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New Master at the Helm of Lodge Nelson

On Saturday the 16th of September 2017 Bro Bob Llewellyn became the 90th Worshipful Master of Lodge Nelson. The Lodge Nelson installation is traditionally of the best attended in the District and this was no exception.

Bob was taking over from Gerald Lavercome so we had one Welshman taking over from another and the installing officer was of course V W Bro Ian Mclean, a Scotsman. As usual the installation was attended by nearly all the existing Worshipful Masters in the district. In addition there were a number of new raised Master Masons as well as two newly passed Fellowcrafts. This bodes well for the District when newly admitted brethren attend these special occasions. (See Photo Below)


The Worshipful Master and his Lodge members enjoy looking after so many guests it’s not that of often that you see a Lodge Room using nearly all the seats available.

So I took the opportunity to photograph Bob with some of his Lodge members – (see Photo Below).Quite a number were unable to attend due the flu bug that is sweeping the district.


The final praise must go the team of Grand Officers who supported and assisted the District Grand Master on Saturday. Without their unstinting support and assistance our installations would not be the wonderful occasion that we are privileged to witness. 


The evening continued with an excellent installation dinner in the refectory – further made enjoyable because later we were able to see the All Black crush South Africa.


Trmp Posting


David Marsh 19th September 2017

“Eyes Down” its a Full House at Lodge Victory/Wakatu

The fourth meeting of Wor. Bro. Gerrit van Asch for 2017- 2018 year was held on Tuesday 12th September 2017 at the lodge rooms, Nile Street, Nelson at 7:30 pm. This was his first ceremony on his return after his mid winter Sojourn to Europe when W Bro Nick Hughes stood in for him.

On entering the Lodge Room I was so pleased to see that all the officers inside the Lodge who had been invested were present. In total 17 members. That’s no mean feat these days.

The business of the evening was to pass Bro Tamas Fekete to the 2nd Degree. As usual Gerrit performed the ceremony with great understanding and feeling. How he gets his Dutch accent around some of the "Old English" words in the ritual never ceases to amaze me. This is a real cosmopolitan Lodge – with Arjen Los as SW (he is Dutch also) and Heinz Schwarze (from Germany) as his IPM and the candidate and his father Robert Fekete who hail from Romania.

The Working Tools presentation by the principal officers was outstanding and Brian Rodley similarly did an excellent explanation of the Tracing Board. A great night.



I am so looking forward to seeing Tamas do his third degree and I am sure the Lodge will make any other visitors as welcome as they made me last night. So come along and support this vibrant Lodge.

Finally this Lodge usually has a small memorable phrase on its summons – the one this month I thought was so ap with the election due.

The truth is more complex than it seems and a good heart has more impact than anyone with a thousand words or actions.  

Robin Sacredfire


David Marsh

Posted 13/09/17




Newsletter August to October


Brethren all,

My newsletter this time looks at two main areas, The Speak up for Freemasonry Campaign and also how we need to help our brethren continue to be part of their Lodge.

The Speak up for Freemasonry Campaign is gathering momentum. We now have some excellent materials to use in support of what we as individuals do to publicise the tremendous advantages that being a Freemason can give.  The divisional and district initiatives of providing information through the internet on what we plan to do and have actually done are working well. BUT this is just information, what is needed alongside this, is action.

To this end I ask each one of you to set yourself a personal goal. First to ensure that you show you are a Freemason by wearing a lapel badge at every opportunity, having in your wallet some copies of the excellent aide memoire that we developed and having a copy of the little booklet  “Simple Answers”. In addition actively seek opportunities to explain to your friends that you are a Freemason and proud of it.

I also ask that each Lodge looks to arrange at least one social event each year at which potential new members can be invited to meet us socially. All the better if this event is used to generate funds for a charity of some form. 

My second area that I consider we should all actively consider as individuals and Lodge is that of non attending members. I believe each Lodge should have:

1.       Identified each such non attending member.

2.       Through your Lodge Almoner/Secretary, allocate an existing member who knows them to contact them and to find out what they or the Lodge can do to help them attend.

3.     P lease ensure that a continuing contact is maintained with them – perhaps on a monthly basis take them a copy of the district web page and chat with them about what is going on.

Charity begins at home – lets ensure that we are doing all we can to look after our members. If these visits reveal that such members are in need of assistance then your Almoner and yourself can ensure that Masonic help can come to their aid.

Please keep sending me details and reports on any events your Lodge plans to do and what you have done. We now have a small team of IT Savvy Masons who can put this information on our web site.

