Central Division
A new year

I appreciate that this is a bit late for the "New Year" but my personal vocations have caused my Masonic work to take a back seat. They are now coming to an end and I can now get back into the swing of things again. I trust everyone had an enjoyable Christmas and New Year and have come back after our Masonic break feeling fully refreshed and looking forward to a busy and productive New Year. It is this year that we nominate new Grand Lodge officers to represent the Craft in general but more importantly this District in particular, as I write this the end date is approaching fast but the nominations are coming in very slowly. If you wish to be considered for Grand Rank you must act now! The District seems to be holding its own membership wise but we still need to be active in looking for and encouraging new brethren to join us. A big occasion is coming up in April, on Wednesday 17th The Petre Lodge will be celebrating the 100th Birthday of WBro Ian Robert Smith PGBB and RoH, WBro Smith will be takin the Masters Chair for a 2nd Degree working with the Grand Master in attendance. This is a unique event and quite possibly may not happen again. Visitors will be admitted at 10.30am and should you wish to attend please let VWBro Dayrl Pointon know as the meal is catered and numbers are needed. The collections for the District Charity Autism NZ have close and I am very pleased to say that the District raised $3,500, I will be submitting the form to get a 1 to 1 subsidy from the Freemasons Charity and hope to kake a formal presentation to Autism NZ in the not too distant future. I would like to thank all Brethren and Lodges for their very generous donations it was a fantastic effort. 

A time for giving

We are now fast approaching the end of November and the season for giving will soon be on us. With that in mind I would like to thank all those both in and outside of the District who have made donations to the District Charity also to our EC Lodge in Palmerston North United Manawatu No1721 who also made a contribution. Donations ( even now ) are still trickling in and I will have a fuller picture in the new year. My walks went well although the times did lengthen as the week went on.

I would also like to congratulate The United lodge of Wanganui on their Benevolence evening held in November when they made donations to

Wanganui neighbourhood support

Victim Support

Mark Cressingham - raising money to attend The special Olympics

Hearing Wanganui

Womens Network

Wanganui Harrier Club - Junior development squad

Wanganui Stroke Support Group

Wanganui Hospice 

and of course The District Charity AutismNZ

Representatives from all the above were in attendance to receive the contributions in person and a very social evening was enjoyed by all. One of the questions we should ask ourselves is " Who would miss our Lodge if it was to close " in this case over the years the abswer would be a great many people.

Also staying with the theme of giving November 29th sees Manawatu Kilwinning in conjuction with Manawatu Registered Builders and UCOL present scholarships of $6000 to two deserving students to further their skills within the Construction Industry.

September happenings

Well, a new Season is upon us, hopefully the weather will start to pick up and that will get a few more visitors to get around the District. The past couple of months have seen 4 Initiations and there are others in the pipeline all good news. Earlier this month (September) we were honoured with a visit by the Grand Master MWBro Winger to Te Awahou Lodge to present a 60 year Bar to WBro Jack Dryden. It was a good evening and a time to show our respect to a WBro who even after 60 years is still an active member of the Lodge and very active in Speaking up for Freemasonry as during the week of the GM's visit had organised a Masonic display in Foxton.

This month also saw the completion of my own Walks for Autism as follows

Friday 14th - 22.36ks 3hrs 55mins

Saturday 15th - 22.67ks 4hrs 01mins

Sunday 16th - 22.3ks 3hrs 46mins

Monday 17th - 22.71ks 4hrs 19mins

Tuesday 18th - 22.66ks 4hrs 18mins

Wednesday 19th - 22.34ks 4hrs 05mins

Thursday 20th - 22.52ks 4hrs 45mins

As you can see by the last day fatigue had set in and it was a very slow stroll 

Totals 157.56ks 29hrs 09mins

Brethren just a reminder to keep the donations coming, all monies will be thankfully received and faithfully applied. Cheques and cash can be sent or given to me or donations can be electronically sent to the following account ANZ 01-0745-0024955-02. Please give generously.

