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George Allan on Education
Dr George Allan
Education Pillar Head
About this Website

This is the "Main Page" on which new articles appear each month along with a new QUIZ each month. Then they are moved to the "Archive Page" so this Main Page doesn't get clogged up. To see all the pages available to you click in the drop-down box in the grey rectangle called "...select a page to view " top left of the photo above.

To see the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Degree web-pages click on the appropriate degree shown in the drop-down box. Read the I.T. password instructions carefully to get in.

We now have a Masonic Education Course on this website: the "Introduction" is now on the Archive Page, the 1st degree material is under the 1st degree page, the 2nd and 3rd degree materials are under their relevant pages. Have a look and make your daily advancement in Masonic knowledge.

We need your questions about Freemasonry, any points you want clarified, any issues you want discussed - send them to me at drgeorgeallan@gmail.com and through this webpage we will find answers for you.

Quiz for July 2017

This months quiz - see how you get on. Ask other Masons in your Lodge.

1. In which year was the New Zealand Freemasons Constitution formed?

2. Who was our first Grand Master?

3. In replying to a toast, a speaker will usually start by saying, "Worshipful Master, Brother Wardens and Brethren". Who does the term Brother Wardens cover?

4. When should you use the term, "Worshipful Master", and when should you not?

5. Who are the two patron saints of Freemasonry?.

6. When the SW invests a newly made Mason with the distinguishing badge of our Institution he states that it is m... a...... than which two things?

7. The SW then goes on to say that it is m... h........ than what?

8. Then the SW calls it the B.... of I....... and the B... of F......... - what does this mean in modern life?

9. How many degrees are recognised in New Zealand Craft Freemasonry?

10. What is the necessary condition for a Mason to be proposed for Installation as Master of a Lodge?

A Useful Link for Making a Daily Advancement in Masonic Knowledge

Here is a useful link from Brother Gary Hulst of St Andrew Lodge No.418 SC. They meet in the Auckland area (I think - someone correct me please if I'm wrong).

https://www.standrew418.org.nz/blog     Have a go and see what you can see.

Gary is also a member of the Royal Arch (St Andrew Kilwinning Chapter No. 564) and a Cryptic Mason (Ponsonby Kilwinning Council No. 394).

For those of you who do not know what the Royal Arch or Cryptic Masonry are all about - ask someone or read your FReemasons' MAgazine of a few issues ago.

When we close the Lodge in the 3rd Degree we are told that the genuine secrets were lost and we have to use substituted ones. The Royal Arch tell the story of finding those genuine secrets. The Royal and Select Degrees tell of the building of the crypt in which the genuine secrets were hidden.

So, over to you to find out more.

George Allan - Chairman of National Education Committee

posted on 23 July 2017

A Mason Visiting from abroad

Many of you will know that every second year (and 2017 is that year) we invite a scholarly Freemason from abroad to visit New Zealand to meet with us and teach us something about Freemasonry we didn't know before. Our visitor this year is Bro John Belton, an English Freemason with a number of tales to tell.  I give you the information about the coming visit as best I can: his itinery as as follows so do try to get along to one of his presentations and make a daily advancement.

John Belton – Itinerary 6th August 2017 he departs from Manchester, England to Melbourne for presentations to the Australian Lodges.

Sept 4 – Sunday arrive Invercargill – Host: Research Southland ready for (date to be arranged) presentation for Southland – “Cappadocia”

Sept 7 – Thursday    Dunedin – Host: Research Otago presentation   “Society & Freemasonry”

Sept 13 – Wednesday presentation in Christchurch – “English Masonic Union 1813”

Sept 14 – Thursday arrive Blenheim – Host: Top of the South Research date to be arranged presentation in Blenheim - “Garibaldi”

Sept 20 - Wednesday presentation in Wellington “Cappadocia” & “Freemasonry in France”

Sept 21 – Thursday arrive Hastings – Host: Hawke’s Bay Research    Sept 22 – Friday presentation in Napier – “Cappadocia: Rev Duncan: Bone Box”

