Image Right: W Bro. Balt PGIG and WM of Lodge Rangitikei No.38
Image Above: Bro. Tuck Center, W Bro. Maru, Rangitane Master and Brethren of the Baden Powell Lodge No.381
Image Right:  WM. WBro.Ancell and  Bro. Davis
Image Left: Bro. Heather and W Bro. Vinning
Updated 10.2.20

New Entered Apprentice for Te Awahou in Foxton

On the 9th February I traveled to Foxton to visit Te Awahou Lodge No.133 for an initiation ceremony for a new member to Freemasonry.  Bro. Heather had applied to become a Freemason online after visiting the Te Awahou Facebook page.  Bro. Heather is an Orchardist and admin for the Foxton Community Facebook page. Congratulations Don on joining Freemasonry.

I am informed the Lodge has a few more new members to initiate, so busy times ahead

Image Above:  W Bro. Brown at the helm 2021 - 2022
Image Above: Bro. Fraser and some of the Master Masons of No.47
Updated 16.2.21

Further to the Level 2 restrictions, I have now contacted all three Masters who have Lodge meetings this week. 

1.United Wanganui is a domestic meeting, W Bro. Tasker and I have mutually agreed that the Lodge will hold their meeting with COVID Level 2 precautions in place.

2.Rongotea Lodge have a 1st degree tracing board meeting,  W Bro. Kitchin and I mutually agree that the Freemasons Hall in Palmerston North is large enough to hold a meeting with level 2 precautions in place.

3.Petre Lodge VW Bro. Making PDistGM and I mutually agree that due to the increased risk to his Brethren the installation meeting will be postponed until a suitable date in March, the date will be notified as soon as possible. I wil grant permission for this to happen.
With no community Covid infections reported today, I am hoping we will be back on course for next week.
Updated 25.2.21
New Master Mason for St. Andrew Kilwinning.
This evening the Master of Lodge Rangitikei, several Brethren and I crossed the Whangaehu River to attend St Andrew Kilwinning Lodge No.79 which meets in Dublin Street, Whanganui.  The reason for the excursion was twofold, firstly to be present for the raising of Bro. Davis to the degree of Master Mason and secondly to show our support for visiting other Lodges in our district. Former Policeman Matt, now working for the Department of Conservation, deservedly received his Master Mason’s apron after a long wait, which was due to various circumstances including COVID and work. I do so enjoy welcoming a newly raised Master Mason into his Lodge, especially when you can see the potential they have to develop their masonic skills, enhance our charitable deeds and benefit the Lodge in which they have been raised. 
Update 1 March 2021

‘The Road Show Cometh’

This year has already been topsy turvy with us going in and out of Level 2 to stop the spread of COVID 19 throughout our beautiful country.  This in turn has caused some last-minute changes to our meetings and I am starting to look at all meetings as provisional. This has caused some knock-on effects within our district, numbers attending meetings and visiting have noticeably dropped.

According to our national data base we initiated eleven Brethren since 1 March 2021 but lost twenty-nine members and eight who passed on.  We currently have six proposals for joining members.   I was asked the other day what Grand Lodge was doing to save a particular Lodge that has problems?  We are all Grand Lodge and no one person is responsible for resurrecting a Lodge, it is the members of the Lodge who should take responsibility, step out of the box and look at what can be done collectively. Far too often it comes down to one or two who actively look for solutions.

Hence the Road Show from National Office, we are not there with a magic wand or a silver bullet, we are there with some sound advice for you and your Lodge to take away and work with. What you do from there is entirely up to you and your Lodge Brethren, it just takes a few from each Lodge to be movers and shakers and it will make a difference.

The road show starts at 7 pm at the Club Metro, the Cosmopolitan Club/RSA, 13 Ridgway Street, Wanganui ,  in the Rotary Room. If you have not done so yet please register. HERE so we have some idea how many are attending
Update 2 March 2021

COVID and Lodge Meetings

It has been brought to my attention that a few Lodges in other districts have cancelled their meetings without due consultation with their respective District Grand Master. 

As I know you all so well, I am reassured this will not be a problem in the Ruapehu District, however, I would urge anyone who is considering this course of action to consult with me first and then afterwards when all options have been considered if you still feel the meeting should not go ahead apply immediately for permission via the online dispensation system.

I had granted Petre Lodge to postpone their installation when we were in the last Level 2 this was with joint consultation with the Master.
I would also urge you to consult the COVID documentation on the Freemasons NZ web site there is all the information you require to make an informed decision and actions to take to remain safe.

I wish I could predict the future, but one thing is certain COVID is not going away any time soon, whether we return to Level 1 next week is uncertain, all we can do is remain hopeful and stay positive.  As far as I am aware the Road Show on  9 March will be going ahead.

As always, I am only an email, text, or phone call away should you need me.

Image Above:  W Bro. Brown and VW Bro. Robinson
Updated 9 March 2021

Tall Order for Manawatu Kilwinning Lodge

I was present in September 2020 when Bro. Fraser Bart was initiated into the Manawatu Kilwinning Lodge No. 47. I was pleased I could also be there when he received his Master Masons Apron last evening.

When Bro. Fraser Bart was initiated, I charged him to challenge his Lodge members into making him the best Freemason possible, and again last evening I have asked if his Lodge had supported him on his journey thus far?

I am interested to know how our newer Master Masons view the world they have stepped into, and how they see their future role in the Craft.

Well done Bro. Fraser it is good to see you progressing so well, keep up the good work.
Image:  M E Companion G K Redman First Grand Principal  and MW Bro. Wrigley GM
Updated 3.2.21

New Entered Apprentice for Rangitane

On  the 2nd February I attended a meeting at Lodge Rangitane No. 369, Palmerston North.  Twenty two year old Bro. Tuck was initiated according to our custom. The meeting was attended by members of the Baden Powell Lodge no.381 as Bro. Tuck is a Scout Leader and has already gained an impressive array of scouting achievements. 

Welcome to the craft Brother Tuck, may your Masonic career be a happy and fulfilling one.
Updated 14.2.20

Baden Powell Lodge No.381

On the 13th February members of the Baden Powell Lodge No. 381 travelled to assemble at the Freemason's Hall in Marton. W Bro. Gary Brown was installed into the chair of King Solomon as Master of the Lodge. 

Baden Powell Lodge is unique as it brings together Freemasons with a past or present connection to Scouts. The Lodge was originally established in Auckland in 1954 and in its 50th year relocated to Wellington. The Lodge meets bimonthly in Lower Hutt.

W Bro. Brown lives and works in Wanganui so the members of the Lodge had arranged to have the installation nearer to his home base.  It was a real pleasure to be invited to be at the ceremony which was carried out by the Hutt Wairarapa District Grand Master, VW Bro. Robinson and his team.  I would like to thank all those who attended to make this a special day, especially my wife Jo for creating a festive board to be proud of I would especially like to say how pleased I was to get a few moments and share a few thoughts with my fellow District Grand Master from Hutt Wairarapa.
Updated 14.2.21

COVID Level 2

I was hoping this would not happen in my second year but, If you have not heard the news, as from midnight Auckland has gone to COVID level 3 and we are at level 2 for the next three days.  As from midnight we must ensure basic hygiene measures, including washing hands, coughing, or sneezing into your elbow and cleaning surfaces. You should keep track of where you have been and who you have seen. This helps with rapid contact tracing if it is required. You should keep at least 1 metre apart in Lodge room if possible, if not then you are encouraged to wear face coverings in situations where physical distancing is not possible. If you are unwell stay at home and away from Lodge and seek medical attention. If you have cold, flu or COVID-19 symptoms, call your doctor or Healthline and get advice about being tested. If you have been told to self-isolate, you legally must do so immediately.

From National office web site 14.2.21
“The New Zealand Government has Auckland on Level 3 and rest of New Zealand on Level 2.  Lodges in Auckland cannot open and other Government restrictions in place and Lodges elsewhere must work to their Risk Migration Plan (which aligns with government regulations) as agreed with their District Grand Master”.

Lodges that are meeting in the next three days are United Wanganui, Rongotea and Petre, I will be in touch with all three Masters in the morning to discuss the implications of level 2 and what it means for their Lodge meetings.
I will send you updates if I receive further directions from National office and the Grand Master.

My Online Comments Page
Some of you have commented that  my comments page on the Divisional website has not been update since December, this is simply because according to the webmaster I had overloaded it with news and images.  This has now been fixed!
Updated 12.2.20

142 Installation Meetings For Lodge Rangitikei No.38

The Ruapehu District Grand Lodge officiated at the one hundred and forty second installation meeting for Lodge Rangitikei No.38 on Thursday 11th February 2021.

W Bro. Balt PGIG was installed as Master of the Lodge.  Ian with forty one years masonic experience will undoubtedly prove himself a worthy leader in the craft.   Ian is a native of South Africa and has been a Freemason within the Scottish Constitution, English Constitution and now the New Zealand Constitution, so he is well adapt at knowing what is expected of him.

