Northern Division
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The Divisional Grand Masters pen

Brethren is my intention to communicate with you through this page on our website keeping you up-to-date with my activity and visiting programme, as well as special promotions that will be of interest to the Division from time to time.

I take this opportunity to thank the members of Lodge Te Papa, in the Bay of Plenty for their hospitality last week when I had the opportunity of attending their installation ceremony and presenting the address to the Brethren.

On 1 April the members of Nau Mai Lodge in Taumaranui enjoyed the opportunity of hosting the Grand Master.  I know they appreciated the commitment of MW Bro Mark Winger and his willingness to travel to Taumaranui and being received into their Lodge.

The pressure is now building as we finalise the details of our day’s activity at the  Divisional Conference next Saturday and I look forward to seeing as many of you in attendance as are able to make it. We tried to  make the start and finish time such that Brethren travelling from out of Auckland can do so with some ease and I hope the programme on the day will be informative and useful to all those attending.

My Fraternal Best wishes

RW Bro Gary Salmon
Divisional Grand Master
Northern Division