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Brad Douglas Paisley was born on October 28, 1972, in Glen Dale, West Virginia, the only child of Douglas Edward "Doug" Paisley, who worked for the West Virginia Department of Transportation, and Sandra Jean "Sandy" (née Jarvis) Paisley, a teacher. He was raised in Glen Dale, West Virginia. He has stated that his love of country music stems from his maternal grandfather, Warren Jarvis, who gave him his first guitar, a Sears Danelectro Silvertone, and taught him how to play at eight years old.

At ten, he performed for the first time in public by singing in his church. He later recalled that, "Pretty soon, I was performing at every Christmas party and Mother's Day event. The neat thing about a small town is that when you want to be an artist, by golly, they'll make you one."  At age 13, he wrote his first song, "Born on Christmas Day",which he later included\d on his album Brad Paisley Christmas. He had been taking lessons with local guitarist Clarence "Hank" Goddard. By 13, Goddard and Paisley formed a band called "Brad Paisley and the C-Notes", with the addition of two of Paisley's adult friends.

Meanwhile in junior high school, his principal heard him perform "Born On Christmas Day" and invited him to play at the local Rotary Club meeting. In attendance was Tom Miller, the program director of a radio station in Wheeling, West Virginia. Miller asked him if he would like to be a guest on Jamboree USA. After his first performance, he was asked to become a member of the show's weekly lineup. For the next eight years, he opened for country singers such as The Judds, Ricky Skaggs and George Jones.

He would become the youngest person inducted into the Jamboree USA Hall of Fame. He also performed at the Jamboree in the Hills.

Brad Paisley had arrived on the American Music scene in the biggest possible way. A full record of his acheivements and how fast they came, and the sheer magnitude of his writing is recorded in his entry in Wikipedia.. Suffice it here to list the awards that he has earned.

Academy of Country Music
        1999 - Top New Male Vocalist of the Year
        2004 - Vocal Event of the Year ("Whiskey Lullaby")
        2004 - Video of the Year ("Whiskey Lullaby")
        2005 - Album of the Year ("Time Well Wasted")
        2005 - Vocal Event of the Year ("When I Get Where I'm Going")
        2005 - Video of the Year ("When I Get Where I'm Going")
        2007 - Top Male Vocalist of the Year
        2008 - Top Male Vocalist of the Year
        2008 - Video of the Year ("Online")
        2009 - Video of the Year ("Waitin' on a Woman")
        2009 - Vocal Event of the Year ("Start a Band")
        2009 - Top Male Vocalist of the Year
        2010 - Top Male Vocalist of the Year
        2011 - Top Male Vocalist of the Year
British Country Music Association Awards
        2011 - International Act of the Year
        2011 - International Song of the Year ("The Mona Lisa")
Country Music Association Awards
        2000 - Horizon Award
        2001 - Vocal Event of the Year ("Too Country")
        2002 - Music Video of the Year ("I'm Gonna Miss Her")
        2004 - Musical Event of the Year ("Whiskey Lullaby")
        2004 - Music Video of the Year ("Whiskey Lullaby")
        2006 - Album of the Year (Time Well Wasted)
        2006 - Musical Event of the Year ("When I Get Where I'm Going")
        2007 - Music Video of the Year ("Online" - director Jason Alexander)
        2007 - Male Vocalist of the Year
        2008 - Music Video of the Year ("Waitin' on a Woman")
        2008 - Male Vocalist of the Year
        2009 - Male Vocalist of the Year
        2009 - Musical Event of the Year ("Start A Band" with Keith Urban)
        2010 - Entertainer of the Year
Grammy Awards
        2008 - Best Country Instrumental Performance ("Throttleneck")
        2009 - Best Country Instrumental Performance ("Cluster Pluck")
        2009 - Best Male Country Vocal Performance ("Letter to Me")
Country Weekly Presents the TNN Music Awards
        2000 - The Discovery Award
        2000 - Song of the Year ("He Didn't Have to Be")
        2000 - CMT Music Video of the Year ("He Didn't Have to Be")
Flameworthy Awards/CMT Music Awards
        2002 - Concept Video of the Year ("I'm Gonna Miss Her")
        2005 - Collaborative Video of the Year ("Whiskey Lullaby")
        2006 - Most Inspiring Video of the Year ("When I Get Where I'm Going")
        2008 - Comedy Video of the Year ("Online")
        2009 - CMT Performance of the Year ("Country Boy")
        2009 - Collaborative Video of the Year ("Start a Band")
        2009 - Male Video of the Year ("Waitin' On a Woman")
        2012 - Collaborative Video of the Year ("Remind Me")
American Music Awards
        2008 - Favorite Country Male Artist
        2010 - Favorite Country Male Artist
American Country Awards
        2010 - Artist of the Year - Male
        2011 - Artist of the Year - Male
        2012 - Single of the Year - Vocal Collaboration ("Remind Me")
Orville H. Gibson Guitar Award
        2002 - Best Country Guitarist (Male)
Nashville Songwriters Association International Award
        2002 - Songwriter/Artist of the Year
        2005 - Songwriter/Artist of the Year
ASCAP Country Music Award
        2004 - Songwriter/Artist of the Year