The evening was a warm one, with an attendance well in advance of fifty Masons who enjoyed the evening.  Ian's, his lovely wife Hester, my wife Jo and a few helpers for all their hard work to make the refectory very special. The beautifully laid out tables were adorned with wooden candle holders, hand crafted by Ian, serviette holders cleverly  made by Hester and the traditional flowers from my Dahlia garden.
Updated 30.1.21

Manawatu Royal Arch Chapter No.11, Summer Lecture

Jo and I made our way to the Freemasons Hall in Palmerston North on the 28th January for the Royal Arch Summer Lecture.  Our Grand Master MW Bro. Wrigley and ME Comp Graham Redman were in attendance to deliver the lecture, which this year was about working together for the good of Freemasonry, both craft and chapter.

In 1996 the Palmerston North Chapter No.95 arranged at the request of a member, the late V E Comp Ian Kennaugh the presentation of two certificates marking his fifty year’s service to both Craft and Royal Arch Masonry, issued by the Province of the Isle of Man. V E Comp Kennaugh in appreciation gave a short lecture on the Three Principals of a Royal Arch Chapter. The success of the occasion was such as to convince the Chapter to begin the Ruapehu District Masonic Year with a lecture open to all Masons.

I enjoyed the lecture, and the content and would like to thank Manawatu Royal Arch Chapter  No.11 for their hospitality.

To add to the proceedings V E Comp D Marshall PGSuptW,
GPA, was awarded his Royal Arch fifty Year service award

Image:  V E Comp D Marshall PGSuptW receives his award from M E Companion G K Redman First Grand Principal 2020. Also featured R E Comp J C A Francis PGH         
Updated 16 March 2021

United Wanganui No.  468

W Bro. Tasker carried out his last ceremony as master of Lodge Wanganui by way of initiating Bro. Malsek-Saleh Mourad-Paku as an Entered Apprentice Freemason.  It is always a joy to see young men wanting to join freemasonry and hopefully become champions for their Lodge and in their community.  I hope we can inspire them through personal encouragement and appreciation, they must always be included in all things, and their opinions and beliefs must never be dismissed. 

Congratulations Brother, we wish you many years of happiness.
Image Above: Bro.  Kane Malsek-Saleh Mourad-Paku, center.
Updated 17 March 2021

Double Celebration For Wharite

Today was a special day for Lodge Wharite No. 451, the first celebration for W Bro. Greenwood as he was reinstalled into the Master's chair by officers of the Ruapehu District for another twelve months. 

Secondly we had the pleasure of being present for the presentation of a fifty year service badge and certificate to recipient W Bro. Robert McLellan, today he joined an exclusive group of deserved Brethren.

Robert has an impressive Masonic record of being Master of Otaki Lodge No. 72 five times and Master of Lodge Wharite No. 451 twice. He has also been a Senior Warden nine times. he was initiated into Otaki Lodge in 1971. he is also a member of research Lodges in Wellington and Ruapehu.

RW Bro. Marshall PDepGM made the presentation at the installation festive board.
Birthday Boy @ 95
Updated 24 March 2021
District Grand Masters do the coolest things in their term. This is me at W Bro. Jack Dryden PGD Birthday Luncheon, today.

Young Jack is celebrating his ninety Fifth Birthday a few days in advance. Jack was born on the 31st March 1926 and joined Freemasonry just a month after I was born in 1958.

He was initiated, passed and raised in Lodge Wainuiomata No.379. Our Brother is  a member of Te Awahou Lodge No.133 and The Baden Powell Lodge No. 381.

Jack in his 63 years of masonic involvement has introduced numerous men to Freemasonry and even today continues to promote the craft when ever he can.

Jo and I are so happy we could share this moment with Jack, fellow masons, family and friends. Your an awesome bloke and Brother Jack, keep doing what you do, it obviously works!
The Brethren of St Andrew Kilwinning Lodge no. 79 in Whanganui should be very proud of the effort put into making their ritual 'on point', It is not Scotch Mist, these Brethren know how to do a 1st Degree working and they did just that last evening for Bro. McGuckin who joined Freemasonry.  Our new Brother is twenty Seven and had applied to become a Freemason through the Freemasons NZ website, his interest sparked by his Grandfather's association with the fraternity for twenty years of his life.  It was a pleasure to meet this amicable young man who impressed me with his reply to the new Brother's toast at refectory.  I am in no doubt St. Andrew Kilwinning will make Bro. McGuckin welcome and part of their Masonic family.

Welcome Brother McGuckin to Freemasonry, enjoy the warmth Freemasonry can provide and we look forward to watching your progress within this, one of the world's longest running fraternities.

I also had the pleasure of presenting a Master Masons Certificate to Bro. Wadey from the Grand Lodge of New Zealand. Bro. Wadey was made a Master Mason in late October of last year.
Not Scotch Mist.
Updated 24 March 2021
Updated 1 April 2021

Happy Easter Weekend

Jo and I wish you all a restful long weekend, what ever you have planned.  For me it is a time to catch up with readying my precious garden for winter combined with some masonic administration duties.

Divisional Conference.

By now all on email should have received the Divisional invitation to attend the Charity Dinner and the Divisional Conference.  I am going to ask all our thirteen Lodges to be represented by 5 or more members, which I think is achievable. I also hope we get a good mix of Freemasons, new, experienced, young, and old. It is important to the survival of Freemasonry you have a voice and are represented.

Charity Dinner Dance in aid of the Special Olympics

On the 30 April , on the eve of the conference we are having a Grand Charity Dinner Dance at the Convention Centre, Palmerston North, it is a chance for Freemasons to support the Special Olympics National Summer Games as Freemasons NZ are the main sponsors. From the Road Show it was obvious that you want Freemasonry to be recognised in the community, and this is the way forward. The evening will be great, we have entertainment, a representative of the Special Olympics and an auction to raise further funds. Tickets can be purchased individually as well as corporate tickets for a table of eight.
It is my intention that this district raises as much as possible for this worthy cause, I am therefore asking you if you have not already signed up to attend the Charity dinner.  A part of your ticket fee goes directly to supporting the games so you will be doing your part.
Contribution by Lodges

I am asking each Lodge to contribute a minimum of $100 each towards the Special Olympics National Summer games, any additional contribution from Brethren can be done through the Lodge.

The Road to Championing and Reviving our Lodges.

To quote C. S. Lewis “You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream”.

When looking at our Lodges,  we have two choices, we can place the blame for them not thriving on someone or something else, or we can take ownership for fixing the problem. The first statement takes away any personal responsibility and the need to be accountable. The second statement is not as easy,  if you put your hand up then you suddenly become an agent for change and therefor actually accountable in some way.

Lodge Champions

Champion:  “someone who fights for or speaks in support of a group of people or a belief”.

At the Road Show in Wanganui we were requested to find champions for our lodges , I struggled with the concept of what was expected of a Champion, then some weeks later I had a chance meeting with a young lady called Lucy Skou. Lucy is the spokesperson for the Marton Development Group, they are about to open the new Marton children’s play area, she and her group have raised a staggering $1.3 million to enable the project.  Lucy is also a nurse in the Emergency department at Palmerston North Hospital and there is trying to raise funds for a Children’s playroom. She is also responsible for the world class BMX track being built just over the fence from the back of the Marton Lodge rooms. Lucy opened my eyes to what a champion was about, they were selfishly passionate and enthusiastic to make a difference for others!

At this time Freemasonry in or district needs champions, like Lucy each lodge should have at least one champion that can assist to make the Lodge relevant and enjoyable.  We have a variety of characters and personalities in our Lodges, but we all have a common theme ‘Freemasonry’, if we did not believe in its ethics we would not be there. That person should possess drive and enthusiasm to make a difference.

Each Mason has much to offer, experience goes a long way in ensuring our landmarks are passed on to the next generation, our Masters and Wardens have much work to do already and assist the daily smooth running of the Lodge, many of our Master Masons have much to offer and yet we sometimes overlook this. The current evidence is they want to be move involved with the Lodge but loose heart very quickly due to a variety of reasons.  Given the right tools some of you that are Master Masons can make a huge difference into making a Lodge thrive and in return make your Freemasonry really mean something to you personally.

So how does this work?

A Lodge champion (spokesperson) works with other champions who are going to play a vital part in not only reviving the Lodge but making it the best. Lodges are built on strong relationships both inside and outside the Lodge, as well as an active membership, without these relationships things soon fall apart. 

The Lodge champion should be able to help in identifying the barriers that prevent the Lodge from being a thriving Lodge and suggest areas of improvement.

Select an area you feel you could have the biggest impact in – one you enjoy and may want to work more in, then ask the Lodge how you can help them in a way that best utilises your skills, expertise, and time.  Identify key initiatives that lodge needs to be conducting that is aligned with your unique expertise.

