Born a baby boomer in Auckland New Zealand but brought up in Hawkes Bay. John left school and joined the NZ Army as a Regular Force Cadet at the tender age of 16. After surviving two years in Waiouru John graduated into the Royal New Zealand Corps of Signals and served for 11 years as a Communications Technician in various postings around New Zealand. The last three of these were at the School of Signals in Waiouru as an Instructor.

After leaving the Army John was employed as an Avionics Instructor with Air New Zealand and later Qantas. He trained in the United States and Canada as well as teaching in Australia, New Zealand, and throughout the South Pacific and Melanesia.

After moving to Australia for 9 years, John returned to New Zealand and settled in Northland where he opened a Computer business in Dargaville and even though officially retired continues to do the odd jobs in this field.

A passion for music has seen John conduct a Saturday night “rock n roll” show on community radio in Northland for many years. He also has a strong interest in New Zealand history and has travelled overseas to visit his ancestral homelands in both Scotland and France.

John was initiated into Lodge Orongorongo No 440 in 1977 however most of his early Masonic upbringing was with the Southern Cross Lodge No 6 in Kaiapoi where he was Master in 1985. Two terms as Master of Pono Lodge No 203 in Dargaville plus visits to Lodges in many parts of New Zealand and overseas have given him a wide knowledge and love of Freemasonry. A highlight was a visit to the Certa Cito Lodge No 8925 ULGE at Freemasons Hall in London. This is the Lodge of the Royal Corps of Signals. Here military and Freemasonry met in harmony - proving that Freemasonry is indeed a universal brotherhood.

John is a member three Lodges, a Royal Arch Chapter and a Knights Templar Preceptory

As District Education Advisor for No 1 District Northland John is a member of the Northland Division Education Team. He enjoys the privilege of being able to assist Brethren in their quest as they seek to make a daily advancement in Masonic knowledge.
I am sure the Northland District appreciates the daily advancement that John provides for them.

For those brethren outside of the Northland I strongly urge you to take a look at what John compiles each month. There is something here for everyone.

As mentioned earlier, over the next two or three weeks I plan to set some time aside to create an archive for the previous editions of this great publication.

John, I have a sense that our paths will cross again. To be honest - I can't wait.

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