I look forward to trying to visit you all prior to Christmas. The District is doing well is in good heart and it is up to us all to keep it going

Walking for Autism

As, (hopefully) you are all aware I will be between 14th - 20th September inclusive be walking the minimum of a half marathon each day for seven days to raise money for AutismNZ (The District Charity ),to purchase certain specially adapted clocks, watches and stopwatches for those suffering with Autism. To make it easier donations can be bank transfer to ANZ a/c 01-0745-0024955-02 please could you put your name and Lodge No. as a reference. Company would be appreciated but I would like to kepp it to a small group of between 4 - 6. It is may aim to start at about 9am each morning from my home address, the route will be Pitama Rd - College St - Maxwells Line the length of the Manawatu Walkway and return, a distance of about 22.5ks, I am not walking against the clock and am allowing a comfortable 5hrs each day for the distance. The Time pieces will be split between the AutismNZ offices in Palmerson North and Whanganui.

Thank you in advance for your support

Brethren, since my last comments we have seen Installations at Otangaki Wbro Paul Dickson, St Andrew Kilwinning WBro Brett London, Pa Ka Ma VWBro Mike Kendrick DivGAlm and Rangitane WBro Mick Maru all of which were well attended by the District and beyond. At the St Andrew Kilwinning Installation both the English and Scottish Constitutions were represented and during the refectory an excellant Haggis was served. Pa Ka Ma saw a total of 68 Brethren in the Lodge room from as far apart as Wellington and Auckland to see VWBro Mike Kendrick DivGAlm installen as Master a fantastic evening for all. coming up we have the Installation of WBro John Lowen as Master of Lodge Rongotea on Wednesday 15th August and on 11th September we have ( once again ) the honour of receiving the Grand Master who will present a 60yr badge to WBro Jack Dryden PGD. 60yrs in the craft deserves our respect and I would encourage your attendance if possible. 

Grand Masters visit to Manawatu Kilwinning No47

The May meeting of Manawatu KIlwinning Lodge No. 47 was a very special event. The Grand Master, M.W. Mark Winger visited the Lodge specifically to present a 50 Year badge to V.W. John Livingstone. The Lodge was well-attended with 55 brethren attending the meeting.

The presentation to V.W. Livingstone was made after the lodge was closed. John’s family and guests were received into the lodge rooms to watch the proceedings. The Grand Master invited Fellow Craft Freemason Bro. Eddie McKay to participate in the presentation and everyone, including Bro. McKay, was surprised and delighted by this nice touch.  Following the formal presentation the brethren and the guests retired to the refectory where W. Bro. David Fountain gave an account of V.W. Livingstone’s career and Masonic history. The Grand Master made an excellent speech that recognized John’s achievement in being awarded the 50 Year badge and outlined the charitable activities of New Zealand Freemasonry.



April 18

Brethren all,


     March was another very productive month within the District with Installations at Lodge Wharite No. 451 and The Research Lodge of Ruapehu No. 444 which saw WBro David Stuckey and WBro. Bryan Northcott RH Installed respectively. Initiations at Lodge Rongotea No.146 – Mr Shane Ali and Lodge Otangaki No.70 – Mr Stacey Graham. A 2nd Degree at Lodge Rangitikei No.38 on behalf of Lodge Rongotea and a 3rd Degree on Bro. Heathcote at The St. Andrew Kilwinning Lodge. Also, Lodge Tongariro No.705 English Constitution also re-Installed WBro. Jenkins for a second year

    Bro. Brad Bowyer was presented with a 50year Badge at United Wanganui Lodge No.469 where he was a founder member he is also a full member of Lodge Rangitikei which was also well represented by the Master and Brethren.

     The Ruapehu District is continuing to be busy with ceremonial work and that does seem to be continuing into April and I hope the rest of the year. There is an Initiation at Te Awahou Lodge No.133 on 10th April, the Installation of Bro. Peter Nelson on 11th April at Manawatu Killwinning Lodge No.47 and the Installation of Bro Christopher Tagoai on 17th April at United Wanganui Lodge.

