lodges of the Camp Quality project outlined by our Divisional Grand Almoner VW Bro Mike Kendrick and hope all lodges in the district support this very worthwhile project.

There are a few initiations passing and raising's  being done in the district and would urge all brethren to attend these ceremonies for the benefit of our new candidates.

It is with a huge sadness of the news of the passing of MW Bro Barry McLaggan to the Grand Lodge above. MW Bro McLaggan was a great friend to our district and to all Freemasons in general, He will be sorely missed, our thoughts and prayers go out to his family at this time.