Northern Division
From the District Grand Master - 30th June, 2017

The Installation of W Bro Ralph Evans to the chair of The Beta Waikato Lodge no.12 on 12th June went well despite several people being unavailable because winter ailments. I discovered that Freemasons could sing more or less in tune without an organist.

I attended a meeting in Auckland with the Northern Division GM and Dist. GMs. It was mainly house-keeping and some more instructions on how to use the new web-site. They also announced a new “fast track” method of processing applications for relief through our District Charity Officer. (Wayne Roberts)

The Feildays stand was well run and supported thanks to Warwick Roberts and Sam Annison in setting up and dismantling. Also, the

volunteers who “manned” the stand throughout the 4-day event. You all did a great job and I am sure some recruits will result. Apart from recruiting, we were certainly noticed and gave a good impression of Freemasonry to the general public.

There have been several calls to improve our communication methods. I am going to reinstate the Dodger until we are satisfied that the website can deliver the information we all need.
Coming up:
Sunday July 9th – Lodge Piako unveiling of Memorial Plaque for MW Bro Barry McLaggan. This is not a Lodge meeting for Lodge Piako, or an Official visit.

Monday July 10th – Lodge Pukemiro Official Visit

Thursday 20th July- Lodge Hillcrest Official Visit

Monday 24th July – Lodge Hamutana Official Visit

Tuesday 8th August – The Alpha Lodge Official Visit

Thursday 10th August - Lodge Waitomo Installation

Friday 18th August – Grand Master Official visit to Waikato hosted by Lodge Copernicus.
Details are being worked through, but at this stage the intention is for a short Lodge meeting in the late afternoon, official reception of the Grand Master into the Lodge, Grand Master to meet Lodge Masters and then close the Lodge.

We will then retire to the Cambridge Raceway to meet up with our Ladies for drinks, entertainment/speeches and dinner. There will be a charge for dinner and bookings with payment is essential. A formal invitation will follow shortly.

Wednesday 23rd August – The TeAroha Lodge Official visit

Yours Fraternally,
Don Seath
District Grand Master.

Report To The Waikato Almoner’s Association

Brethren, I am delighted to share the following comments with you:

As the result of a chance phone call by Don Seath to Integrated Recovery Service (iRs) a successful collaboration to provide care packs to the Waikato Emergency Department has been re-established.

Integrated Recovery Service is part of the Waikato District Health Board and provides a community, recovery focused rehabilitation service for people with mental illness. Understanding the importance of the community as a valuable resource in the rehabilitation process, iRs occupational therapists were excited by the idea of supporting Waikato Almoners with this worthwhile initiative.
It was agreed that Waikato Almoners would supply the items for the care packs and iRs clients would make the packs up and liaise with the Emergency Department.

The care packs are practical and consist of: toothbrush and paste, comb, tissues, shampoo, soap, wet wipes, shaver pack (men only) and Freemason information strip. The care packs are designed to support those who arrive unexpectedly at the Emergency Department without personal necessities.

When the Emergency Department manager was approached about the initiative the response was immediate and positive “That is such a great idea – we would love to be involved”.

iRs clients were also on board with the idea and volunteered their time to make up the packs. According to one client: “the project is worthwhile and it makes me feel that I have been able to help others and that is important to me”. She goes on to say “After all the years I have been in hospital it is nice to be able to give something back”.

From an occupational therapy perspective the initiative has provided opportunities for clients to develop skills and contribute to society. Low mood and motivation can be common amongst the iRs client group and a worthwhile/ community project such as this can lift the mood and provide a much needed boost to confidence and feelings of self worth.

Julie Flaws, Occupational Therapist, Integrated Recovery Service,
Waikato DHB

"Not So Plain" English Guide to Freemasonry

The Waikato District rented a stand at the Clubs and Creativity Showcase in Hamilton on the weekend of 8/9 April.

On Sunday the Prime Minister, Bill English, visited the site and happily posed for a photograph. 

He wanted to know what the gavel was used for and was instructed how to use it and that, with that in his hand, he was the boss!

He was also very interested in the Freemason’s Charity work. When that was explained to him he was very complimentary and told us to keep up the good work.

The Chair, pedestal, column and gavel are 106 years old and supplied by Lodge Te Marama No. 186.

Speaking Up for Freemasonry can produce another sort of PM!

Don Seath
District GM Waikato.