     Finally, and sadly we bid farewell this Month to VWBro. David Johnstone PDistGM who with his wife Margaret, will be permanently returning to Scotland on 20th he will be sorely missed in the District where he has been a prolific visitor, an excellent ritualist and a mentor to many including myself. David I, and I’m sure all in the District wish you all the best for the future.


Gordon Walker DistGM

Back to Work

Brethren all, I sincerely trust that you, families and friends have all enjoyed an excellant Christmas and New Year. Hopefully everyone is refreshed and ready for the forthcoming year, which starts earlier than normal with thhe Grand Masters visit to St Andrew Kilwinning on 20th January on the celebration of their 150th anniversary. Events have been organised for the 19th, 20th and 21st details have previously been circulated. Also upcoming in February are the Installations at Rangitikei Lodge No38 in Marton on 8th and Petre Lodge No457 in Wanganui on 21st. After much consideration I have decided that the District Charity for my term will be AutismNZ, raising funds to purchase special watches clocks and stopwatches for the use of those falling with the Autistic Spectrum, I look forward to your support. The Wanganui and Palmerston North offices of AutismNZ cover all of the Ruapehu district and our assistance will go a long way to aid them.

     I look forward to working with you all in the forthcoming year and I am sure that with your continued efforts we will grow the Membership within in the District and maintain the Fellowship and Brotherhood that is so strong here in the Ruapehu.

November news

A great night was enjoyed at Lodge Otangaki No70 in Ashhurst last week, when two new brethren were welcomed into Freemasonry in a double Initiation, both of the candidates are members of the Widows Sons motorcycle group. Also present were four visiting Entered Apprentices, all recently Initiated themselves, three from the Ruapehu District and one visiting from Kapiti Wellington. Also visiting was RWBro Jim Watt DivGM. The candidates Bro. Nicolas Schmidtt is of South African Descent and Carl Capillon originally from France where he represented France at U19 level as No3 in Rugby Union.


October Benevolence

I recently had the pleasure of attending the United Wanganui Lodge for their annual evening of Benevolence. it was a very impressive night and I would urge other Lodges to attend and see the way it is conducted. I appreciate that not every Lodge has the necessary finances to have a similar evening but for those that do It is an excellent example of benevolence. Contributions were made to ten (10) charitable organizations outside of Freemasonry and three (3) associated. Representatives from each organization were in attendance and each were presented with a donation and gave a brief resume of who they were and what the donation would be used for, after which a light supper was enjoyed along with the opportunity for Brethren and those representatives to interact. The following Wanganui local charitable offices were all represented and received between $250 and $725 each

Victim Support, Birthright, Plunket, NZ Riding for the Disabled, St Johns Youth Division, NZ Opera School, Red Cross, Multiple Sclerosis, Camp Quality and Junior Neighbourhood. The associated Masonic Charities were The Masonic Court, Almoners Association and the Masonic Youth Trust.

As previously stated this was an excellent evening and certainly highlighted Freemasonry in the Wanganui area. I heartily congratulate the Brethren of The United Waganui Lodge and look forward to their continuing efforts.


A Winters Tale

Brethren it has been a while since my last comments. Blame Winter and the fact that I like many hibernate during this season. But Freemasonry continues regardless, Masonically we have seen several Installations, in June at Lodge Otangaki WBro John Stantiall started his 2nd year in office, in July Bro Chris Sills became the W.Master of St Andrew Kilwinning and WBro Gary Roberts was re-Installed as Master of Pa Ka Ma and at the very begining of August WBro Frank Vandenberg returned to King Solomans chair in Lodge Rangitane. During the same period there have been three new brethren join the District, two for United Wanganui and one for Te Awahou, there is also initiations scheduled for Lodge Pa Ka Ma this month and Rongotea and St Andrew Kilwinning in September. Keep up the good work. On the social front it has been a quiet period with the exception of Lodge Rangitikei who held a Winter Solstice dinner in July and in this Month joined the St Francis indoors bowling club next to Palm dairy in Marton for a few ends before returning to the Lodge rooms for supper. Well done Lodge Rangitikei interaction with the Local community is exactly what we need to be doing.Image may contain: one or more people

