Northern Division

Dear Brethren

Susan and I enjoyed our short break and participation at the United Grand Lodge of Queensland Installation in Brisbane over the weekend of 5-7th July. There were 65 people in the New Zealand Delegation, a record number and more than some Australian States. It was great to catch up with Brian Cowley while there. WBro Adrian De Bruin was Installed as Master of Waikato Lodge on the 18th July with a very good attendance on the night. We took the opportunity to Officially Receive RWBro Gary Salmon Divisional Grand Master into the Waikato District. Gary has been a great leader during his term.

It was a wonderful night at The Taupiri Lodge on Monday 22nd July where a large number again turned out to receive the Grand Master MWBro Mark Winger. The GM made 3 presentations: Dene Richards was promoted to Past Grand Warden and is the first person to receive such a promotion in the Waikato for a very long time; Bro Norm Weir was awarded The Order of Service to Freemasonry (OSFM), a rare award for 48 years of consecutive service as an organist; VWBro James Morton was presented with a special plaque by the GM for his contribution to Masonic Music.

We were entertained by the Masonic Choir and later, in the Refectory, by the “Shearers Music Band” In all, at was a memorable night.
Several Brethren in the District are experiencing health challenges. It is good to see the support being provided to them by their Lodges and by the Almoners Association.

Yours Fraternally, Don Seath
District Grand Master.



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Wednesday 14th August           Lodge Tuakau No. 278 (Counties-Hauraki District) Installation of WBro James Brasell.

                                                  I will be attending as an unofficial visitor.                                                                                                      

Thursday 29th August.               Lodge Waitomo No.469 Installation of WBro Dennis Sharpe. 

                                                   Please note this Installation has been moved to the later date to allow Dennis to return from his travels.

Wednesday 4th September       Lodge Piako No.160 Official Visit.

Monday 9th September             Lodge Pukemiro No.301 Installation of WBro Tom Martin PGBB







30thJune 2019


Dear Brethren


Sadly, the Waikato District has lost one of our most loyal supporters and Past District Grand Master,

VWBro Barry Bone. I am very proud of the huge turn-out of Freemasons at his funeral service on Saturday 22ndJune in Huntly. Barry was a great example to all of us. His partner, Jan, is grateful to his Lodge and the wider Waikato District for the support she has received. The Taupiri Lodge will need all the support we can give them to help fill the massive loss they have suffered.

The Grand Master will be visiting Lodge Taupiri on 22ndJuly. I am looking for a good attendance on this special evening.

In June we installed John Sexton as Master of The Beta Waikato Lodge and the same evening awarded at rare 70 year Service Badge to WBro Ray Wakefield. Ray is another example of outstanding loyalty.

Official Visits were made to Lodges Tawhiri and Waitomo. At Lodge Tawhiri WBro Ken Morris received his 50 year Badge and joined in the fun in the refectory with his ukulele.

Unofficial visits were made to Lodges Nau Mai, Waipa, Pukemiro and Taupiri. At Waipa a Lodge of Sorrow was held for VWBro Frank Andrew PGLec., who died on the 4thJune.

At Lodge Pukemiro a 50 year Badge was presented to WBro Ted Willson PGS.

It is pleasing to see the number of degree ceremonies being planned in the District over the next few months. Many of them are being split to allow more fellowship time in the refectory and others are being shared with Lodges who are short of work. It is also good to see new members out visiting. They seem to be enjoying themselves.

Keep up the good work.


Yours Fraternally

Don Seath



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5th to 7thJuly              Grand Installation United Grand Lodge of Queensland (Susan and I will be



Thursday 18thJuly                Lodge Waikato No. 475 Installation of WBro Adrian De Bruin.

Official Reception of The Northern Division Grand Master, RWBro Gary Salmon, to the Waikato District.


Monday 22ndJuly                 Special meeting of The Taupiri Lodge No.118 to receive MWBro Mark 

                                                Winger, Grand Master.


Thursday 29thAugust           Lodge Waitomo No.469 Installation of WBro Dennis Sharpe.