To get the message across the lodge Champion should be given a voice by the Master and allowed to speak at business sessions about the month’s achievements and what is coming up. A champion works with his Lodge to help achieve agreed outcomes, introduce ideas, and work with the Lodge plan.

Is this all just Smoke and Mirrors?

No, if ever there was a time for people to step up to help their Lodge, now is the time.  I will be stepping up and backing our new champions because that is what I am passionate and enthusiastic about.

For that purpose, I propose to hold a short informal face to face meeting for ANY brethren to attend if they want to know more about the champions incentive and how to become a champion for their lodge.

The meeting will be at Lodge Rangitikei, Marton Friday 16the April at 6.30 pm, ladies and partners welcome

I don’t mind if I only have two of you turn up, that is a start in the right direction.
14 April 2021

Lang may yer lum reek!

Last evening I was delighted to be able to attend the ceremony of installation for W Bro. Watson,  Manawatu Kilwinning Lodge No. 47.  It was also an occasion to welcome RW Bro. Watt Deputy Grand Master into our district officially.  Sixty-two Freemasons attended the event to support W Bro. Watson, he has been a prolific supporter of all our Lodges and helped on many an instant with Lodge planning. I am sure W Bro. Watson will continue to carry on the good work of his Immediate Past Master, W Bro. Neilson and I look forward to the Lodge having a prosperous and fulfilling year.

This of course will be the last NZ installation in the grand old Lodge room in Church Street as we will soon be relocating to Amesbury Street.

The Manawatu Kilwinning Lodge Rooms were designed in an Italianate style and built in 1908.  The foundation stone shows the members of the Lodge at that time, including City Councillor and 1909 Mayor James Nash. The building was designed by architect and ex-City Councillor Ludolph George West, who was also a member of the Lodge.  Lodge member and City Councillor Arthur Bennett's timber company built the  Masonic Hall.

The lodge was established in Palmerston North in 1883 and met in various places until their own building was constructed. The building was extended in 1929 and has been upgraded over the years. After the success of the first Masonic Lodge under the English Constitution (the Manawatu United Masonic Lodge, established in 1877), the Manawatu Kilwinning Lodge No. 47 was formed in 1883 under the Scottish Constitution.
16 April 2021

Pop Up, 'meaning appear or occur suddenly'

Tonight we had our first ‘Pop Up’ meeting. I will be the admit I was a little apprehensive about the turn out and wondered if Jo and I would be sat with 24 bottles of Stella and chips looking at each other in an empty room, because of the short notice.

To my surprise we had twenty Masons attend, either eager to see if I had totally lost my mind, or eager to be part of the revival of Freemasonry in this district. In addition I had 14 apologies far exceeding my expectations, way go you wonderful Masons!
This meeting was totally off the cuff, no formalities, just totally relaxed and informal, men talking over a beer and chippies on a Friday night, and thanks to W Bro. Pennell for the fish and chips, you are a legend DistGDC!

This type of meeting suits my style, me just being me, no ayes, and graces, say it how it is, call a spade a spade, and always smile a lot and do not be too serious about yourself ever!

It was refreshing to hear for Master Masons on their own aspect of Freemasonry, this is what I wanted, an honest approach and suggestions on how we can put the pulse back into our beloved Freemasonry.  I need these men to speak up so I can understand what they want from me, and may it long continue.

Towards the end of the evening we started to understand why I had held a ‘Pop Up’ as the talk between the various attendees continued after the meeting had finished.  The feedback was great to hear, and it is obvious we need to be stepping outside our Lodge bubbles and talking to each other.

This will not be the last of the ‘Pop Up’ meetings, we need to continue to talk among ourselves, to build friendships and alliances.
I can assure you of that, we will continue to promote Freemasonry throughout our district, we have been hidden from view for far too long, so watch out for a pop up meeting coming to your town soon!
I doubt it is that rare to have two Worshipful Masters with the same surname, however, to have two Worshipful Masters who are Father and Son would be exceedingly rare these days.  Yet here they are, W Bro. Martin Brown, newly installed Master of the United Lodge of Wanganui No.  468 and son W Bro. Brown WM of  Lodge Baden Powell No 381.

I installed W Bro. Brown the elder into the chair of the United Lodge of Wanganui this evening, he is remarkably familiar with his Lodge having joined seventeen years ago, after Lodge Rutland in Whanganui had closed, he was the first Master of The United Lodge of Wanganui in 2004 and served for two consecutive years.  He is also an active member and Senior Warden of Lodge Baden Powell No. 381, where his son is Master.

The United Wanganui Lodge currently has three Entered Apprentices, who were initiated by IPM W Bro. Tasker previously, and Master Masons in various offices, so the heart of the Lodge has a good pulse and feel.  We were also privy to the presentation of the Ship’s Compass to the new Master from VW Bro. Hayward Past Grand lecturer.  The Ship’s Compass is traditionally passed to new Masters  who are also members of the Naval Craftsman group.
Introducing the Brown Brothers
20 April 2021

21 April 2021


Special Olympics Donations


I would like to thank Lodges, individuals and groups within the district who have contributed towards the Special Olympics National Summer Games. Each Lodge in the central Division has been asked to contribute a minimum of $100 towards supporting our special athletes with travelling, training, and accommodation expenses, whilst the main charity is the main sponsor.


I would like to acknowledge the following.


  • A donation of $250 from the wives, partners, daughters, and friends who attend the United Lodge of Wanganui regularly, the money being raised over time from their generous donations, thank you ladies.


  • The Ruapehu-Manawatu Masonic Youth trust who donated.


  • I have also received several private donations and thank those persons for their caring generosity.


  • If you want to donate you can donate via the Divisional Bank Account


06-0501-0871840-00 please ensure you identify it is a donation for the Special Olympics.


3 May 2021

Divisional Conference Report

At the weekend we held a highly successful Central Division Conference in Palmerston North,  I was pleased to see a reasonible contingent from our district, but would have wished for more Past Masters, Master Masons, Fellow Crafts and Entered Apprentices to be present because as these Divisional Conferences are only held every three years. So you now have thirty-six months to save the $35 entrance fee (includes a free lunch) for the next one! 

My heartfelt thanks to W Bro. Craig Ancell of St Andrew Kilwinning and Bro. David Watene of United Wanganui, both brethren stood on stage and spoke about Freemasonry and their experience.  We are lucky to have supportive Masons like these two brothers in our district, they should be congratulated for an outstanding effort, not easy to stand in front of 147 people and talk, I know!

The conference was preceded on the Friday night by a Charity Dinner Dance in aid of the Special Olympics, the money raised being used for the closing ceremony.  The ticket sales, auction, personal donations, and Lodge donations received raised a staggering $40,000.00.  if you were in one of the Lodges or members that contributed in our district, give yourselves a pat on the back you deserve it.  I would also like to thank the Ruapehu Masonic Trust for their donation and in particular the wonderful ladies of United Wanganui who raised $250 for the cause, it was very gratefully received. You had to be there to feel the warmth and generosity of freemasonry in action.

Now that the conference is out of the way, it is time for us to focus on ways we can promote Freemasonry in this district to secure a brighter future for all.  I now only have eighteen months to go in this position so hopefully with no more COVID breaks to disrupt us we can get down to the real business and that is creating thriving Lodges fpormy successor to move forward and upwards.  To do this I am intending to hold  ‘Master Classes’  which will be a social discussion group for Installed Masters, aspiring Masters and Wardens, with an emphasis on networking.  The 'Social Pop Up meetings' will also continue, these are open to any brother to comealong and have a chilled out discussion.

There will also be a District meeting in November hopefully.

I will also be asking each Lodge to look for an enthusiastic  person or persons to be their champion and work with a District Champion for the betterment of the Lodge.  I will be talking about this more in the next few weeks so we can gain an understanding of what is needed, in the meantime please start open dialogue within your Lodge.

As a footnote I would ask you all to support your Lodge members as much as you can, especially as winter approaches and the nights get darker, as masons we have a duty to support our own and make sure they are contacted regularly and assured of a warm welcome at Lodge meetings.  If a brother doesn't turn up for a meeting give him a quick call, text or email him to check he is OK, to make someone feel wanted and missed is one of the most sincere things a man and a mason can do.
8 May 2021

University Scholarships

Jo and I travelled to Wellington on Thursday in order to attend the Freemasons NZ 2021 University Scholarship awards. The awards were presented in the Legislative Council Chamber which was very impressive and suitable for such an occasion.  The Grand Master decided to wear his full regalia adding to the occasion which was very fitting.  Thirty one students received scholarships on the day and I was amazed at the talent on show, even better to see two from Palmerston North and one from my home town Marton. Jo and I had a pleasant morning and would gladly go again.
14 May 2021

Lodge Rangitikei , Rural Attraction.

