Northern Division
Upcoming Northern Division Installations

The Mangonui Kaitaia Lodge No 78   22 April 2017  Installtion of  Bro Hubert Neeson.

Lodge Whangarei No 102   8 May 2017  Installation of  Bro Roy Unwin.

District Grand Masters message Apr 17

From Our District Grand Master

Brethren and Ladies
There have been many emails and information sent out about the Mangonui/Kaitaia Installation of Hubert Neeson and the 125th Anniversary celebrations to follow.
The date as you will be aware is Sat 22 April 2017. I would request the Northland Brethren to make every effort to attend and support the lodge and Bro Neeson on this significant occasion. It may be the only time in which we receive a visit from the Grand Master at an Installation during his term. So if you are able to be present please come along and support the district.
I will be reintroducing a short biography on each new Master as they approach the chair before each Installation, to be published in the Northtalk. For any incoming Masters, you may like to start thinking about a small biography of about 250 to 300 words. This does not need to include any Masonic history, as we would like to hear about your non- masonic side of life. Too often we think we know all about our fellow Brethren and their interest’s hobbies etc and usually never get a chance to talk about our other interests. I am sure you will agree after attending Masonic funerals, we suddenly discover that we have had a common interest with a Brother which neither of us had known about. I will be in touch with each incoming Master prior to their Installation, this is something that was done in the past which was always a very popular topic.
I will be attending the Northern Divisional Conference on Sat 8 April in Auckland. We have endeavoured to have all lodges registered and those of us able to attend are commissioned to represent the Lodges unable to send representatives.
Should you be with family or travelling over Easter, take care and safe travels.
Please continue to “‘Speak Up for Freemasonry, whenever and wherever you can.
Fraternal wishes
Kevin Burch