Northern Division


Photos taken at the Evensong Service, featuring the Grand Master, MW Bro Mark Winger, Bro. Ryan Caraig, Bro. Angelino Panahon, WBro Mark Pagulayan, and WBro. Glenn Clark,


A large number of Freemasons and friends attended Evensong at St Mary Holy Trinity Cathedral on Sunday 17th September.  The service acknowledged the contribution that Freemasons have made to the church over the year, and in particular our major support of the organ resoration .  As most were in regalia, it made an impressive sight. 

Readings were made by MW Bro Mark Winger, Grand Master, Freemasons New Zealand, and W Bro Michael Chopping, Assistant District Grand Master, North Island New Zealand, United Grand Lodge of England.

It was great to see so many Brethren there, representing most of the Lodges in Auckland, as well as South Auckland.  Thank you all for making the effort.

The service was followed by refreshments sponsored by the Freemasons Foundation.



Lodge North Harbour

At their September 14th meeting, Lodge North Harbour carried out a double second degree using Masters, and past Masters from 17 Lodges around the Auckland District, including one from South Auckland.

The combined meeting was very successful and brought together around 80 Brethren from all over the new enlarged Auckland District, and was a credit to Lodge North Harbour, and its Master Glenn Clark.

The Entered Apprentices were from Lodge North Harbour and Browns Bay.

These two were joined by a further five Fellowcrafts for the Tracing Board.

Refectory was very enjoyable, and made even more memorable by a charitable presentation to a very worthwhile student.

North Shore Masons Help Westlake Student

At the combined meeting held at Lodge North Harbour, a cheque was presented to a 16 year old Westlake student who is a para athlete, to enable her to buy a new running blade. 

Although losing her leg below the knee to cancer, she is actively involved in sport and school life.  She has done very well at athletics, winning a number of NZ titles, and New Zealand records, at the Secondary Schools para athletic championships, as well as representing New Zealand overseas at a junior level.  Her ambition is to represent New Zealand at senior level and the new blade will help her do that.

She has an extremely positive outlook, and in addition to her busy sporting and school life, has been helping with fund raising and mentoring at Canteen, the organisation which helps teenagers with cancer.

The fundraising for the new blade was started by Lodge Albany Takapuna, and has been picked up by Lodges on the North Shore.  This has been helped by the Freemasons Charity. 

Some Lodges have indicated that they cannot make a decision to help until their next meeting, and it is hoped that when they do, a fund will be able to be established at Lodge Albany Takapuna to help with future travel or equipment.

Travelling Gavel

The gavel still rests with the Browns Bay Lodge.

Other Lodges are encouraged to make a visit and claim the gavel.  We really want Lodges from all over Auckland to visit more often, and the gavel is intended to help bring attention to this.

Donation to Injured Players

On Saturday 1st July the Lodge of Enlightenment held an evening at the North Shore Masonic Centre to watch the All Blacks play.  At the function a cheque for $50,000 was presented to the New Zealand Rugby Foundation  for the benefit of severely  injured players, from the Freemasons Foundation.

A full story will follow.

Picture shows legendary All Black Bryan Williams, a Trustee of the Foundation, speaking after receiving the cheque, which can be seen in the background.

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Travelling Gavel

The traveling gavel moved from its starting home of The Ara Lodge to Belmont Albion.  A deputation from Lodge North Harbour then quickly visited and took it.

On the 13th April the Lodge of Enlightenment visited Lodge North Harbour and took it home with them.

On 1st May a deputation of 8 from Lodge Discovery visited Enlightenment, confidently expecting to lift the gavel.  However, a deputation from Brown's Bay arrived the same night, and had superior numbers.  It is now with Browns Bay.

You are encouraged to take a deputation from your own Lodge to try and get it.

The last two movements have been made possible by members holding dual membership of the holding Lodge and visiting Lodge.

While technically correct, it is felt this is against the spirit of the gavel, which is to encourage visiting from other Lodges. 

From now on we will need to add a couple more rules.

1.  Only Brethren entering with their Master can be counted, and Brethren who are members of the host Lodge are excluded from the count.

2.  In the event of equal numbers from two Lodges attending, the Lodge that has traveled the furtherest should take the gavel home.

3.  If they are still equal, the result is to be decided by the toss of a coin.