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Marlborough Freemasonry


Royal Arch Presentations


The Marlborough Royal Arch Chapter met recently to award several companions their Royal Arch certificates. Companions Malin, Barker, and Stevens were presented certificates by RE Companion Marsh. Presentations were made to a number companions who under took the Arc Mariner degree earlier in the year. In addition the sitting First Principal, VE Companion Mir and VE Companion Plummer immediate past First principal obtained degrees for Commander Noah.

A pathways ceremony to the Cryptic degrees was also delivered by members of the Cryptic Council. To encourage participation in side branches of the Craft.


Sublime Degree – Master Mason


Lodge Havelock 104 raised Bro. Campbell to the Sublime degree of Master Mason at the November Regular meeting. Bro Campbell has been progressing on his Masonic journey as one of Lodge Havelock’s newest brethren.  A Daily advancement in Masonic knowledge and understanding, as well as contributing to the community is at the heart of all our endeavours.


Lodge Unanimity – Entered Apprentice


The November meeting of the Marlborough Lodge of Unanimity No 106, with W Bro McDonald in the Chair was the initiation of Bro. Austin. Lodge Unanimity Officers did a stirling job in guiding the Lodge’s newest Entered Apprentice during the ritual. The Inner guard and Junior Deacon did excellently. For some Officers it was the first degree working since installation, owing to Covid 19 Lock down meeting restrictions. All performed well. Bro Yakoya was presented with his Master Mason certificate by RW Bro Musgrove GJW on the same evening.



Lodge Waitohi – Second Degree


The Lodge at the October meeting passed Bro. Horscroft to the Fellowcraft degree, with W. Bro Smith in the Chair. This coincided with the re-scheduled annual Grand Lodge visit by VW Bro Allan Cameron, accompanied by Grand Lodge Officers of District 23.

The night was unique in the recognition of several Waitohi Brethren. W Bro Bill Keenan received a Roll of Honour award for his services to the Lodge. W Bro Bascand and W Bro Robertson having earlier in the year received awards were photographed in Grand Lodge Regalia. W. Bro Bascand awarded for his services as Lodge Secretary for 30 years. While W. Bro Robertson, awarded the rank of Past Grand Tyler.

Joining Bro Horscroft in the South-East were 2 visiting Fellowcraft brethren from Lodge Awatere and Lodge Wairau. A great sight.

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Marlborough Freemasonry


Fellow Craft Degree – Lodge Wairau


The October Regular meeting for Wairau Lodge No.42 was the passing of Bro. Figuracion to the Fellow craft – Second Degree. It was a special meeting where sitting Master, W Bro Uren gave the chair to VW Bro Warmouth to undertake the degree working. W Bro Warmouth had not in the past the opportunity of conducting a Second degree working in the Chair of King Solomon.

Bro. Figuracion is encouraged to make the 7 Liberal Arts and Sciences his future study to add to his Daily Advancement in Masonic Knowledge. The Lodge looks forward to his next step in the Masonic journey.




Grand Lecturer – First Degree Presentation


The Regular meeting of Lodge Awatere No. 292 in October was well attended by visitors to partake in a special Presentation. It was the first meeting after Level 4 Covid lockdown in the Marlborough region. Many brethren took the opportunity in a fraternal visit hosted by Lodge Awatere.

The Education night was the delivery of an ‘in-person’ Zoom adapted researched presentation by V.W VW Bro David Marsh, one of the District 23 Grand Lecturers.

 The presentation was on the First Degree ceremony, designed to de-mystify the meanings, symbols, and content of this degree. VW Bro Marsh illustrated with thought provoking evidential content. He left the audience to consider some interpreted explanations as well as letting the brethren do some further Masonic learning to add to their Daily advancement in Masonic Knowledge.


District 23 – Zoom meetings


Freemasons NZ working at Divisional level set up specific Zoom meeting accounts to allow brethren to connect during the Nationwide Level four Covid Lock-downs in August 2021. Supported by District Grand Master Allan Cameron, brethren met online on a weekly basis until October to co-ordinate assistance for brethren and families, connect, and speak face to face using video calling technology.

The zoom platform was used especially well by District 23 brethren, whilst compared to other regions in New Zealand. It allowed direct contact with Freemasons down as far as Greymouth and up to the top of the South island; Marlborough and Nelson.

This platfrom was especially useful in the cancellation of the New Zealand-Australia Research Lodges’ (ANZMRC 2021 Tour) tour by Lecturer Jack Dowds. The one off face to face presentations throughout NZ were replaced by twice weekly zoom lectures over September, from sets of popular papers.



Lodge of Instruction


A Lodge of Instruction was held recently in October during Level 2 Covid alert at the Charles Street Masonic centre in Blenheim. The session was led by District Grand Master, VW Bro Allan Cameron.