Finally as we approach installations I urge you all to make a special effort to support your Lodge and Chapter and also the Side orders you belong to by attending the installation ceremony. Encourage any junior brethren you have to come as well. Make some special arrangements for them such as having an experienced member be with them during the day to explain what is going on and why they can’t see parts of the ceremony. This is an ideal opportunity to whet their appetite to progress further.

Sincerely and fraternally


This life sometimes gives us wonderful “Strange But True” coincidences

It is strange that sometimes the world links us humans together in ways we never thought or imagined. Last week two of our local Freemasons, Maurice Campbell (Southern Star) and Russell Dickson (Victory Wakatu) met together at the Boathouse in Nelson with their wives to celebrate their Golden weddings . Now here comes the spooky bit.

They were both married on the same day (16th September 1967) had their wedding receptions at the same venue and met up again on the Cook Straight ferry travelling to Wellington to begin their honeymoons (separately of course!).



See what great things happen when you join the Freemasons !!


David Marsh

Posted 12th September 2017.


As well as being graced by the Official Visit of Very Worshipful Brother Ian McLean, District Grand Master of Nelson - Marlborough and a very large number of his supporting Grand Lodge Officers, Lodge Awatere No. 292 had the added pleasure of receiving a visit from Bro. Waldir Xavier de Moraes a member of Trabealho e Uniao Lodge No. 123 in the city of Londrina in the state of Parana in Brazil. Bro. de Moraes is the stepfather of Bro. Andre dos Santos, Lodge Awatere's Junior Deacon. Bro. de Moraes, through Andre, expressed his great pleasure at visiting his stepson's Lodge and in seeing Andre taking part in such a well executed Second Degree working. Brother Andre has proved to be an enthusiastic and most capable member of the Craft since his Initiation.


Photograph L. to R. Wor. Bro. Graeme Steer D.G.D.C. Wor. Bro. Ian Plummer W.M. Lodge Awatere No. 292. Bro. Waldir Xavier de Moraes.
V.W.Bro. Ian McLean Dist. GM  Nelson/Marlborough and Bro. Andre dos Santos J.D.Lodge Awatere No. 292


Bruce Youngman 

Posted 8th September 2017

Nelson Freemasons support Riding for the Disabled

After a recent incident where a good Riding for the Disabled Association horse was severely wounded on some old fencing at Whakatu (Nelson) RDA’s The Brook centre, Whakatu RDA approached Lodge Nelson to ask if they could assist with some essential fencing repairs and paddock improvements.

Lodge Nelson reviewed the application for assistance and  decided that they would help. Lodge Nelson then approached the other Lodges in the Nelson area and asked if they would contribute alongside Lodge Nelson. This was an across the constitution appeal and Lodge Victory/Wakatu and Forest from the NZC together with Southern Star from the EC all supported this appeal.In addition Lodge Nelson applied to the NZC Freemasons Charity to also assist.

On the 5th of August 2017 and during the RDA horses’ annual birthday party at the Centre, the Worshipful Master of Lodge Nelson Gerald Lavercombe and District Grand Master Ian McLean together with Derek Nees (the Secretary of Lodge Nelson) presented Bex Deva, the RDA Committee President, with a cheque from the Nelson Freemasons for $4,264 to cover the much needed improvements requested.



Derek Nees explained to the gathered crowd that financially supporting community programmes such as Whakatu RDA was exactly what the Nelson Lodges and the rest of Freemasonry enjoyed doing and in the first 6 months of this year the New Zealand Freemasons Charity have contributed over $170,000 to such causes in addition to the money gifted by local lodges.

During the morning they were able to meet those who work with Whakatu RDA and see some displays of the work done to help those of all ages with disabilities to build core body strengths, improve coordination and develop confidence and self-esteem.

Unlike many RDA centres around New Zealand, Whakatu RDA does not have a covered arena, which means that on rainy days no riding therapy can be provided, usually to the dismay of regular riders and loss of income to the Centre. An estimate has been given by a contractor for the building of a covered arena and the next major fund-raising will be for the $300,000 needed to for this. Meanwhile, anyone who wishes to donate money to support this important community facility that provides support and pleasure to so many in need, can contribute through their give little page at


David Marsh

Posted 30 August 2017

Lodge Eckford No. 334 - Bringing Coals to Newcastle?

Saturday the 26th of August at the Charles Street Lodge Rooms in Blenheim saw the installation of  Chris Williams as the new Worshipful Master of Eckford Lodge. The ceremony was performed by the District Grand Master Ian Mclean supported by many Officers from Grand Lodge. This was a full installation as this is the first time Chris has been installed. Congratulations Chris and enjoy your year.