Bro. McCann was initiated into lodge Rangitikei No.38 seen here accompanied by Bro, Crisp (Crispy) Junior Deacon.  The evening was enhanced by the presentation of the Nash Gavel by the new Master of Manawatu Kilwinning Lodge.  Bro. McCann had reached out to Freemasons NZ via the main website and subsequently initiated into No.38.  Our new Brother's interest in Freemasonry stems from his wife Janice's family who were well know and respected masons within Mangere Lodge No.330.  We wish our new Brother well on his journey within Freemasonry, confident he will be an asset to this rural Lodge and district.
11May 2021

Te Awahou Lodge No.133, Like a Phoenix Rising from the Ashes

Bro. Oga was initiated into the Te Awahou Lodge No. 133 this evening, and I had the pleasure to be there for the occasion.  Bro. Oga is the first of six new candidates for the Foxton based Masonic Lodge, so I'm looking forward to a busy year of initiations by the team.  Welcome Brother to Freemasonry, I am sure you will take to it as it will take to you.
St. Andrew Kilwinning Lodge No.79 is in the process of selling tickets for a large screen showing of the new Kiwi film Poppy.  The Lodge is hoping to sell out the event and raise $4,000 for the Special Olympics. The star of the film Miss Libby Hunsdale  will be coming along!

I would suggest you book your tickets as they are running out fast, and it will be a fantastic evening. Congratulations to the Lodge on a great idea.

Thursday 3rd June 2021
Embassy 3 Cinema , Victoria Street, Whanganui
Meet and Greet 6.00pm for Wine and Nibbles
Film screens at 6.30pm.
Tickets: $25.00 per person.
To purchase your tickets, payment can be made by bank transfer to:
St. Andrew Kilwinning Lodge Account number  03 0791 0252529 00
or in person to a St Andrew Kilwinning member, or the DistGM.
Please use your name and phone number as reference

14 May 2021

All Seeing Eye For Otaganki Lodge no.70
Face Book Connection
This newly made Master Mason is Brother Sendall of Lodge Pa Ka Ma No. 319 (center) , pictured with W Bro. Cameron WM and W Bro Hill PGW.  W Bro. Sendall connected with Freemasonry via the Lodge Facebook page whilst searching for masonic pages, and we are pleased that he did. 

The ceremony of his raising to the third degree was carried out to the highest standard and VW Bro. Walker PDistGM was exemplary as the last minute stand in Senior Deacon.

When I asked our brother if I could take his photograph he instantly asked if it would be on fact he insisted on it, he like me knows the power of social media and how if done correctly can influence our perception with the public and our local communities.

The apron of a Master Mason suits Bro. Sendall and may he have many years of comradery in the craft, I look forward to see him advance and one day be Master of the Lodge.

27 May 2021
Otangaki Lodge has a new man at the helm W Bro. Dickson, a Professional Optometrist. Paul was originally initiated into the Beta-Waikato Lodge No. 12, Hamilton twenty seven years ago in 1994.

W Bro. Dickson is no stranger to the chair having been Master in Hamilton in 2000
and again in Ashhurst in 2018.  It is also worth noting he has been a Lodge Warden nine times.

The new Master is making his plan for the year and concentration on men's health, he spoke about the fact that several health issues go undetected within New Zealand for many men, we would certainly support his cause and look forward to working closely with Otangaki's latest Master during his term as Master.

Thank you to the outgoing Master W Bro. Kelley, he has done a Stirling job and must be congratulated on his two years as Master, especially during such uncertainties due to COVID.

25 May 2021
1 June 2021

Last Month Recap

As we leave autumn behind it is starting to become noticeably cooler during the evenings and mornings.  At this time of year it even more important to ensure Lodges check up on Brethren and our widows to make sure there is no hardship or discomfort suffered during the winter months. The heart can be warmed by offering the hand of friendship, a brief chat or offer of assistance. Please do not leave it all up to our hard working almoners, they need respite too sometimes.

During May we had the Divisional Conference, which went well according to the survey put out afterwards.  Jo and I attended the Freemasons Scholarship awards at Parliament in Wellington, I had never been before because of work, but it landed nicely as Jo and I were celebrating thirty-nine years of marriage and Jo’s birthday by enjoying the highlights of the capital for a few days.   The awards were presented in the Legislative Council, with its all inspiring architecture, the Grand Master dressed in his regalia added to the grandeur of the day, and we were told this had not happened before.  If ever you get a chance to go, it is worth the experience, so much talent on show from young people.

I also attended the Installation meeting at Horowhenua with some of our Ruapehu Brethren, it is always good to visit our friends in Levin and see how they do it, it’s slightly different so if you get a chance check out a Kapiti Wellington district installation.

Sadly we said our goodbyes to Mrs. Hazel Marshall who passed away suddenly, the four hundred people that attended the service was testament to how much Hazel was respected in the community. I am sure RW Bro. Marshall PDepGM will be well cared for by his family and our wider masonic fraternity.

We also had an installation ceremony at Otangaki Lodge where I had the pleasure with Grand Lodge officers to place W Bro. Dickson into the chair. Thank you to those that turned out in support.

We also saw two new Freemasons initiated at Lodge Rangitikei and Te Awahou Lodge, welcome Bro. McCann and Bro. Oga to our fraternity.  It was a pleasure to visit Lodge Pa Ka Ma recently to witness Bro. Sendall raised to Master Mason.

Today we learnt of the sad passing to the Grand Lodge above of W Bro. Jack Dryden PGW, a member of Te Awahou Lodge, Foxton.  Jack performed his Masonic duties to the very last and at the age of 95 delivered a confident ‘Address to the Master’ at Otangaki on the 25th May.  Jack was a shining example to us all on how to embrace Freemasonry, how to be an active member and do your absolute best for your Lodge and fellows.

Coming Events in June

In June we have an official visit by the Most Worshipful Grand Master to Te Awahou Lodge in order to present two fifty year badges to two Brothers who are Brothers!  Ladies are most welcome, in fact the more the merrier, do not forget to book, details on the calendar. 

I must congratulate The St. Andrew Kilwinning Lodge on their initiative to raise funds for charity by hosting a screening of the new Kiwi film ‘Poppy’ the venue was sold out within days of advertising, Jo and I are really looking forward to the event and having a second chance to meet Ms Libby Hunsdale, star of the film.  The Lodge is also having a mid-winter dinner later in the month.

Tomorrow the Maori Brethren are carrying out a 3rd degree at Rangitane. Monday the 7th The Research Lodge of Ruapehu has an interesting presentation from VW. Bro. Barrett PGLec.  Rangitikei have a guest speaker in Refectory from Mrs Prue Deighton, on Irlen Syndrome, ladies of course are very welcome.  There are also several Fellow Craft degrees.

I have noticed a very small increase to visiting lately and that is good to see, although it could be so much better.  These colder evenings are not conducive to an evening at Lodge, committee meeting or rehearsal, but many us brave the weather and go for the good of our Lodges and to see our friends. Lodges are already struggling to attract attendance by their own members, on many occasions I have witnessed officer’s positions not filled, and some lodges unable to function without the help of other lodge members, please consider the extra labour your absence creates, especially as you may have three or four officers thinking of staying away as well.

I would like Lodges to start thinking outside the square (excuse the pun) and think of ways of enhancing the Masonic experience for all Brethren, whether that is through a charitable event, social meeting, education meeting or some other event.  I would also urge you to consider who in your Lodge would make a good champion, I will be sending out more information next weekend to all lodges on this subject and hopefully we have people who put their hand up.

It is also a good time to tackle those clean up jobs and repairs inside our Lodge buildings which have been hanging around for some time, working Bees are a great way to build comradery and as we have many talented tradesmen among our ranks so it would be worthwhile finding out who is who! To be honest there is nothing more off putting than a few cobwebs, borer dust and a pungent aroma of unloved.  Amazing what a bit of elbow grease can do!

One goal I have is to address some of our educational needs during winter,  we have hardly employed our District Education Officer in his eighteen-month term, and he is excellent value to have at your lodge meeting.  W Bro. Neilson can be contacted via his email address.

Thought of the day: “Take your time to really learn and study the fundamentals of your pursuit, so that one day, your fully developed skill set will allow you to grow into a leader”
1 June 2021

W Bro. Jack Leonard Dryden PGW  1926 - 2021

When you are a Freemason you have the opportunity to meet other men that you would never have know otherwise.  This week we lost a Freemasonry diamond with the passing of W Bro. Dryden PGW. 

Jack joined Freemasonry the same year I was born and despite our age differences we were always glad to see each other for a catch up.  Jack and I were installed masters in 2008 'doing the circuit' as visitors among the Lodges, he would rise and give greetings from Te Awahou Lodge and proudly announce that it was in FOXTON! I would announce my Lodge was in the small hamlet of Marton, it became a thing, as we tried to out gun each other, of course Jack was older and wiser and won every time.