It was well attended with a wide cross-section of brethren from the 6 craft Lodges in the region: Havelock, Waitohi, Eckford, Wairau, Unanimity, and Awatere. Brethren were selected to take Officer’s roles that were new ad unfamiliar.

A run-down on the function of the Lodge, symbolism, and meaning of the Officer’s roles was given. The brethren performed an opening and closing with discussion and questioning round the aspects of the process.

The Lodge of Instruction is intended to be informal, informative and interesting for those attending. All attendees learned and took something away from the evening, while older brethren refreshed their Masonic Knowledge too.

One positive outcome was to bring Brethren together and discuss aspects like Land marks and those unique customs each lodge holds as a part of their culture.

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Ladies Lunch - Marlborough

Partners in Freemasonry


The monthly Masonic Ladies lunch was held recently and was hosted by Lodge Waitohi. The lunch was held at the Waitohi Sports Café and bar. A great time was had by the attendees with great food and company. Get in touch for future gatherings, the wives and partners would welcome one and all to attend.

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Nelson Freemasonry

Lodge Nelson – Sublime Degree


A new Master Mason at Lodge Nelson’s Regular August meeting was raised to the third dgree. Bro Nick Watts was impressed with the ceremonial efforts by the Lodge Nelson brethren. A number of Masonic visitors enjoyed the hospitality of the brethren of Lodge Nelson on this occasion.

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Marlborough Masonry - Havelock No. 104

Havelock Fellow craft


The August Regular meeting of Lodge Havelock 104 hosted a great number of Masonic visitors to pass Bro. Campbell to the Fellow craft degree. Bro Campbell did exceptionally well with his test questions of the First Degree. It will be exciting to witness his further progress in the craft. The Senior Deacon of the Lodge, Bro Rowlinson conducted the ceremony with confidence and decorum. It is pleasing to see brethren progressing through the Officers’ chairs, while guiding newer members.

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Marlborough Freemasonry


Unaminity No. 106 – Installation


The recent Installation ceremony for the Marlborough Lodge of Unanimity was held at the Blenheim Masonic centre. The ceremony was presided over by V.W Bro Allan Cameron, District Grand Master – Marlborough/Nelson/Westland. Incoming Master. W. Bro McDonald was installed in the chair of King Solomon, well attended by brethren from the top of the South.


VW Bro. Crouch acted as the installing Officer. It was a special event due to the fact both the incoming Master and V.W Bro Crouch joined Unanimity in the same year. A triple celebration for the day was the 60 year bar to W. Bro Lloyd Anderson a long serving member of Lodge Unanimity. W Bro Anderson was the Master in 1985, when V.W Bro Crouch and W Bro McDonald were both Initiated. In a first, W Bro McDonald closed the Lodge and was suitably chuffed on exiting the Lodge to be met with a musical rendition of Pokarekare Ana, performed by W Bro Robertson and VW Bro Warmouth.


The Ladies programme for the afternoon was a presentation on traditional Maori medicine, facial tattoo, and massage. It was great to see new wives and partners enjoying the day alongside the assembled brethren. A generous refectory dinner and nine draw raffle rounded out proceedings.

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Marlborough Freemasonry

Combined Lodges’ Mid winter Dinner


This year’s Marlborough masons Mid-winter dinner was hosted at the Clubs of Marlborough. Of the 43 diners assembled there was good representation of families from the 6 craft lodges in the region. The Taylor room at the Clubs decoratively set up for Christmas, with a tree and decorations, and table settings.

It was especially heartening to welcome new families to the Masonic fraternity, with friendliness, welcoming chats, and great banter. The relaxed dining experience was accompanied with roast beef and ham, roast vegetables presented well, and a range of dessert options. The children’s table was well received with the young folks in charge of boxed chocolate to divide and share and take home.

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Partners in Freemasonry

Celebrating 5 years


The Marlborough Masonic ladies had a lovely lunch recently to celebrate the 5th Anniversary of friendship. The group started when W. Bro Plummer addressed brethren and partners at the Awatere Installation. He promoted the concept of the Ladies getting together on a regular basis.

Sue Plummer alongside Elaine Pagan began to make plans. To date the lunch outings have been very successful and each lodge has a turn to choose a venue for lunch every 2nd month. The ladies attending have partners at the 6 craft Lodges in Marlborough: Awatere, Unanimity, Wairau, Waitohi, Eckford, and Havelock.

District Grand Master, V.W Bro Cameron passed on his congratulations to the ladies, who had taken on the idea and made the lunch gatherings highly successful.