The ladies programme accompanying the ceremony was a wine tasting at the Woodbourne Tavern of Villa Maria wine conducted by one of the Assistant VM winemakers. There was also a range of pesto, food and spreads for the ladies as well as copies of the recipes for them


The installation dinner started with Sparkling wine on arrival


So wine tasting in what is considered the wine capital of New Zealand eh?  Glad to see that they are taking their own “medicine”. Seriously though what a great idea and well done to the new WM and the installation committee to come up with something like that. Wish I had been there!!


We wish you a great Year Chris and Tinela


David Marsh

Posted 30th August 2017

Ken Smith - Now an Excellent Master

On the 24th Of August Ken Smith was acknowledged in the Victory Chapter to the Rank of an Excellent Master.



Ken is a recent recruit to Royal Arch Masonry and told me he really enjoys it as it is so different from the Craft Lodge ceremonies. He added that he felt the atmosphere and helpfulness of the members of the Victory Chapter was some of the best he had ever experienced. Prior to coming to New Zealand Ken was an active member of the Chelsea Lodge. This is a well known Lodge in the UK as it is made up of members of the entertainment industry. (Ken was a professional Ball Room dancer). The  Chelsea Lodge always has a variety show after its meeting and as a consequence the meetings are usually attended by several hundred masons. Ken now has to wait a few months for his final Royal Arch Ceremony as we are in the middle of the “Installation season” and I know he is looking forward to becoming a Companion of the order very much.


David Marsh

28th August 2017

Russell Dickson 50 Years Service Award

Victory/Wakatu Lodge's last meeting recently was a really special occasion when Bro Russell Dickson was presented with his 50 years service award.

Russell was Initiated into the Victory lodge on the 8th of October 1964 who at that time met at the EC Lodge Rooms in Collingwood Street. Russell’s profession as an engineer on board Merchant ships meant there long delays between ceremonies as he was away at sea. He was Passed on the 3rd Feb 1966 and finally Raised on the 10th March 1966. Russell studied at Massey University to complete his engineering studies and he was a member of Pakama Lodge whist he was away from Nelson. He returned to Nelson in 1969.

In addition to his membership of Victory/Wakatu Russell is the Director of Ceremonies of Victory Chapter where his years of Masonic experience and knowledge has enabled him to perform his duties there as DC with Distinction.

Russell and his wife Gill are soon to take a well earned break in Europe and in typical Russell fashion told me he was going just “to have a bit of a look around”.  On behalf of Freemasonry in general and this district in particular we wish to thank him for his service to the Freemasonry community.

David Marsh

28th August 2017



The Ceremony of Making a Mason


And now for something different – or was it?

Celebrating 300 years of Freemasonry

The June meeting of Lodge Motueka Bays 117 was called off after the conduct of regular business so that a tercentennial commemorative dramatisation could take place representing a lodge meeting as it might have been conducted 300 years ago.

The lodge room was prepared with a carpet covering the pavement and tables arranged in the centre of the room as they would have been in those far off days. The WM wears a hat and is addressed as the Right Worshipful Master

The ritual was prepared by the WM, VW Bro Rod Harries PGLec who was the playwright and Senior Scholar. His references were from various exposures of masonic ceremonies published in the 18th century for which copyright has long expired.

In due course with appropriate ceremony, the candidate was made a mason according to the ritual of the day. The newly made mason was then escorted from the lodge room by the Senior EA so that he could be “instructed in our secrets.” The JW then called the brethren from labour to refreshment and the serving wenches entered.

After an appropriate interval there was a report and the lodge returned to labour. The candidate was escorted into the lodge room and sat at the west end between the two wardens and the RWM read from the Ancient Charges.

The (1714) lodge was then closed in similar fashion to our modern closing and the serious toast raising was conducted. Toasts were proposed in no particular order by brethren around the table. Among them;

To every mason who keeps the Key of Knowledge from all intruders, but will cheerfully open the cabinet to a worthy brother.

May peace, harmony and concord subsist among Masons, and every idle dispute and frivolous distinction be buried in oblivion.


Nelson Marlborough Masonic Partners Group Next Meeting

Following on from her very succesful previous meetings of the Nelson/Malbrough Masonic partners group, Yvonne Mclean has organised another get togther this time over Lunch at the ever popular Golden Bell restaurant in Nelson on the 30th of September 2017. These meetings have proved to be very happy and intresting events hence Yvonne has organised another. 


The luch will cost $15 dollars and you can book your place by contacting Yvonne or Ian by email or phone

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Marlborough Lodge of Unanimity No 106 13 11 5 12 10 14 12
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