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Latest News From Graham Redman
Dist GM contact:

I am now at Whitireia Polytechnic.and  accessible on my mobile.021-08215521.

Email is:   DistGM.District19@freemasons.co.nz

Can you please send all surface  mail to

Graham Redman

12 A Mexted Terrace

Tawa 5028

Upcoming installations August 2016


10 August          Hinemoa Kairangi Lodge No 122 - WBro Fraser Stephens

This is not showing on the Wellington workings.

                            Fraser was Master of Lodge Homewood No 447 in 1991/92. Welcome back Fraser!


20 August          Lodge Homewood No 447 – Bro David Ryan SW.

                            Note the installation is on Saturday night; not the usual meeting night.

                            David is a new Master; let’s make sure we all make it a special night for him.


23 August          Empire Fergusson Lodge No 225 – WBro Boudewyn Couprie

                            Boudewyn is returning for a second term. There will be no Board so it will be an early refectory.


Lankhuyzen Trust Concert

Musical Director  W Bro Geoffrey Coker PGO

Musicians  scholarship recipients who were awarded Lankhuyzen Trust funding

11th September 2016 starting at 3:30pm

at the

Paraparaumu College Hall,

Mazengarb Road,


in support of The Hearing Company and The Mobility Company

This will certainly be an afternoon of profit and pleasure, make up a party and enjoy exceptional music

This concert is facillitated by Lodge Tawera o Kapiti no 253




May  2016 News

Empire Furgusson Lodge

Tuesday 24th May Empire Furguson have had a change of plan. The Candidate is not available so VW Bro George Allan GLec will deliver a presentation on the Third Degree Tracing Board. This should not be missed as George will always add lo your Masonic Knowledge with an interesting and thought provoking delivery.

On Saturday 14th some of the DCs from the District attended a day of instruction and information sharing at Palmerston Noth.

I am advised that the day was well attended and that the participants received a lot of good information and insight that they can use to benefit their Lodges. Well done to the organisers and  to the District DCs who attended.

Monday 16 May    Harry Wheoki will be installed as Master of United Horowhenua Lodge No 464 in Levin. Harry is a first time Master so let's give him a great welcome and celebrate properly. Remember to leave home early - traffic can be tricky on the coast!

Tuesday 17 May    Just one night later and we have a 3rd Degree at Windsor Lodge No 377 at Porirua. The degree will be worked by Masters from around the district. WBro Barry Ludlow PM of Taia-Raukawa Lodge, will be in the chair with Alan Wilkins WM of The St Andrews Lodge and John Miller PM of Windsor Lodge as Wardens. The candidate, Ken Powe, will be in for a special night..


Wednesday 1 June The next installation. This time its Terry O'Toole going back in the chair of Ngatiawa-Russell Lodge No 345 (after mumble, mumble year). Welcome back Terry.

We are now heading into winter months. What about organising a visit to that Lodge you have been meaning to attend. You know you will receive a warm welcome and good  fellowship and maybe even learn a thing or two from the working. Look foward to seeing you around




April 2016 News

On Saturday 21 April Taia-Raikawa Lodge No No 229 closed for the last time. The Divisional Grand Master RW Bro John Peryer was in attendance to receive the Charter. A number of brethren spoke at what was a moving and well-attended ceremony. So farewell to Taia-Raukawa Lodge No 229 and welcome to the newly named Herbert Teagle – Taia Lodge No 300. The two lodges have worked in close harmony for over two years and the amalgamation is a very natural progression.


Harry Wheoki, until recently a member of Taia-Raukawa Lodge, but now resident in Levin, will be installed as Master of United Horowhenua Lodge No 464 on Monday 16 May. He’s a first-time master, so let’s make sure he is well supported.


We have a number of initiations scheduled at the moment with Lodge Waikanae having three candidates in process. At Zetland’s installation this last week, 5 propositions for new candidates were read out. Candidates are out there!!

