Northern Division
Travelling Gavel

The traveling gavel moved from its starting home of The Ara Lodge to Belmont Albion.  A deputation from Lodge North Harbour then quickly visited and took it.

On the 13th April the Lodge of Enlightenment visited Lodge North Harbour and took it home with them.

On 1st May a deputation of 8 from Lodge Discovery visited Enlightenment, confidently expecting to lift the gavel.  However, a deputation from Brown's Bay arrived the same night, and had superior numbers.  It is now with Browns Bay.

You are encouraged to take a deputation from your own Lodge to try and get it.

The last two movements have been made possible by members holding dual membership of the holding Lodge and visiting Lodge.

While technically correct, it is felt this is against the spirit of the gavel, which is to encourage visiting from other Lodges. 

From now on we will need to add a couple more rules.

1.  Only Brethren entering with their Master can be counted, and Brethren who are members of the host Lodge are excluded from the count.

2.  In the event of equal numbers from two Lodges attending, the Lodge that has traveled the furtherest should take the gavel home.

3.  If they are still equal, the result is to be decided by the toss of a coin.  



Installations and visits May

Installation - Pakuranga 9th May

Installation - Discovery 20th May

Official Grand Lodge visit - The Lodge of The Liberal Arts - 22nd May

DGM visit to Orewa - 16th May.