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Foreword - updated on 24th March 2018
Welcome to Food for Thought pages. My apologies for the delay.

In my Blog pages there a links to the Holiday furore about masonic influence in the UK Houses of Parliament.

I have at last changed of how I archive my Blogs as PDF files, but am not fully satisfied yet so I may revert to the old more manual method.

I have had a real problem writing my topic page for this update. At least that was until today, when my wife drew my attention to a Facebook item reporting the appointment of our editor and webmaster Russ Pratt to District Grand Master of Kapiti-Wellington District. MANY CONGRATULATIONS..

Finally I have changed the Historic Reference files button to go to a menu of websites with great magazine issues. I have collated and written a table of contents for each to help you access them directly.

John BG, Ed.

John's World

Table of Contents

"If you want something done, give it to a busy person."

Are you a good Freemason?
Should Freemason NZ issue a Freemasons Card?
Should Grand Lodge make Freemasons upgrade their software?
An example why Freemasonry is relevant in the World
Freemasonry the most relevant movement in the World?
Should we withdraw recognition?
Some Holy Days of Principle Faiths in NZ
Are Satanists trying to steal Masonic acheivements?
When did modern Freemasonry begin?
Membership Trend
What to say?
What do I get out of Freemasonry?
Expanding on the Future of Freemasonry
Decision time is here
Regeneration - Is the secret in our past?
Masonry is like family
Then and now - 1773 and 2006
Our Flag Debate
Freemasonry began?
Analysis of Lodge Membership
Freemasons New Zealand stand at the Fieldays
New Zealand forces in the first world war
New Year's resolutions delayed by my death
Larger and more targeted groups of prospects
Falling Membership 2
Falling Membership 1

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John Barns Graham

Masonic Wisdom: The bridge builder

Some Personal Thoughts on the Fellowcraft Degree
Questions and Answers from United Masters Lodge No. 167
Grand Communication 1900 - Reconciliation
A Debate on Freemasonry adding to the wellbeing of Mankind
Conceptions of God---A and M
The Problems of Grand Lodge Recognitions
A Mason's Christmas story
Freemasonry in the Modern World
Dr. Anderson and King Solomon's Temple
The final forty years of Freemasonry? (1986!)
Freemason prisoners in the Napoleonic Wars
Responsibilities of the Lodge to the Candidate
The Apron and Its Symbolism.
Background to masonic enlightenment
Tracing Boards by JD Anderson
50 years hence in 1973
Masonic Hotels
Tracing Board
Our Ancient Brethren
The New Zealand Grand Lodge Movement part 3
The New Zealand Grand Lodge Movement part 2
The New Zealand Grand Lodge Movement
Address from 1917
The King and the Craft
Light in Freemasonry

Freemason Christmas
The World is a completely different place by Greg Godding
Discovery of Purpose by Canon Richard Tydeman

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