Freemasonry will miss the likes of W Bro. Dryden PGW, he was a capable and hardworking officer of Grand Lodge and stalwart member of both Te Awahou and Baden Powell Lodges.  I will forever carry the fact that he 'Addressed the Master' at Otangaki recently, a truly remarkable charge giver.
Above: W Bro. Ancell and Star of the film 'Poppy' Ms Libby Hunsdale.
Poppy Trailer
1 June 2021

Māori Brethren Association Visit Rangitane

Kia ora koutou katoa,

Tonight we visited Lodge Rangitane to happily watch Bro. Fifield being raised to the sublime degree of a Master Mason, I had watched him being initiated in November 2020 so it was good to see him obtain his third degree.

The Maori Brethren Association carry out ceremonial work throughout the district and beyond, bringing their own special warmth to the proceedings. Considering the Brethren come from far and wide and only come together on special occasions they do more than confident work and it is always a pleasure to be in their company.

It is a shame we do not attract more young Maori men into our fraternity, as the ones who have joined over the years are worthy men indeed and benefit our fraternity greatly.  Well done to all the Brethren that came together for this ceremony and it was especially good to see my old friend W Bro. Sutherland RH, a member of Lodge Rangitikei since 1954 and with only three years to go until he receives his 70 year award! Gordon you are Masonic

3 June 2021


Irlen Syndrome


Lodge Rangitikei No. 38 assisted by the Freemasons Charity recently made a donation to 'The Freedom to Learn' Charitable trust.  The Lodge invited Mrs Prue Deighton to deliver a presentation on the work the Freedom to Learn trust does in respect to Irlen Syndrome.


Personally Jo and  I found the subject very interesting and about a syndrome we were was totally unaware of until this evening, and I know the donation will be put to good use.


Irlen syndrome, occasionally referred to as scotopic sensitivity syndrome (SSS) or Meares-Irlen syndrome, is a proposed disorder of vision or image-processing in the brain.  In 1980, New Zealand teacher Olive Meares described the visual distortions some individuals reported when reading from white paper.  In 1983, American psychologist Helen Irlen wrote a paper about the use of coloured overlays aiding the reading abilities of some people. Similar symptoms were separately described by Meares and Irlen—each unaware of the other's work. Irlen, who was the first to systematically define the condition, named her findings "scotopic sensitivity", though in the discussions and debates over the following years, some referred to it as Meares-Irlen syndrome.  The Irlen Institute, founded by Helen Irlen, describes scotopic sensitivity as "a perceptual processing disorder" related to brain interpretations of colours and light.


Light Sensitivity, Fluorescent Lights

Photophobia, or light sensitivity, is an intolerance of light. Sunlight, fluorescent lights, bright light, glare, and even headlights and lights at night can be bothersome; and discomfort may be reduced with Irlen Spectral Filters.


There are a variety of symptoms that can be caused by sensitivity to light including eye strain, fatigue, sleepiness, nausea, dizziness, anxiety, irritability, and discomfort. Lights may also be a trigger for headaches and migraines. Sometimes photophobia/light sensitivity is a symptom of a head injury (TBI), concussion, or whip lash or the result of underlying medical problems. These symptoms can also be eliminated by the Irlen Method.


The problem seems to be an inability for the brain to adjust to various levels of brightness. It is as if the brain was a radio and the volume control was broken so that it could not make adjustments to control loudness.


 Treatment with Irlen Method

Irlen Spectral Filters are able to filter out the offending wave lengths of light which create the stress, thus allowing the brain to be able to make the normal adjustments for various lighting conditions, glare, and brightness.


Sunglasses are not enough. You may think they provide comfort and protection, but individuals who are light sensitive need to be protected from all lighting, not just sunlight. Individuals with light sensitivity wear their Irlen Spectral Filters from the time they wake up until they go to bed at night. Irlen Spectral Filters do not reduce brightness or contrast while providing the same comfort as being in a dimly lit room. Since they do not make things darker, like sunglasses, they can even help with headlights at night.


 Other Considerations

It is important to try to make certain that there are no medical underlying causes for the light sensitivity by seeking medical advice. Sometimes, light sensitivity is a symptom of cornea abrasion, uveitis, or meningitis. Photophobia may be associated with retinal detachment and contact lens irritations. Certain drugs can cause light sensitivity.

3 June 2021

Freemasons & Poppy Huge Success for Community.

Last evening Jo and I attended the Embassy 3 cinema in Whanganui to watch the film 'Poppy', the story of a young woman with Down syndrome who refuses to be defined by disability. Her ambition to become an apprentice mechanic is stalled by her older brother, forcing her to take matters into her own hands.

The evening was hosted by the St. Andrew Kilwinning Lodge No.79 and with the help of local businesses put on a spectacular show for Freemasonry and rolled out the red carpet for 'Poppy'  Ms Libby Hunsdale, 'Luke' Sebastian Hunter and producer Robin Laing.  

Within the first week of ticket sales the Lodge had sold out and because of demand had to hire extra space. Some 230 people crammed into the Embassy for drinks and nibbles as Ms Hunsdale arrived on the red carpet to spontaneous applause.

All I can say is the film is a delight, a Kiwi classic in the making, the heart warming story line causing laughter and tears.  Jo and I were lucky enough to be able to speak to Libby and she is truly an inspiring young lady who is making her mark in the world.

The Lodge in conjunction with Freemasons Charity raised a huge amount of money which will go into supporting the Whanganui based special Olympics squad.  Jo and i would like to thank the Lodge and in Particular the master W Bro. Ancell for making this such a fantastic event.
Image: Mrs Prue Deighton Talking about Irlen Syndrome.

Below some of the effects of Irlen Syndrome
For more information go to:
20 June 2021

W Bro. Robert (Bob) Alger PGStdB 1934 - 2021

Unfortunately we said goodbye to another Officer of Grand Lodge, W Bro. Bob Alger PGStdB. Bob joined Manawatu Services Lodge No.309 in 1977 and served as a member for nineteen years. Bob joined The Research Lodge of Ruapehu in 1980 and then Lodge Wharite in 1995. he was also a member of Lodge Rangitane for ten years.  In 2007 he joined the Baden Powell Lodge.

Bob was a fellow electrician and we had a few chats in the early days of my NZ Freemasonry about lighting and the trade. he was also very involved in Scouting within the Palmerston area.

Installed Master three times, Grand Steward and Past Grand Standard Bearer and very experience Lodge Secretary, Bob will be missed among our fraternity.

The Service for W Bro. Robert (Bob) Edward Alger PGStdB will be held this coming Thursday the 24th June 2021.

Robert J Cotton
Terracehaven Chapel
697 Main Street,
Palmerston North.

Time of Service: 10.30 am.
In lieu of a floral tribute, a donation may be made to the Heart Foundation.
8 June 2021
Brothers Awarded 50 Year Badges.
W Bro.  Arthur Henry Taylor  and W Bro. Andrew Charles Taylor are Brothers in every sense of the word, sharing the same parents as well as masonic fraternity.  Both Archie and Andy were initiated into Lodge Mangahao No. 231 on the 12th April 1971 by way of a double first degree ceremony.  The Lodge in Stout Street, Shannon had been founded due to the many Freemasons drawn to the area for work in the Mangahao power station. In the 1970's many Freemasons joining the Lodge were farmers from the surrounding areas of Horowhenua and Manawatu. Unfortunately due to falling membership the Lodge merged with Te Awahou Lodge no.133.  Both brothers were installed masters of Lodge Mangahoa during the seventies and Andy went on to gain Grand Lodge Rank as a Grand Steward, Past Grand Stewart, Senior Grand Deacon and a Past Grand Deacon.  As serving members since 1971 they were requested to attend Te Awahou Lodge No. 133, Foxton to receive their fifty-year awards with the Grand Master present. The brothers were presented with their badges and certificates by long time friend RW. Bro. Marshall PDepGM.

Following the proceedings the Grand Master presented a framed Certificate of Merit to the daughter of W Bro. Jack Dryden PGD whose funeral service had taken place that very morning.  The presentation was to be to Jack and had been kept secret for several months, unfortunately he passed to the Grand Lodge above a few days before receiving the honour personally.  This was an emotional moment, and we would like to thank The Most Worshipful Grand Master for carrying out this heart felt presentation with the dignity and sensitivity it deserved.
Right: Lodge Mangahao #231, Stout Street, Shannon, 29 March 1993.

Photographer: Mr Aberhart, Laurence,
Above: Archie and Andy Taylor
Posted: 26 June 2021
Charity Seminar Hastings.
I don't know if you like me need to listen to things twice before it sinks in fully, it seems to be a Williamson trait.  So even though I had been to a similar seminar in Palmerston North it seemed like a good idea to go again, but this time in Hastings.  Jo and I were part of the audience listening to the various aspects of the Freemasons Charity presented to the Eastland Ruahine District. 

