Born 08-11-1947.

Raised in Waiuku, Completed an apprenticeship as an electrician, registered 5th January 1970.

Self-employed for several years.

Married to Ann, 4th Nov 1980, we have 2 sons.

Moved to Whangarei, worked for the North Auckland Power Board for 15 years mainly in calibration and accuracy of electricity metering systems.

Joined the Craft in 1990. Lodge Whangarei 102.

As Junior Warden, primary organiser of Lodge Whangarei Centenary, 1995.

Installed as Master in 1995, Centennial Master, and a second term 1996.

Moved to Whakatane 1988 to further career with The Bay of Plenty Electric Power Board.

Joined Lodge Apanui 395.

Served various offices including Treasurer, Secretary, and 2 terms as Master. 2001, and 2008.

Grand Steward, 2006,

Quad Coronary artery bypass 2010,

Dist GDC 2013

Other craft involvement, assisting V W Bro Ian Lawson, P G Lec, with training presentations etc.

Greatest enjoyment; philosophical discussions, and social meetings.

Outside the craft, a lifelong involvement with scientific collection of sea shells, (Conchology), for many years a scuba diver, an interest in antique stationary engines, among other things.

At present we own and run a small collection of privately owned businesses ranging in activity from Electricity Metering installations, Bee Keeping/honey, accommodation, and looking at Hydroponic glasshouses for fruit production.

I was going to retire, but something seems to prevent that, mainly we enjoy most of what we do.

Family associations with the craft, Ann's father, the late W Bro Bob Goodwin, PM lodge Otahuhu No 387, and my eldest brother Ray Crosby, United Waiuku No 90.