John's World

Paisley graduated from John Marshall High School in Glen Dale, West Virginia, in 1991, and then studied for two years at West Liberty State College in West Liberty, West Virginia. He was awarded a fully paid ASCAP scholarship to Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee, where he majored in music business and received a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from the Mike Curb School of Music Business in 1995. He interned at ASCAP, Atlantic Records, and the Fitzgerald-Hartley management firm. While in college, he met Frank Rogers, a fellow student who went on to serve as his producer. Paisley also met Kelley Lovelace, who became his songwriting partner. He also met Chris DuBois in college, and he, too, would write songs for him.

Within a week after graduating from Belmont, Paisley signed a songwriting contract with EMI Music Publishing; and, he wrote David Kersh's "Top 5" hit, "Another You", as well as co-writing David Ball's 1999 single, "Watching My Baby Not Come Back".

His debut as a singer was with the label Arista Nashville, with the song "Who Needs Pictures" (released February 1, 1999). In May of that same year, he made his first appearance on the Grand Ole Opry. Seven months later he had his first No. 1 hit with "He Didn't Have to Be", which detailed the story of Paisley's frequent co-writer Kelley Lovelace and Lovelace's stepson, McCain Merren.The album also produced a Top 20 hit with "Me Neither" and his second number 1 hit, "We Danced", both in 2000. By February 2001, the album went platinum.

Later in 2000, Paisley won the Country Music Association's (CMA) Horizon Award and the Academy of Country Music's best new male vocalist trophy. He received his first Grammy Award nomination a year later for Best New Artist. On February 17, 2001, Paisley was inducted into the Grand Ole Opry. He was 28 when he accepted the invitation, and was the youngest member ever to join. PBS did a 75th anniversary concert special, in which Paisley and Chely Wright sang a song that they co-wrote called "Hard to Be a Husband, Hard to Be a Wife". This song later appeared on the compilation album Grand Ole Opry 75th Anniversary, Vol. 2. The concert would get a CMA nomination for Vocal Event of the Year. Paisley would later contribute to Wright's 2001 album Never Love You Enough, co-writing the tracks "One Night in Las Vegas", "Horoscope", and "Not as In Love". Paisley co-produced the former two tracks with her, in addition to playing guitar on them and featuring members of his road band, The Drama Kings; he also sang backing vocals on "One Night in Las Vegas" and "Not as In Love".
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Bottom Row, Left to Right Brad D. Paisley - Singer/Songwriter, Musician, Marion M. Morrison, “John Wayne” - Actor/Director,  Wolfgang M. Mozart - Composer, Musician, Sir Arthur I.  C. Doyle - Physician, Author, Sir Winston L. Spencer-Churchill -  Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Earl Warren - Chief Justice of the United States, John A. Elway Jr. - Champion American Football Quarterback, Michael A. Richards - Actor/Comedian,
Benjamin Franklin - Inventor, Politician, Author (SOURCE:
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Brad Paisley with his wife, Kimberly (Williams)
He also has made a number of appearances on television, including hosting series.

However, a mention of his various relationships, gives an idea as to his character.

