Southern Division
Yvonne McLean organises Pelorus Bushwalk for April

Following on from the very successful afternoon Tea organised last month Yvonne McLean is organising another such event.

Combined Ladies Lunch at Pelorus 12pm Saturday 29 April.

Nelson and Blenheim Ladies are warmly invited to share lunch together followed by a bush walk for those who would like to do so.
This is a change of venue to the location previously advised due to poor road conditions.

Car-pooling would be ideal to foster fellowship and reduce our carbon footprint!
Please RSVP Yvonne McLean by clicking here.

Many thanks

Yvonne McLean and the ladies at Morning Tea

On Saturday the 25th Of February the Yvonne McLean (the DGM’s wife) organised a morning tea for the ladies of the members of the Nelson lodges at Melrose House. This was a success on many levels First the Morning Tea was superb. So Masons please note - Highly recommended as a place to take your lady. Second a chance for the Ladies to meet without a mason in sight.

Many thanks to Yvonne for arranging this event.

Laurence Macdonald - Excellent Master

On Thursday 23rd of Feb well known local mason Laurence MacDonald was acknowledged as Excellent Master. 

The ceremony was conducted by Excellent Companion Derek Nees and other officers of the Victory Royal Arch Chapter. Laurence decided to join the Royal Arch after seeing the Knights Templar demonstration a year or so ago. He has now taken the first steps to becoming a fully fledged Royal Arch companion which he hopes to complete this year. 

Also at that refectory that night was Companion Steven Marsh who was visiting his father David, en route to the Taupo Iron Man competition on March 4th.

Ian McLean's Newsletter - Issue 1 Feb-Mar '17

Greetings to you all Brethren. I intend to issue a bimonthly newsletter to you during my time as your District Grand Master so you all can be aware of what is going on in our district.

This month I am undertaking a presentation session in Nelson and Blenheim for Lodge members to attend so that we can look at the underlying issues and discus our proposed actions to the new Speak up for Freemasonry campaign that was outlined in the December 2016 issue of Freemasonry today. I would urge as many of you as possible to attend one of these sessions which will be held on 8th of February in Blenheim and the 9th of February in Nelson. I believe that for Freemasonry to survive in this District we shall need to take urgent steps now to increase our membership and ensure that the members we have receive the best Masonic experience that we can deliver. The annual survey of Lodge membership in the district shows that we have only 326 members who together hold 421 memberships of the various Lodges in the district. Last year we lost 13 members through them joining the Grand Lodge above and 24 who resigned or were struck off – our new members totalled 10 and 22 existing members of other Lodges joined Lodges in the area.

There is a wealth of material on the Grand Lodge web site to assist us in revitalising our Lodges and your key to that is your registered email address and unique membership number – Do you know your number? If not then your secretary would be pleased to let you have it. In addition to these workshops I am currently working on how the new National web site will receive news about what is going on in our District. I am working a plan for how this will happen – more information on this will be in my April Newsletter. In the April newsletter I shall be feeding back to you the outcome of the Speak up for Freemasonry workshops.

My official visit this month (February) will be on the 11th of Feb to Golden Bay, and on 14th of Feb I will visit Victory Wakatu along with our Divisional Grand Master – I look forward to my trip over the Marble Mountain very much. In March, I shall be carrying out Installation ceremonies at Motueka Bays on the 11th and Havelock on the 18th I attach below the calendar of regular meetings and Social Events that I know about for the next three months. Please try to visit another Lodge in the next month or so before weather changes. Sincerely and Fraternally Ian McLean

Ian's Feb - Mar Schedule & Social Events

Ian McLean
                           Feb    March     April
Golden Bay          11        13          10
Victory-Wakatu    14         14         11
Forest                   1           1          5
Nelson                 15         15         19
MoT Bays             22         11         26
ToTs                     27        
Victory RA           23  

Eckford                 7          7         4
Unanimity            14        14       11
Havelock               9        18       13
Awtere                16        16         1
Wairau                28        28       25
Waitohi               23        23       22
Malborough RA    25        

Mon     27 Feb        Top of The South Research Lodge Installation
Sat        4 March      Robbie Burns Lodge Installation
Mon   13 March      Lazar Lodge Installation
Sat      18 March      Lodge Havelock Installation

February and March Social Events

Victory Royal Arch Chapter
Sunday 19th February – From 12 midday Lunch at the Founders Park Midday followed by listening to the Concert on the Lawn (or the Granary if wet). Visitors are to be reminded to bring their own chairs and perhaps afternoon nibbles to share.