Personally, I do not think we educate our newer members enough were charity is concerned, both at the national and Lodge level.  It was years before I actually understood the complexities of the Masonic charity coffers, I just knew it was something we do now and then, not like Rotary or Lions, no one had ever asked me to sell sausage treats or collect hay bales for fundraising, yet here I am a mason for thirty-two years and basically clueless so I needed to learn!

I found the Charity Seminar vital for my understanding and for that I am very grateful, not only do I now fully understand the why's, where's, and how's, I have gained a deeper appreciation of the work we do.

In my Mother Lodge in the UK, we had a Charity Steward, it was his job to look for ways to enhance the charitable profile of the Lodge in the community, at the time as a young Mason I hadn't realised the significance of what he was doing for the Lodge and those in need.  Yet when I came to NZ the concept of a Charity Steward was relatively unheard of.

I am convinced each Lodge needs a Lodge Charity Officer, or as I prefer a Lodge Charity Representative, the position calls for someone who has the vision, enthusiasm, and drive to work with the Lodge in the community for the betterment of the community, and it doesn't have to be a male-orientated job.  Someone who knows what is going on and who is doing what.  The Sponsorship of the Special Olympics Summer Games in Hamilton this December has opened up the door for Freemasons to be seen doing what they have always done but this time on show.  It is such a splendid cause which when you think about it lifts your spirits.

I would encourage Lodges to nominate a Charity Representative if they have not already done so, to give that person full backing of the Lodge, look at what you can be doing better for charity, and that is not always financially but can be physical.  Over the coming months I'll be talking more about Charity to all Ruapehu Lodges, and trying to bring a better understanding of the Why's, where's, and how's.

Image Above: Margaret Baker ONZM from Special Olympics.
June Recap
Jo and I hope this winter is not too taxing and that you are staying warm during this cold snap, although today in Marton the sun is shining in a totally blue sky after a severe frost.

June was mix of masonry and work with a heavy work load winning due to some large contractual work in the balance for our company.
We did however get time to do attend some masonic events such as the special showing of ‘Poppy’ in Wanganui with the lead stars in attendance, this was arranged by our St. Andrew Kilwinning Lodge to raise funds to support the Wanganui Special Olympics team with a staggering $6,000 raised with help from the Freemasons Charity.

The Maori Brethren Association carried out a 3rd Degree at Rangitane for Bro Fifield. The Maori Brethren Association carry out ceremonial work throughout the district and beyond, bringing their own special warmth to the proceedings. Considering the brethren come from far and wide and only come together on special occasions they do more than confident work and it is always a pleasure to be in their company. My only comment is that It is a shame we do not attract more young Maori men into our fraternity, as the ones who have joined over the years are worthy men indeed and benefit our fraternity greatly. 

Jo and I also attended Lodge Rangitikei to listen to a presentation by Mrs. Prue Deighton about Irlen Syndrome, this is a Irlen Syndrome is a disorder of the way the brain interprets light signals. It can manifest as light sensitivity, but it is more than that. When a person has Irlen Syndrome, their brain becomes overactive when exposed to certain wavelengths of light. This over activity causes symptoms beyond the visual distortions. The Lodge in conjunction with Freemasons Charity donated to the ‘Freedom to learn Charitable Trust’ to assist young people in with this syndrome.

The Grand Master, Deputy Grand Master and Divisional Grand Master attended Te Awahou Lodge, in Foxton for a presentation of two 50 Year badges and a Certificate of Merit.
Unfortunately, we lost a few masonic brethren in June, Jo and I were pleased that fellow Freemasons were in attendance in strength at their services, which is most befitting.

On the 26th Jo and I skipped over to Hasting to attend their charity Seminar. This was my second charity seminar as we also had on in Palmerston some time ago.  You will be hearing more from me about charity in the next few months as we try and ramp up our profile in the various communities. I have already sent out a letter on this subject to all Lodge secretaries.

What’s on in July.
I have attached the calendar from the Divisional Website so you can see what is on in July.  I would point out that there are three installation meetings, Te Awahou, St Andrew Kilwinning and Pa Ka ma. We also have a few education meetings which is good to see, as variety is the spice of life as far as my Freemasonry is concerned.

I am taking part in 'Dry July' to raise funds for people affected by cancer, and as most know I do like a Stella or G&T in the evenings, so it's not going to be easy!

Hopefully I'll see you at one or more of these Lodge meeting during July
Posted: 3 July 2021
I was recently invited by W Bro. Bray  to participate in a second degree ceremony to be held at The Woburn Lodge No. 25, so I took the V8 over the range for a quick spin to Waipukurau.  The reason for the invite was to join with other electricians in order to pass Bro. Andrew Snowball a sparkie from Napier.  The trip over was good as the saddle road had reopened at 4pm and I arrived at my destination in good time, although much to my annoyance scaping my car rim on the high kerb as I parked, the curse of low profile tyres!

It was good to see the District Grand Master for Eastland Ruahine District there, it's always good to catch up with VW Bro. Friggens and enjoy a few brief topics. The ceremony was very enjoyable and I was happy to be able to deliver the Working Tools charge to Bro. Snowball, although I did stick with the traditional and no pliers or side cutters were added.

It was great to see so many electricians in one place and it was a pleasure to sit with a Distribution Line Mechanic at refectory who I had met some years back and not realised he was a member of the craft then.  It is by visiting you get the chance to meet so many more Brethren who you would not normally meet in your everyday life, thanks to the Woburn Lodge for their hospitality.
Sparkies on the Job
Image above: Electrical Workers gather for 2nd Degree.
Posted: 9 July 2021
Posted: 17 July 2021
Updated 6th April

The Research Lodge of Ruapehu No. 444

The officers of Grand Lodge for the Ruapehu District installed VW Bro. Johnson PGLec as Master of the Lodge for a second year.

The Research Lodge of Ruapehu  are  dedicated to encouraging Masonic study and scholarship, contributing to Masonic education and enlightenment.

The Lodge's objectives are the historical and comparative study and illustration of the origins, development, and modern trends and activities of Freemasonry, its organisation, ritual and teachings, and the dissemination of Masonic knowledge amongst members of the Lodge and other Brethren.

Unlike a Craft Lodge a research lodge does not do degree ceremonial work, although it does have its own charter from Grand Lodge.  Master Masons are welcome to attend the Research Lodge of Ruapehu No. 444 to get a feel of how our presentations and lectures from our members can benefit you with your daily advancement in Masonic knowledge.

You will be able to get a good deal more from your Masonry because you will hear discussions, be able to ask questions and discover answers for yourself.  A research lodge has access to a wealth of Masonic knowledge in the form of books, lecture papers and digital files. Subjects covered can be varied from history, biographies, philosophy of Masonry , aspects of customs, interpretation of ceremonies and so on.

A “paper’ is presented on a Masonic theme and critiqued at the following meeting. An answer to a previously asked question is given together with input from other members. A wide range of Masonic subjects can also be presented in Craft Lodges, often in the form of “question and answer”

You don't have to give a 'talk', but you might develop an interest in Masonic reading and research. we can help you by showing you where to look and how to prepare either a long of short paper
Te Awahou Lodge no.133 Master Reinstalled.
This afternoon Jo and I travelled to the small town of Foxton within the Horowhenua district to attend Te Awahou Lodge No. 133. The reason for the visit was for the officers of Grand Lodge and I to install W Bro. Lynsey Vinning as Master for his second term.

Lynsey was initiated into the The Manawatu Kilwinning Lodge No. 47 on the eight of May 2003, passed in August of the same year within the United Services Lodge No. 309. and made a Master Mason in his Mother Lodge on the 11th March 2004.

Lynsey became a member of Te Awahou Lodge on the 12th May 2005. In his Masonic career he has been Junior Warden, Senior Warden, Master three times and Lodge Secretary.

Lynsey is passionate about helping his local community with the Lodge's charity work, especially the local Foxton cancer Society.

Lynsey has a busy time ahead with six new candidates knocking on the door to join, which is a very pleasing situation to be in.

We wish Lynsey the very best for his term, he has some great ideas for his Lodge and we can't wait to see the end result.

These fine men are members of Rongotea Lodge No. 146 and I had the privilege of being present for Bro. Cody's Master Mason degree. Our brother Joined Rongotea a year ago, but due to COVID his masonic career was put to the test, but after twelve months he finally was raised to the 3rd degree, and his new apron suits him well.  Rongotea Lodge would be the first to admit their numbers have diminished over the past ten years through no fault of their own, but they are fighting to make a comeback and slowly we can see the change with Master Masons on the team who are taking an active part in the longevity of the Lodge.  There is no denying I have a soft spot for rural Lodges, they served our farming and diary communities well for many years, and although this Lodge no longer practices in the small Manawatu Town but rather Palmerston North there is still a taste of the countryside about it. 