The Year 2016

Greetings Brethren

Happy New Year, and welcome back to Masonic activities. We're starting the year off with a flurry of activity: We have two Brethren due to receive their 50 Year jewels and I hope you can attend. The round the bays run/ walk is an important fund raiser and also to let people know that Freemasons care. see details below

I also encourage you all to make a point of visiting another Lodge this year. You may like to attend one you have not previously visited. The Installations are an important event in any Lodge calendar and your attendance is always appreciated, but what about visiting them again on an ordinary meeting night.  The Lodge will be the winner, and so will you

2 February - Sadly it's the final ever meeting at Taia Hall which has been sold. Come along and share an historic event, the end of an era and an evening of  Masonic remembrances and nostalgia.

10 February - Presentation of 50 year Jewel to W.BroTed Green at Hinemoa-Kairangi Lodge. Tyling is at 7pm. Ted is very well known in the district. The Grand Master will be in attendance and dress is formal. Be there to honour Ted and greet the Grand Master in his home District.

19 February - Another important event is the presentation of 50 year Jewel to RW Bro Peter Willis. Good to see some of you there

21 February - Run Fatboy Run! I'm in training already to make sure I can at least last the 6.5km walk! This will be a great occasion for Freemasonry - Check out the details and see how you can be involved. Details here  -   http://www.themasons.org.nz/div/RoundTheBays.pdf

25 February - Lor' luv a duck! open a lodge. Know what I mean? A Cockney working at Homewood Lodge. This is an entertainment, not a degree working. But it is fun and it hasn't been performed for a while.

26 February - District meeting at Porirua starting at 7 pm. We have a lot to talk about so come along.. All are welcome, especially the EA, FC and Master Masons.

5 March - Divisional Conference at Palmerston North. Register soon, you need to be there. http://www.themasons.org.nz/div/conf2016.html


District GM presents 50 Year Jewel - W Bro William (Bill) Smith PM Windsor Lodge


Recently it was my great pleasure and honour to present W Bro Willian (Bill) Smith his 50 year service jewel.

Bill and his wife Doreen migrated to New Zealand in1962 with their two sons

They were for many years’ hosts to a diverse group of friends who attended functions in their replica UK pub, designed and built by Bill. I am sure there are many fond memories for both Bill and Doreen and all those who were welcomed there

Bill is currently the second most senior member of Lodge Windsor, having been initiated in 1965 and serving as Master in 1979.

Bills commitment to Freemasonry is well known and is now recognized by this presentation. It was pleasing to see his son Martin attend to witness the event.

Introducing Henry Morris Davies - Westminster Lodge

Originally from the UK Henry arrived in New Zealand in 1981 following three years in Australia originally intended as a break following study at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst.

His career story began as a banker for Bank of New South Wales, later Westpac, and over 25 years he undertook a diverse group of roles including front line retail and business banking, project management and senior marketing and sales roles.

Henry spent the last five years of his time at Westpac managing their online channels including the development and initial growth period of Online banking.

After Westpac Henry moved to Public Trust as Head of their Marketing and Communications and more recently he has been working for NZ Post in their project governance area specifically running an Enterprise Portfolio Office managing capital expenditure and project prioritization and progress.

Henry has been an active Rotarian, past president of Wellington North and a Leader of a GSE exchange team. It was from Rotary contacts that he was introduced into Freemasonry and Westminster Lodge in 1997. Henry particularly enjoys the fellowship and sense of service to Lodge, Craft and community that Freemasonry encourages.

Henry is happily married to Di for 31 years now and they have two adult children of whom they are very proud, one is a planning executive for an advertising agency and the other completing a Master’s degree in Cross Cultural Psychology. Di is a senior manager in the Ministry of Education responsible for teacher supply.

They are both keen gardeners, Di's in charge and Ken digs “where I'm told”. Ken is also does the home handyman thing, so there's always a project or two waiting for his attention..

Ken would love to see you come along to his Lodge and assures you of a warm welcome

Archives Section

We have created an Archives section - see the link at top right.

Rather than delete an item when it becomes less than topical, you will probably find it in the Archives Section.

Good fishing spot - Boaz and Jachin - Banks Peninsula

Introducing Mike Smith - Waikanae Lodge

Mikes Masonic Highlights:

Mike joined Hinemoa Lodge and was Initiated 13.03.2003, passed 11.06.2003, raised 13.11.2003.