District Grand Master Event
Saturday 25th February - Nelson - Ladies morning coffee- 10am Melrose House – Hosted by Yvonne  McLean.  Please book through me.

Nelson Area Lodges
Saturday 4th March – Big Beach Clean up and BBQ at Rabbit Island organized by Forest Lodge contact Tam Hazan.0223060012

VW Bro Ian McLean
Dist GM Nelson-Marlborough
5 Keats Crescent
Nelson 7011
New Zealand
Ph (64)03 5477492
Cell 027 5477 492
e mail

District 31 April Calender
Date Lodge/Chapter District At Visitors Dress Cost Craft/Arch/0ther               Working
Sat 01 Apr Lodge Awatere No 292 Nelson Marlborough  BB 3:00 PM M $22.00 Craft Installation. W.Bro. Ian Plummer. PM. Refectory at Redwood Tavern. Served meal choice of 2 mains+sweets.Ladies program, meet at Lodge room at 3.00pm.
Tue 04 Apr Lodge Eckford No 334 Nelson Marlborough  BC 8:00 PM E   Craft 1st Degree Tracing Board.
Wed 05 Apr The Forest Lodge No 116 Nelson Marlborough  N 8:00 PM M   Craft Simulated 1st Degree
Sat 08 Apr Nelson Priory 31 Nelson Marlborough W 2.00 PM   L KT Open meeting - Lecture on Chartres Cathedral
Mon 10 Apr Golden Bay Lodge No 144 Nelson Marlborough  T 7:45 PM M   Craft Presentation of 2nd TB to Bro Jim Kennard, Lodge Nelson
Tue 11 Apr Marlborough Lodge of Unanimity No 106 Nelson Marlborough  BC 7:45 PM M   Craft Grand Lodge Official Visit.

Discussion: Lodge Office Bearers' roles and goals
Tue 18 Apr Marlborough RAC Nelson Marlborough  BC 7:30 PM M   Arch Mark Degree (double)
Wed 19 Apr Lodge Nelson No 288 Nelson Marlborough  N 7:45 PM M   Craft Raising Bro David Bayliss

All welcome
Sat 22 Apr The Waitohi Lodge No 111 Nelson Marlborough  P 2:00 PM M $25.00 Craft Installation. Bro Vaughan Machon SW & Investiture of his Officers. There is a Ladies Program. Banquet bookings essential to 
Wed 26 Apr Motueka Bays Lodge No 117 Nelson Marlborough  Mo 7:45 PM L/E   Craft First Degree Tracing Board
Thurs 27 Apr Victory Chapter No 12 Nelson Marlborough   7.30 PM   L Mark Mark degree Ken Smith

Havelock new Master - "Its a piece of cake"

On Saturday the 18th of March 2017 I installed Chris Bowhill as the new Worshipful Master of the HAVELOCK Lodge.

This was performed in the Lodge rooms at Brayshaw Park in Blenheim. It is always a great pleasure to do such ceremonies in this historic Lodge room which was moved from Havelock to Blenheim on the back of a lorry many years ago. The Lodge room has wonderful, but tricky to get the best out of, acoustics. Chris’s ceremony was followed in the refectory by the presentation of a wonderful cake. In the picture Chris and his partner Rebecca Allen are seen ceremonially cutting the cake which was enjoyed by all.

If you have never visited Havelock then please do so. I wish Chris a successful year in this one of the special Lodges of my District

Ian Mclean