In the last months of 2000, it is reported that he had a relationship with fellow country music singer Chely Wright. Unbeknown to Paisley, Wright and her female partner had moved together into a new home earlier in the year. In her autobiography, Wright expressed remorse for how she treated him

Paisley and actress Kimberly Williams began dating in 2001. Paisley had first seen Williams in Father of the Bride. Paisley has stated that he watched Williams' performance and thought "She seems like a great girl - smart and funny and all those things that are so hard to find." In 2002, Williams appeared in a video for the song "I'm Gonna Miss Her (The Fishin' Song)", the last release from his Part II album. The two married on March 15, 2003, at Stauffer Chapel on the campus of Pepperdine University after a nine-month engagement. They live in Franklin, Tennessee, and had another home in Pacific Palisades that was sold in 2013.

Paisley and Williams' first son, William Huckleberry, or "Huck", was born on February 22, 2007, in Nashville. Their second son, Jasper Warren (named after his grandfather, who bought Paisley his first guitar), was born on April 17, 2009. Paisley is a devoted family man.
Family shots of Brad Paisley and their appearances on Sesamei Street, and at Disneyland
He is also a lifelong fan of the Cleveland Browns. Paisley sang the national anthem before a game during the 1999 season. Paisley is also a fan of West Virginia athletics and the Chicago Cubs. In 2014, Paisley appeared as a celebrity guest picker on the popular ESPN show College Gameday, when it was held on the campus of West Virginia University.

In late 2009, it was announced in Variety that Paisley would enter the world of scripted television as an executive producer of a new hour-long drama series for The CW network called, appropriately, Nashville. The plot was written and created by Neal Dodson and actor Matt Bomer. The creator of the series One Tree Hill, Mark Schwahn directed the pilot and was to oversee the series had it been picked up. Actor Zachary Quinto is also an executive producer on the series, along with Dodson, Bomer, and Corey Moosa. The pilot was not picked up for a series when The CW's fall schedule was announced in May 2010. The CW project is completely unrelated to the current ABC series, also named Nashville, even though his wife had a long-running recurring role in it and he has made two cameo appearances himself.

In 2013 his track "Accidental Racist", a duet with LL Cool J generated a bit of notoriety when it was released. Paisley sings about how he finds himself "caught between Southern pride and Southern blame": Paisley explained he's proud of where he's from, but he's ashamed of themes such as slavery and racism. The song generated controversy for its discussion of racism, particularly the song's message of showing "Southern pride" which includes reappropriation of the Confederate flag.

On May 24, 2014, Paisley traveled on Air Force One with President Barack Obama to visit US troops at Bagram Air Base in Bagram, Afghanistan. Paisley played a full concert for the troops stationed there.
Freemason shots of Brad as a Shriner, and performing at the White House under the portrait of George Washington

Brad Paisley is an active Freemason, a member of Hiram Lodge #7 in Franklin, Tennessee. Paisley is a member of the Southern Jurisdiction of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, and a Noble of the AAONMS, also known as Shriners. He was accompanied by his father, Doug Paisley (33º), for the ceremony on October 28, 2006, and has done a number of recordings supporting the virtues of Freemasonry and DeMolay International.

His latest Album “Love and War” was released in April 2017. The album features several collaborations with iconic artists, including Timbaland, John Fogerty, Bill Anderson, and Mick Jagger, as well as a songwriting credit with Johnny Cash.

Wikipedia states he is an American country music singer and songwriter with an illustrious career starting with his 1999 debut album, "Who Needs Pictures". He has released 10 studio albums and a Christmas compilation. All of his albums certified Gold or higher by the RIAA. He has scored 32 top 10 singles on the US Billboard Country Airplay chart, 19 of which have reached number 1. He set a new record in 2009 for most consecutive singles (10) reaching the top spot on that chart.

At the time of his Wikipedia entry, Paisley had sold over 12 million albums and won 3  Grammy Awards, 14 Academy of Country Music Awards, 14 Country Music Association Awards, and 2 American Music Awards. He has also earned country music's crowning achievement, becoming a member of the Grand Ole Opry. Paisley also wrote songs for Pixar's Cars franchise namely "Behind the Clouds", "Find Yourself", "Collision of Worlds" , and in conjunction with Robbie Williams, "Nobody's Fool", and several others..