Speaking up for Freemasonry

On Thursday 8th June Lodge Rangitikei presented “ The History of Freemasonry in the Rangitikei “  where friends, family and other non-Masonic visitors were invited into the Lodge Rooms with the Brethren wearing their Regalia.



The presentation was delivered by WBro. Ashley Williamson DistGDC in a light hearted, very informative and easily understandable manner, and was hugely appreciated by all. Questions from the visitors were asked and answered and a short talk on Masonic Benevolence was given by VWBro. Kendrick DivGAlm. Afterwards a very social hour was spent with the visitors in the Refectory where there was a display of Masonic Regalia, Literature, photos and other current and historical items. The Wanganui Chronical, although unable to attend on the evening were interested enough to make contact and arrange a visit to the Lodge Rooms the following Sunday and report on the evening.


This was a Great Evening and a shining example of what we should be doing to raise our profile around the District.

A First for Lodge Pa Ka Ma 319

Brethren, on Thursday 25th May Lodge Pa Ka Ma No. 319 for the first time (to my knowledge) held a family and friends night in the Lodge rooms to present a demonstration of an opening and closing of the Lodge with an explanation of some of the Lodge furniture and the duties of the officers explained inbetween         .                                           52 Brethren, partners, children and friends attended, no signs were
communicated and the VSL and Tracing Board remained closed. Questions were raised and answered. The evening proved to be very successful, informative (to those non masons) appreciated presentation and an excellant social evening followed. In the future I hope to incorporate this presentaion ( with the assistance of the Lodges ) into open days in both Wanganui and Palmerston North.

From 50 up to 60

Last month saw RWBro. Wally Plank recieve his 50 jewell (see below) and now this last week WBro. Malcolm Pettman RH, has gone one (or should I say ten ) better.

      WBro Pettman RH recieved his 60 year jewell at a presentation made at The Manawatu Kilwinning Lodge No. 47 on Wednesday 10th May in front of his Friends, Family and Brethren. He is a very well respected Brother and has always been an active and busy member of the Lodge as well as being the District planning officer and the Chairman of the District Building Committee. He was the Lodge Secretary for 14 years is an excellant ritulist. He is an outstanding example of what we should all aim to be ourselves.


Another milestone

23rd April 2017



RW. Bro Plank Past Divisional Grand Master

50 Years a Freemason

On the 13th of April 2017 RW. Bro Plank was presented with his 50 Year Service Badge at Lodge Rangitikei No. 38, Marton.


Wally was initiated into William Ferguson Massey Lodge No. 282, Wellington in 1967 at the age of twenty-two, proposed by his Step grandfather. He was passed and raised in the same year.


In 1976, he joined the Baden Powell Lodge No. 381, then joined Lodge Rangitikei no. 38, Bulls in 1980, becoming Master of the lodge in 1990.  Wally is also a member of The Research Lodge of Ruapehu No. 444 where he was Master, Lodge Wharite No. 451 and The Petre lodge No. 457.


On the 26th November 1993 Wally was invested as a Grand Steward.  In 1995, he became Grand Director of Ceremonies. Assistant Provincial Grand Master in 1999, District Grand Master in 2000, Junior Grand Warden in 2003, Senior Grand Warden in 2004 and finally Divisional Grand Master, Central Division.


Over the past 50 years Wally has been an active Lodge member, taking part in Lodge activities and well as active roles in the Almoner’s Association, various benevolence offices, Delegate for the Ruapehu Masonic Association Trust, involvement with Masonic courts and villages, plus many more Masonic activities.