                                                Please note this Installation has been moved to the later date to allow

                                                Dennis to return from his travels.


Don Seath

District Grand Master.


Full Dodger


Full Dodger June/July


29thMay 2019


Dear Brethren


Official Visits were made to Lodges Copernicus, Waipa and TeAroha during May. At all of these meetings degrees were worked and it was great to see the Lodge Rooms full of enthusiastic Brethren, who made a good impression on the Candidates. Lodge Waikato also initiated Bro Mark Bunting at a meeting well planned and with a Lodge Room full of Brethren. These good meetings are important for the new members as we can all recall that special occasion when we were admitted to the Craft and subsequent degrees.

We installed a brand new Master, WBro Alan Read to the Master’s Chair in The Alpha Lodge. This was also a well attended meeting with a great atmosphere.

Lodge Tawhiri held an “education” night on the 7thMay. Seven new members were present and from all accounts, this was a very successful meeting. These meetings will need to be repeated around the District on a regular basis if we are to maintain the interest of our new members.

Lodge Nau Mai have made a bold decision to sell their Lodge building. This does not mean that Lodge Nau Mai is closing. In fact, this move will be the beginning of a revival of Freemasonry in Taumarunui. Lodge Nau Mai will get all the support it needs from the Waikato District to support them in their brave new venture.

The combined Districts of Waikato and Bay of Plenty met at the Hamilton Airport Hotel on 11thMay. This new format, to replace the Divisional Conference, was well organised and well received. The re-vamped strategy for the Craft was explained those present will have a good understanding of what is now required of all Lodges. I am offering to assist all Lodges, on a one on one basis, to assist in this process. 


Yours Fraternally

Don Seath



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Tuesday 4thJune                   Lodge Tawhiri No. 166 Official Visit. 60Year Badge presentation to

                                                WBro Ken Morris.


Monday 10thJune                 The Beta Waikato Lodge No.12 Installation of WBro John Sexton.

                                                70 year Badge Presentation to WBro Ray Wakefield.

Monday 10thJune                 Lodge Pukemiro 50 year Badge presentation to WBro Ted Willson PGS

                                                (This is not an Official GL visit due to the Installation that evening at Beta 



Thursday 13thJune               Lodge Waitomo No. 469 Grand Lodge Official Visit.


5thto 7thJuly                          Grand Installation United Grand Lodge of Queensland (I will be attending)


Thursday 18thJuly                Lodge Waikato No. 475 Installation of WBro Adrian De Bruin.

Official Reception of The Northern Division Grand Master to the Waikato District.





Don Seath

District Grand Master.


29thApril 2019


Dear Brethren


April was an interesting month with Ross McHardy being installed as Master of Lodge Piako, a visit from the Grand Master to present a 70 year badge to Bro Laurie Gatfield at The Alpha Lodge and Freemason’s Scholarship awards being presented at the Waipa Lodge.

An Official Visit was made to Lodge Pukemiro.

Thank you to the keen band of men who helped me run a stand at the Waikato Clubs & Creativity Showcase over the 3 days of 5-7thApril. We were well received by the Public and a large number of genuine enquiries were fielded.


Tony Dixon will be running an Education night with a Narrated 1stDegree at Lodge Tawhiri on Tuesday 7thMay. We have recruited a large number of new men and now we must ensure their interest is maintained. Please take your new members along to this meeting.


The Waikato and Bay of Plenty Districts will combine on the 11thMay at the Hamilton Airport Motel for a District meeting. It will be organised by the Northern Division and bookings are essential for catering purposes. Please advise numbers to your Lodgeso that every Lodge in the Waikato is represented. All lodges should give their numbers to Paul Sargison, Divisional Secretary not later than 8thMay, to :




Yours Fraternally

Don Seath



Coming up:



Friday 3rdMay                      Lodge Copernicus No. 505 Official Visit


Wednesday 8thMay              Lodge Waipa No. 119 Official Visit


Saturday 11thMay                Waikato and Bay of Plenty combined District Meeting.


Tuesday 14thMay                 The Alpha Lodge No. 81 Installation of Bro Alan Read.


