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Kapiti-Wellington District Profile
Kapiti-Wellington District covers an area from Kilbirnie in the south to Levin in the north. There are 18 lodges, making it the largest district in New Zealand.
Graham Redman
District Grand Master
Lodges are:

New Zealand Pacific No 2 (meets at Johnsonville)
The St Andrews Lodge No 32 (meets at Brooklyn)
Otaki Lodge No 72 (meets at Levin)
Hinemoa-Kairangi Lodge No122 (meets at Brooklyn)
The Coronation Lodge No 127 (meets at Johnsonville)
Empire Fergusson Lodge No 225 (meets at Brooklyn)
Taia-Raukawa Lodge No 229 (meets at Kilbirnie)
Lodge Tawera-o-Kapiti No 253 (meets at Paraparaumu)
Herbert Teagle Lodge No 300 (meets at Brooklyn)
Westminster Lodge No 308 (meets at Wellesley  Boutique Hotel)
Lodge Zetland No 312 (meets at Wellesley  Boutique Hotel)
Ngatiawa-Russell Lodge No 345 (meets at Johnsonville)
Lodge Mana No 352 (meets at Porirua)
Lodge Windsor No 377 (meets at Porirua)
Lodge Waikanae No 433 (meets at Paraparaumu)
Lodge Homewood No 447 (meets at Wellesley Boutique Hotel)
United Horowhenua Lodge No 464 (meets at Levin)
Lodge Aquarius No 466 (meets at Brooklyn)

Lodge Tawera-o-Kapiti and Lodge Waikanae will move to a new venue in the new year.

With the temporary closure of the Wellesly Boutique Hotel for seismic upgrading, Westminster Lodge moved to Petone and Lodge Homewood became a little peripatetic. The Wellesley reopens in October, 2013 and those Lodges will resume their usual location.