As well as his masonic career, he has Served as a prison officer at Paremoremo Maximum Security prison, managed a 130-hectare dairy and beef farm, served nine years in the NZ territorial army, Cub Leader, volunteer Fireman, working with young offenders performing community work and involvement in school and church committees.


We would like to thank RW.Bro Plank for his dedicated service to Freemasonry, he has helped many Masons on their own journeys and we wish you many happy masonic years to come.





April Allocution

Greetings Brethren all, 

     April has so far been a busy month starting with the Installation of WBro. Harry Coulson as the Master of The Research Lodge of Ruapehu No444, followed the next week by the Installation of Bro. Iain Robertson as Master of The Manawatu Killwing Lodge No47. The following night saw the presentation at Lodge Rangitikei Lodge No38 of a 50year Badge to RWBro. Wally Plank and a Certificate of Merit to WBro Robin (Ivan) Macann.

Brethren 50year badges and above are I believe are presentations that we should make an effort to attend there have been quite a few in recent years and perhaps because of that have not been as well attended as they should. But that is changing as candidates get older and fewer reach that high award we should recognise the dedication of those who get there.

This week The United Wanganui Lodge Installed Bro. Gary Brown into the Chair of King Solomon and it was particularly pleasing that his father was able to give the Obligation of Fealty.

Next week the NZEFMA will be attending the ANZAC ceremony at The Ashurst Domain on Tuesday 25th 12noon to join in the the Memorial and Wreath laying ceremony.

On Wednesday 26th April there are two ANZAC meetings -

1. The NZEFMA will be at Otangaki Lodge No70 for their annual ANZAC Ceremony.

2. The St Andrew Kilwinning Lodge No79 will be doing The ANZAC ceremony to the Empty Chair.

Saturday 29th sees The Divisional Conference taking place in Wanganui registration 8.30 - 9.30am This is an opportunity for all to have a say and to learn what is happening in the Division and of course our District. It is not just a day for Grand Lodge Officers and Masters to attend it is open to all so please make an effort.

Finally Just outside of April on May 2nd there will be a District Meeting to be held at the Fitzherbert Lodge Rooms at 7pm all welcome.

New Masonic Year

February marks the start of a new year masonically speaking (Wharite apart) and I hope everyone has had a good break and are ready to get busy again. It also means the first Installations for the new team, and like London buses after a long wait two come along together. The first being Petre on Wednesday 15th and then Rangitikei on Thursday 16th, hopefully both will go well! The date for the Central Division Conference (29th April) in Wanganui is approaching fast and the closing date for Lodge representatives is 24th of February. Just a reminder of the Speak up for Freemasonry campaign, I'm sure that in this District we have already been doing this hence our excellent record of higher membership levels but we must not get complacent, we all need to be working hard to attract new members. I would like to wish all Lodges and Brethren a great Masonic year for 2017.

March murmers

We are fast heading towards the end of March, the first part of which I missed due to a welcome break on the Gold Coast but on my return things picked up fast with the Installation WBro. Robert McLellan at Lodge Wharite No.451 on 15th.


The 16th saw us visiting Lodge Tongariro No.705 English Constitution in Wanganui for the Installation of WBro. Robert Jenkins it was very pleasing to see all four constitutions not only represented but also taking part in the ceremony.


On Saturday 18th Lodge Otangaki No.70 celebrated its 125th anniversary and the Lodge was honoured by the presence of our Grand Master MWBro. Mark Winger. The Grand Master was received at 3.15pm and after greetings and introductions the Lodge performed a 2nd degree.

After the meeting the brethren retired to the Village Valley Centre and met up with wives and partners for a social evening with drinks and an excellent meal which was thoroughly enjoyed.

The following day Sunday 19th an informal Masters meeting with the Grand Master was held at the Fitzherbert Lodge rooms with a number of topics discussed for the betterment of Freemasonry in the District.