Bro. Cody is a quiet unassuming character in Lodge, fellow Electrical Engineer by day but also a musician in his spare time, playing bass for 'Order of Diptera' New Zealand's premier purveyors of dissonant technical death metal. He also likes to get outdoors when he can, as he is also into fishing and hunting. 

We will continue to watch Rongotea Lodge and Bro. Cody's progress during the rest of our term, I am sure there is much more to come from these boys.
Posted: 21 July 2021
Jo and I attended the seventy-fifth installation at Pa Ka Ma Lodge this evening.  Bro. Nicholson who had joined Freemasonry in just 2016 was ably installed as Master of the Lodge by his own Brethren.

At the age of thirty-nine and a registered nurse Bro. Nicholson will bring a fresh outlook to his Mother Lodge.  Supported by his wife Elizabeth, this young ex-pat Yorkshireman will make the very best of his time as Master with an emphasis on charitable works for the St. John Ambulance and Women's Refuge.

Worshipful Brother Nicholson has the support of his Lodge and that is so very important especially when you have a busy career in the nursing profession.  It was also good to see a good group of wives and partners at the installation enjoying themselves, they make a refreshing change to our festive boards, and may it long continue. 

As part of The ladies painted stones with bright colours and words of encouragement  that can bring comfort to those ladies of the Women's Refuge

Image left: W Bro. Nicholson
Image below:  The three expats Poms DistGM, WM and DistGDC
Pa Ka Ma Lodge No. 319 , 75 and not out!
Posted 22 July 2021
Posted 3rd August 2021
Never Too Old for a First Try.
Posted 27th August 2021
Image: Above, time keepers from 47.
United Wanganui Lodge also made an additional donation to the Special Olympics Charity which was very generous. I am humbled by Lodges and individuals response to the Special Olympics cause and applaud you all for your benevolence.

On another note I was sent an article from a Brother who had discovered an article in the Ashburton Justice of the Peace newsletter. The article was about VW Bro. Hunt PDistGM, JP and QSM. 

This is the article:

Laurie was born in Patea on 7th. February 1941, a brother to Peter and Allen. He started working at the Patea Freezing Works as a lot of kids did in those days. After a few years Laurie joined the Department of Agriculture in the Dairy Produce Grader.  Transferring  to Flock House ((Bulls)in the early 1960’s. A few year’s of private work followed, and I started working in the  New World Butchery in Marton. Hence starting my life as a Butcher.

Having married Vivien Rose in 1969, we had our three children and settled down in Marton, building our new home and starting our Butchery business in the 1980’s.Having getting involved in the Community throughout during my life was not a stranger to me JC’s , Lions, School Committee and Home and School Committee, starting Project Marton, Pipe and Brass Bands, Masonic Lodge, IHC, Business Assn. plus others.

In 1988 I was asked to become a Justice of the Peace, which I agreed to, so in 1989 I was sworn in at the Marton Court House. In those days a JP could sit on the bench and deal with Remands and small offices, and those Search Warrants until we got IO’s, which I was appointed one in 2013. In the early 2000 some of our local JP’s were asked to train in section 9 of The Mental Act, two of us attended.  For a number of decades JP’s attended Friday mornings at Lake Alice Hospital to interview new and old Patients, along with other JP’s I attended, it was a bit strange being locked up with Patients.

In 1990 I was awarded the 1990 Commemorative Medal by Queen Elizabeth the Second for Service’s to New Zealand. I mentioned before my family, two older brothers, they were also appointed JP’s.

Myself in 1989,  Allen in 1996 and my oldest brother in 1993. I am very proud of being a JP for over 30 years having serving many years on the Marton Sub Branch as on the Council and well as two terms as President. I also served as the Marton Sub Branch Representative on the Wanganui JP Assn. before standing for VP  of the Association, one year then three years as President then Past President.
Shortly afterwards moving down to Ashburton because of my health.
VW Bro. Hunt was initiated into The Ruapehu Lodge No.128, Marton in 1988, and became Master in 1999, again in 2002 and 2003. In fact he was the residing Master when the Lodge ceased Labour and amalgamated with Lodge Rangitikei No.38. Like a serial Master Laurie went on to be Master of Rangitikei three more times!

In 200 he was invested as a Grand Steward, then Past Grand Steward, District Grand Director of Ceremonies, and in 2006, District Grand Master.  I was fortunate to have Laurie Hunt as a mentor and friend, I am sure without his guidance and encouragement I would not have taken the Officer of Grand Lodge Path.
Posted 29th August 2021
August Review and COVID
Unfortunately under Level three we will not be able to have our meetings as gatherings of up to ten people are restricted to weddings, civil ceremonies, funerals and tangihanga, and as we do not know how long we will be at Level 3 it is a guessing game.  We can at least say that Lodges will not meet until back at level two and only then if all the safety criteria can be met.
I have asked Lodges to update the calendar for today, but I can understand why there is hesitancy so I will add all meetings as – to be advised, these can be updated if necessary.  I understand that a communication for the Divisional Grand Master will follow and that the Grand Master is making weekly videos to keep us all informed.  Please note that under Level 3 there must be no standing committees face to face meetings, even if under ten Brethren.  Please use other methods such as Zoom.

August Recap

I will encourage us all to check on each other during this time, It is challenging for us to live with the uncertainty of what will happen over the coming months and even years so our mental wellness is ultra-important and any if anyone needs assistance or just feels lonely please make contact with your Lodge or in confidence with me.

On a more positive note August meetings were going well until Lockdown and there were a few great things happening in the district. 
•Rangitane had their installation and we saw Bro. Scott happily installed in the chair and looking forward to the year ahead. 
•We also had a lecture at Research Lodge of Ruapehu.
•a double initiation at Te Awahou.
•a second degree for Rangitikei.
•at Manawatu Kilwinning presentations from 2 Freemasons University Scholarship recipients and a Special Olympics rep with two 25-year badge presentations.
•The Māori Association fellowcraft degree for Bro Kane Mourau-Paku, at United Wanganui.

Unfortunately I had a minor hand operation on the 6th which was accompanied a few days later by a vicious flu (not COVID, which stopped me doing my usually pleasurable duty of visiting, so I did not get to meet our latest Freemasons or the twenty-Five year awards.

I will send out the calendar with another email, when I know how the month is shaping up. 
For now please take care, and stay in touch
Posted 15 September 2021
Delta and Us
I would like to thank those of you in the Ruapehu Masonic District who are working to keep in touch with your Lodge membership. 
I know sometimes we don't get thanked for the work we do but it is important that we acknowledge it. I would also like to thank those leaders of Freemasonry who are giving guidance and sound advice as to what to do during this Delta wave of COVID.

When I became a District Grand Master in November 2019, had you told me I would have my plans and aspirations for my three year term turned on their head, I wouldn't have believed you. I had most of my three years mapped in my head at the start, and being usually a 'planning' individual find myself disappointed at not having achieved more, and I am sure many of you feel the same.

Lodges right now in this district are on hold until the Grand Master's next communication, that being after the 21st September when the Government make a new announcement, hopefully we can go down a level and have business as usual, if not we need to think seriously how to conduct our meetings abiding by the COVID rules and best working practices.  Every thing you need to produce a COVID Plan is on the Freemasons NZ web site.  Please think about how you are going to achieve this, maybe not have ceremonial work, rather a session wear spacings are achievable.  What ever you do, and it is entirely up to you whilst in Level 2 you must make that decision.  All your plans have to be signed off and be relevant to your Lodge building and the meeting.

please remember to apply for dispensation if you are remaining closed, and send in a report for the month so we know you are closed. 

For now stay safe.
Firstly, I hope all of you are coping with yet another Level 4 lockdown due to the Delta variant of COVID.  We will not know until later today after the government announcement what lays ahead of us and at what level we will be at on Monday,  It is challenging for us to live with the uncertainty of what will happen in September or for that matter months/years to come, however it is important that we all remain positive and utilise the communication tools we have to ensure Lodge members feel connected and those who are in need cared for.

When we went into Level 4 in March 2020, we were unprepared and it was a huge learning curve, but we rallied around and took care of each other, this time around the information for your Lodges is readily available and we know our game plans for the various levels, so I would ask that we follow those plans and make sure we continue to communicate among ourselves. 

To re-arm ourselves the COVID information for Lodges is still available on the Freemasons web site, including a video from the Grand Master MW Bro. Wrigley from the 17th of August and a new one about to be released.   I have been in Zoom meetings with the GM, Divisional GM, District GM’s, and the CEO, and I will announce an upcoming zoom meeting with all you soon so we can continue that communication.

Due to lockdown we had to cancel five meetings, the hardest being the Rongotea installation on the day after Lockdown, my heart goes out to Brother Anderson who had it all arranged and was ready to go, it also goes out to The Manawatu Kilwinning Lodge who had arranged an open day for the 28th August at Church Street, before it finally ceases to become a Masonic Lodge.

