Northern Division
Some Interesting Links for you to Follow

This section of the website lists links to interesting sites of Masonic Education and Research.

One of the best sites around is Pietre--Stones Review of Freemasonry

A good site to try for all sorts of Masonic material is called Freemasons for Dummies maintained by Christopher Hodapp can be clicked at

There is a Digital Library is at  where you can find many sources of papers and Masonic material.

The Library and Museum of Freemasonry is an E.C. site - worth a look.

This is an interesting personal blog called The Travelling Freemason

Try this link to a great collection of Masonic articles by Bro. Norman McEnvoy

The Divisional websites have a Masonic Education set of pages typically at or use ndiv or sdiv for Northern and Southern Divisions

Freemasonry in Belgium: Discrete and Mysterious but open to all

Click here for The United Masters Lodge No. 167 in Auckland is a Research Lodge for all Constitutions or copy and paste this URL

Click here for The Missouri Lodge of Research or try

The New Jersey Lodge of Masonic Research and Education No. 176 is at

The Maine Lodge of Research (that is Maine in USA) welcomes you at

There is an internet Lodge of Research at

A Lodge which meets on the internet called The Internet Lodge No. 9659 E.C. at

and The Dormer Masonic Study Circle founded in 1938 can be viewed at

You can find the family tree of any E.C. Lodge at this site - maybe someone in N.Z. will write something similar for our Lodges in New Zealand