Sept 24 - Sunday arrive New Plymouth – Host: Research Taranaki       Sept 25 – Monday presentation in New Plymouth – “International Compact 1814”  

Sept 27 – Wednesday arrive Gisborne – Host: Combined Gisborne lodges  Sept 28 - Thursday presentation in Gisborne – “Garibaldi”

Oct 2 – Monday arrive Palmerston North – Host: Research Ruapehu       Oct 2 - Monday presentation in Palmerston North – TBA

Oct 4 – Wednesday arrive Hamilton – Host: Waikato Research            Oct 7 - Saturday presentation in Huntly – TBA

Bro Belton then returns to Engalnd via more presentation in Australia

posted 15 July 2017

We Need Your Help

Keeping this website lively needs new questions to be asked by masons like you. Questions that need someone to research and answer in a short article.  

We also need questions for our quizzes.

So, please let me know of interesting questions we can use in our monthly quizzes and as a basis for research.

Send them to me at drgeorgeallan@gmail.com

If you want to write and submit an article, or you know of a good one written by someone else please contact me at the same e-mail address, and let me know about it. Then we could get it published on this site for everyone to see and share in the knowledge. 

Fraternally Yours,

VW Bro George Allan

Chair of National Education Committee

posted - time immemorial

Calling All Recent Masters and Wardens

Are you a relatively new WM, SW or JW of your Lodge?

Are you likely to be WM, SW or JW of your Lodge next year?

The Education Team in your Division are planning workshops  to help Masters and Wardens share best practice, and thereby gain in confidence for running their Lodges. It will last for 3 hours or so, and be held in a geographic location convenient to you.  You will learn about your duties and ways to deal with difficulties in Lodge and committee.

Are you interested? Then contact me by e-mail on drgeorgeallan@gmail.com

Remember to include your Lodge name and location (Division and District) your current Lodge Office

Calling All Master Masons

Are you interested in improving your masonic performance?

Do you want to learn the signs, token and words correctly?

Do you want to get your masonry right and thereby develop your confidence?

Lodge of Instruction is a teaching and training ground where Master Masons can learn their Masonry correctly according to the New Zealand book of Ritual with the proviso that, back in your own Lodge you ovserve Lodge customs. A Lodge of Instruction (sometimes know as a Lodge of Improvement) is for all Master Masons in any Lodge who want to know about Freemasonry, no EAs, FCs because all three degrees will be discussed and practiced. 

At the end of each meeting MMs can volunteer to learn a role/Charge in the degree to be performed at the next meeting in one month's time. Performance will be guided by the Preceptor V.W.Bro. George Allan and his two assistants who will give friendly guidance. One assistant Preceptor guides floor work including foot positions and the giving and receiving of signs/tokens: the other assiatant teaches the best way to deliver the words and phrases used. We will give you encouragement and help you build your confidence in performing Lodge work.

The Lodge of Instruction will be held every month, tyling at 7:30pm to be finished by 9:00pm. It is the place where Master Masons can practice their movements around the Lodge.

If you are interested in improving your masonry, finding out why we do the things we do, and having a go - please e-mail George Allan at drgeorgeallan@gmail.com

This is the Craft Masonry Education Website for all Freemasons in New Zealand. Welcome.
This website is maintained by VW Bro. George Allan who firmly believes that Freemasonry is Universal, so, you can share anything good on this website with any other Mason in the world.

I realise that "education" is not every Mason's cup-of-tea but there is a ground-swell that indicates that many Masons join with a thirst for knowledge and then walk away when they can't find that knowledge. So, this website aims to fill that gap on a regular basis with articles to inform you of masonic learning, masonic educational events that are happening or going to happen in all three Divisions and ideas to try for yourself and your Lodge.
You are encouraged to use the information you find here as discussion points with other Masons in your Lodge, other Lodges in your Division and other Masons throughout the world. Your feedback is especially welcome - e-mail me by clicking here and tell we what you and your Masonic friends are doing.

Click the dropdown below to visit my archives page; my "Articles to Read" page; and my "interesting links to explore" page.