On his retirement went to Waikanae, joined Lodge Waikanae 24.09.2009.

Mike says has attended, many very good workings at various lodges such as Foxton, Lodge Te Awahou and at Waikanae the RCA at Waikanae.

He also enjoyed the Grand Installation in 2013.

Mike joined NZ Railways as an apprentice fitter in 1962 at Eastown Workshops.

In 1966 having completed his apprenticeship, he moved to Wellington Multiple Unit Depot, to fill; a vacancy. After some years, there he decided to move around in what was known as the roundabout, to acquire the necessary skills for promotion. This necessitated moves to Wellington Diesel Depots, Crane depot, and then Hutt Workshops.

He was appointed Sub Foreman Fitter at the Hutt, then onto a secondment to a Project for development of Software for Inventory and Production Management.

This project was completed, when the Labour Government of the Time, namely Richard Pebble, decided to privatize rail.

At this point, 1988, he took voluntary redundancy and moved to International Shipping for the next 15 Years.

Mike admits that he had a ‘Great time’ in Railways and met many fabulous people.




Introducing Joel Potgieter - Herbert Teagle Lodge

Joel Potgieter Master Herbert Teagle Lodge 300

Joel was born and raised in South Africa, in the little resort town of East London, Joel came to NZ permanently as a student at Otago University and got married to Denise in 1999.

He first became interested in joining Freemasonry when he discovered that his grandfather was a member of Lodge Unitas No. 3211 on the roll of District Grand Lodge of South Africa (Eastern Division) and he joined Herbert Teagle Lodge in 2009.

Joel has been "in IT" for about 25 years and is currently a public servant.He's lost a computer once, he could ping it, log onto it, but couldn't find it. In his house.

Joel did a lot of martial arts once, and he's going to introduce his son to it soon.

Joel has a keen interest in lower-power DC electronics, and has too many unopened parcels from China that Denise keep reminding him about.

If you see Joel around the district introduce yourself, he will be happy to have a chat

Final Meeting Otaki Lodge - 13th May 2015

This is sadly the final meeting of Otaki Lodge, It would be great if you can accompany the DGM to this meeting

Date 13th May

time 7:15pm for visitors

Location Power Street, Levin


Lodge Waikanae meets Middle-Earth

On 15 December members of Lodge Waikanae No 433, their partners and friends took part in a fundraiser at the Shoreline Cinema in Waikanae when a screening of the final movie in “The Hobbit: trilogy took place.  This was of course “The Hobbit – The Battle of the Five Armies”, directed by Sir Peter Jackson.

As a result $370.00 was raised for the Lodge Charity Fund – Well done Waikanae!

District Visit to Taihape

The District visit to Lodge O’Taihape took place on 15 November and our District officers conducted the Installation ceremony for Peter Oliver, a Past Master of Westminster Lodge No 308.  


Freemasons Clay Bird Shoot 2015

The 3rd Annual Clay Bird shoot Freemasons Clay Bird Shoot held on Sunday 22 March 2015 at 9:00 am.
Location: Waitawa, 339 Ponatahi Rd, Martinborough.

The charity associated with this event is the Cystic fibrosis Society (Wellington Branch) and the aim was to supply them with Nebulisers – those used by sufferers and essential to survival beyond about 16 last about only 4 years and cost about $400 each.

Those who suffer cystic-fibrosis can expect to reach the age of about 40; thus this is a cause worthy of our strong support.



Video - “Introduction to Freemasonry in New Zealand”

Have you seen the video “Introduction to Freemasonry in New Zealand” yet? If not, check it out on YouTube.  


You can also access it from the Grand Lodge website.

More importantly, show it to your family and to anyone you think might be interested in Freemasonry.  This is the best tool yet for hooking new members. 

Use it!

Wellington Masonic Youth Trust

Just a reminder that this trust is alive and well in both our district and also the Hutt Wairarapa.

A background paper and a link to the application form is on this website but generally the requirements a simple:-

The paper and form can be found here:


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