Wednesday 22ndMay           The TeAroha Lodge No.52 Grand Lodge Official Visit


Tuesday 4thJune                   Lodge Tawhiri No. 166 Official Visit. 60Year Badge presentation.


Monday 10thJune                 The Beta Waikato Lodge No.12 Installation of WBro John Sexton.


Thursday 13thJune               Lodge Waitomo No. 469 Grand Lodge Official Visit




Don Seath

District Grand Master.

Full download


Explanation of the First Degree

From left to right

John Stewart, Bailey Wilson, Ogechi Okoro, Jacob Wallace, Tony Dixon, David McNab, Christopher Anderson, Mark Orton.

    Tawhiri        Tawhiri                Tawhiri          Waikato            Tawhiri         Tawhiri                 Copernicus               Beta Waikato

     166.               166.                    166.              475.                 166.             166.                           505.                          12


A great turn out for an explanation of the First Degree put together by WBro Tony Dixon District Education Officer, held at Lodge Tawhiri 166 in Barton street May 7th.




                                Wbro Todd Saunders WM        Bro Evan Donnelly                MWbro Mark Winger GM                   VWBro Don Seath DGM


MWBro Mark met Evan casually and, true to his own "Speak-Up" campaign, spoke of freemasonry to him.

After giving Evan time to consider, Mark asked him if he was interested in joining. He was and Mark duly proposed him into Lodge Kauri.

Evan then moved to Taumarunui and joined Lodge Nau Mai before he had completed his 3 degrees. Mark asked the Waikato District Grand Master, Don Seath to keep an eye out and advise him when he would be raised. This was done and on Wednesday 6th March 2019, Mark travelled from Auckland to Taumarunui to witness Evan's raising to the 3rd Degree.

Mark was formally received as Grand Master with appropriate dignity and the 3rd degree ceremony was well performed by Lodge Nau Mai with assistance from the visiting Grand Lodge Officers.

The Grand Master invested Bro Donnelly with his Master Mason's Apron.

In the Refectory, where the traditional warm Nau Mai hospitality was enjoyed, the Grand Master charged the Brethren to continue to Speak Up for Freemasonry, and most importantly to take good care of new members.

The Official Visit by The Grand Master to the Waikato District at Lodge Nau Mai was a great occasion. It was also a good example of our Grand Master's leadership qualities. He is prepared to go out of his way to practice "Speak Up".

Furthermore, our Grand Master will be ensuring that Bro Donnelly receives ongoing mentoring support.

Don Seath

Dist.GM Waikato 





Triple Second Degree


Triple Second Degree ceremony conducted by the Waikato District Grand Lodge Officers at the Lodge Alpha No 81 on Tuesday October 9thfor Bro’s Anaru Maniapoto, Toko Samuals & Hone Touau.


WM                 WBro Peter Saunders, G.Swd.B

DM                  VWBro Jim McLaggan, PDGM

JW                   VWBro Warwick Roberts, PDGM

SW                  WBro David Shearer, GS

SD                   WBro Logan Packer, PGS

JD                   VWBro Mark Fraser G.S.C

IG                    Peter Kimber, PGS

Tyler               Dave Watson, PGIG

DC                  Len Jeffrey, DGDC

Chaplain         VWBro Bob Monson G.ALM

Organist          WBro David Landells, PGBB 


Test questions - WBro Lou Bristowe, PGS

Obligation- WBro, Warren Merrilees, PGS

Secrets - WBro Murray Loft, GS

Investiture - WBro David Shearer, GS

Charge after Investiture - WBro John Evered, PDGDC

Charge in the S.E - WBro Brian Cowley, PGS

Working Tools - VWBro Warwick Roberts, PDGM

Tracing Board - WBro David Landells, PGBB

Charge after Passing - VWBro Jim McLaggan, PDGM        

Prompt - VWBro Jim McLaggan, PDGM  



This was a great night with the Grand Lodge team putting in a great team effort. 

We went into the ceremony a little unsure as three candidates at the same time was a big ask, but on the night, everything went to plan, and our three candidates had a smooth dignified ceremony.