With that said life goes on and I am happy to report we are still very active and carrying out excellent work in our communities. This month Lodge Otaihape made a donation to the Taihape Health Centre for the purchase of an intravenous entry kit which can be used for serious injuries, combined with the one to one subsidy from the Freemasons Charity the Lodge was able to support this request.

Several members of the Manawatu Kilwinning Lodge No 47 attended the Special Olympics Manawatu Branch swimming contest in Feilding on Sunday morning. Teams from Horowhenua and Wellington also competed. VW Bro John Livingstone PGLec, W Bro Cliff Parker RH, Bro Murray Mansfield SW and his daughters Megan and Kelly joined W Bro Ainsley Watson, the Master of the Lodge to assist with the timekeeping for the races. It was a great morning and Ainsley said "you cannot help but being positively affected by the enthusiasm and commitment of the athletes who have daily challenges in their lives that we can never fully understand". It was a very well run event where the athletes obviously knew the rhythm and routine of the races so well that their responses and behaviour noticeably matched and enabled the very smooth running of the day. It was very rewarding to be part of their preparation for the Freemasons NZ Special Olympics National event in December.’  Well done No.47.

News Update
This is W Bro. Scott, until recently Bro. Scott. It is always a pleasure to see a Master Mason become Master of a Lodge, especially his Mother Lodge which is Lodge Rangitane No.369 based in Palmerston North.

W Bro. Scott joined Freemasonry in 2008, at the age of 69, now at the age of 82 he decided to become a Worshipful Brother and take on the Mastership of his Lodge.

Our brother is more than capable of running a Lodge, he has already served as Treasurer and Secretary. Don is originally from Zimbabwe and moved to NZ in 2002, and truly is a figures man, having made his career in accounting.

Lodge Rangitane does present a few problems, membership is down to 22, from the huge membership of years ago, and they are competing against other Lodges in the area. However the Lodge is financially stable and in good heart.  They are looking forward to relocation to Amesbury Street in the near future, and I am sure this move will benefit all.

W Bro. Scott has indicated his wish to work in the local community of Palmerston to show people the good work Freemasons do, and I am pretty sure he will do it.

Thirty Three visitors attended to support the Lodge and to see a new Master placed in the chair.

Updated 31 July 2021

My July Recap:

July was a busy month for installation ceremonies within the Ruapehu District, with Te Awahou Lodge No. 133, Lodge Pa Ka Ma No. 319 and St. Andrew Kilwinning Lodge No. 79 being carried out.  My thanks and congratulations to those brethren that took positions within the Lodge and to the three installed masters that have dedicated their time to that position. I would also like to acknowledge the officers of Grand Lodge in this district and thank you for all your support during the month, especially my District Grand Director of Ceremonies, W Bro. Pennell who does such a good job of keeping me on the straight and narrow.
I attended Manawatu Kilwinning Lodge for an evening of education ably delivered by W Bro. Neilson our District Education Officer. I found his interpretation of our ritual very interesting and food for thought. 

I also attended a 3rd Degree for Bro. Liam Cody at Rongotea Lodge No.146 which was well attended, and we finally got a Master Mason’s apron on him after twelve months.

A quick evening visit was carried out early in July to the Woburn Lodge No. 25 in Waipukurau, where I had the pleasure in presenting the working tools of a Fellowcraft to Bro. Snowball a fellow electrician, in fact the whole team that evening were electricians!

Yesterday slipped over in the V8 to Napier to be present for the Scinde Lodge No. 5 installation, where there were some ninety in the Lodge room.

I would just like to comment on our ladies who are supporting Freemasonry more and more by attending and amusing themselves whilst we are in the Lodge room and thank you to those Lodges that are embracing the change.
I have just finished my ‘Dry July’ and I am looking forward to a glass of wine a bit later, thank you to those that donated, I reached my $500 target for cancer charities, I’d gladly do it again next year as they tell me the total raised was $1.5 million this year.

August in View

We have two installations due in August, Lodge Rangitane No. 369 and Rongotea Lodge No.146,  Bro. Don Scott and Bro. Tom Anderson are being installed into their respective chairs. Rangitane is on the 3rd and Rongotea on the 18th, please try and support these meetings. 

There are still ten other meetings for Lodges planned and worth checking out, and these are on the attached calendar.
I will be having minor operations on both hands-on the 6th of August, so I may not be able to visit Lodges for a few weeks, but I will be at home with my feet up and contactable.

What’s happening with Amesbury Street?

I am pleased to be able to bring you all up to speed with the Amesbury Street project.  You may have heard that Church Street has now been sold and is already being semi occupied by the new owner.  The Manawatu Kilwinning Lodge will be staying there temporarily until the last meeting in September.  The United Manawatu Lodge No. 1721 EC have also sold the church next door and have already moved into Fitzherbert Avenue temporarily until they decide on a new home, which may or not be Amesbury Street. At the end of the day we are all Freemasons, and we need to work together no matter what constitution.
The project has now moved into the construction phase, which was delayed whilst waiting for Building Consent to be granted by Palmerston North City Council.   The eight-month consenting period required a great deal of negotiation regarding the complex engineering required and we thank those behind this for their tremendous effort. This will raise the building from 45% to 80% of the New Building Standard, by comparison the Church Street lodge is rated at 6% and All Saints Church at 8%, 80% is an important target as it is the minimum level for government and corporate tenants thus attracting a higher rental return.

I think it is very important to acknowledge that there has been 900 hours of work on this project to date and it has produced 50+ sheets of drawings, 1000+ sheets of specifications and reports covering fire, accessibility, and many other items. This have all be voluntarily by W Bro. Darren Shadbolt, a truly remarkable sacrifice for Freemasonry.

The project has now move into the construction period with demolition and preliminary works completed and main construction underway. We await a tentative completion date once the contractor has assessed the impact of labour and material availability for the project.

The extent and complexity of this project indicates at least six-month construction period based on Darren’s experience.
Other work underway for the project includes the formation of a new management structure for the facility, overseeing financial matters, finalising fitout items, and preparing for relocation
Support to the contractors is also being provided by Darren and his company during the construction period to resolve the many issues that arise in this type of project.
I would like to thank Darren for this report on behalf of the district and myself, and we are encouraged that Amesbury Street will become a reality and focal point for Freemasonry in the Manawatu.


Secretaries and Masters were sent a communication from me concerning Charity and the nomination of a Lodge Charity Representative within each Lodge.  Thank you to those who have volunteered so far to help drive Lodge charity projects, it is very important that we have brethren in these areas of expertise who understand the charitable system and can work with the District Charity Officer, W Bro. Ancell and myself. It is also important for these Charity Representatives to be talking to other Lodge reps to see if mutual Lodge projects can be beneficial.  It is planned to have every Lodge represented by November. 


Some of our Lodges are struggling to attract and keep membership, this is through no fault of their own and we understand that it is a sign of the times. However if Lodges do not attune to today’s younger men’s expectations, we are destined to fail in our efforts to retain membership.  Sometimes you must look outside the square and embrace change no matter how hard. 
Posted 28 July 2021
1868 to 2021 & Still Celebrating Scottish Roots.
The consecration of St Andrew Kilwinning Lodge was in 1868, at that ceremony a large number of Brethren were present from the English, Irish and Scottish Constitutions. The presiding officer W Bro. Webb of the English Constitution, Rangitikei Lodge carried out the ceremony. See more here.

This evening Jo and I attended the 153rd installation meeting were Worshipful Brother Ancell was reinstalled for his second year into the chair of King Solomon. As one of our oldest Lodges number 79, has a long and ancient history as it transitioned in those early days from a Scottish Constitution Lodge to the New Zealand Constitution in 1890. The Lodge still maintains many of its Scots traditions to this day with the wearing of kilts and a slightly different approach to our traditional ceremonies.

W Bro. Ancell has to be admired for his efforts to forward his Lodge into the new era of Freemasonry, in fact, he's like the 'Ever Ready Bunny' full of enthusiasm and energy. But it takes more than one man to promote freemasonry and turn a Lodge around to make it an attractive place to be, and sometimes we forget to give that support.  The Master has looked outside the square and returned to the 'good old days of social evenings, working parties and all-around enjoyment.
Image Left: W Bro. Craig Ancell and RW Bro. Marshall Past Deputy Grand Master.
The district is undoubtedly so much better for having men like W Bro. Ancell in it, his duties as District Charity Officer and Lodge Almoner has not gone unnoticed, he does so much that goes unseen by even his own Brethren and this was noted by VW. Bro Kendrick PDistGM whilst investing the Almoner.

At the festive board ' were a Haggis was consumed with great relish, RW Bro. Marshall PDepGM presented W Bro Ancell with an engraved Trowel from the Lodge Awatea No.258 collection which ceased labour in 2014. The trowel was a personal tribute to acknowledge the charitable works and friendship W Bro. Ancell spreads throughout his patch and beyond

Death Metal and Now Master Mason.
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