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Nelson Masonic Hall

The Disposal of the Masonic Hall Contents


The Nelson Masonic Hall Company has been asking the insurers for many months if it can dispose of the written off contents of the Masonic Hall. As they haven’t had this approval, then the boarded up premises has had to be patrolled by a local security company. The insurers finally agreed that we can dispose of the contents and their instructions were simply to dump it all.

The Board of Management of the Hall Company felt that there may be a number of the written off articles that may be of use to other charities in the area. So the Project Manager of the recovery project has met with a number of the local charities in the area and invited them to come and have a look at what is going to be dumped.

This is due to happen in the last week of July. To prepare for this a working party spent a rather sad Saturday morning on the 24th of July boxing up the contents of the kitchen and other areas ready for the charities to come and have a look and take away what might be use to them. The remaining items will be dumped.

Despite concluding the claim to the insurers several months ago the NMHC is still waiting for an offer from the insurer in respect of the damage to the Hall and the loss of contents. In the meantime the NMHC is pressing ahead with plans for acquiring a new replacement building to provide a home for the Nelson area Freemasons once the payout is agreed.

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Marlborough Freemasonry

New Apprentice – Lodge Eckford


The July Regular meeting at Lodge Eckford No. 334, Bro Herrie ten Oever was initiated into Freemasonry. W. Bro van Ash from the Nelson region contacted the Lodge earlier this year, with a request to speak to his friend, who was interested in learning more about the craft.


Bro. ten Oever resident in Renwick, was contacted to meet with W Bro Lundt, to chat to him about the lodge and Freemasonry. Bro. ten Oever attended the annual Mid-winter dinner with his wife and thoroughly enjoyed meeting brethren from across the region. We look forward to guiding him on this Masonic journey into the future.

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Nelson Freemasonry

Entered Apprentice – Forrest Lodge


A brother new to Freemasonry, Bro Albert Oberholzer was initiated into the Forrest Lodge on Wednesday 7 July at Club Waimea. The temporary home of The Forest Lodge, despite a lack of certain Masonic furniture and regalia the ceremony was conducted with due pomp and circumstance with over 30 brethren present.


This included most welcome visitors from Lodge Nelson and Southern Star Lodge (EC). Bro Albert has already proved himself to be a very useful member of Forrest, he is the best ten pin bowler amongst us. We look forward to his progression and long term enjoyment in the craft.  

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Marlborough Freemasonry

Lodge Havelock No.104 – Quasquincentennial Anniversary (125 years)


Lodge Havelock opened 11 March 1896, on 10th July 2021 it celebrated 125 years of making “Good men Better” and contributing to the Marlborough community through charitable acts. MW Bro Graham Wrigley, Grand Master of Freemasons New Zealand was in attendance for this special day. District Grand Master. VW Bro Allan Cameron with Grand Lodge Officers welcomed MW Bro Wrigley with much enthusiasm. The Havelock Lodge is located at the Brayshaw Heritage park in Blenheim.


Members of the Lodge with MW Bro Wrigley visited Hospice Marlborough to learn about the Equipment of benefit to Hospice patients, donated by the Lodge. A patient lifting apparatus and an air cell mattress used to move and make people comfortable while inpatients were demonstrated. Both of these pieces of equipment were made possible by contributions from the Lodge and The Freemasons Charity. A portion of the funds was used to replace all lighting in key areas of the Hospice to more efficient LED globes.


The main event was the admitting of guests, families, and the public to the Lodge room. MW. Bro Wrigley presented his thoughts on the future of Masonry and challenged those attending to come on board to making the organisation bright and viable into the future. He also presented a cheque to representatives of the Hospice, alongside a plaque for a Homework space commissioned for the Marlborough Youth Trust. Representatives of the Youth Trust were in attendance too. W Bro Andy Wrighton gave an address on the Lodge’s history. Havelock Lodge brethren were presented with certificates signed by the Grand Master who presented them to members.


An Afternoon tea followed with refreshments and catered food. A special 125th Anniversary Cake was cut and served in what was an appropriate short set of toasts alongside a fun social afternoon. An informal dinner was hosted at the Clubs of Marlborough with the MW Bro Graham Wrigley enjoying the relaxed atmosphere enabling him to chat with a cross section of guests.

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West Coast Masonry

70th Year Service Award


A special ceremony was held at Lodge Torea in Waimangaroa in July. The Grand Master MW Bro Graham Wrigley, presented Bro. Peter Roselli QSO, JP with his 70th year bar. Bro Roselli is a retired Chartered Accountant and Coroner from Westport. Torea Lodge Master W Bro Gary James congratulated Bro Roselli alongside several brethren in attendance. Bro. Roselli was absolutely wrapt to be honoured and to have a contingent of visitors from District 23 with the Grand Master in attendance with Grand Lodge Officers.


He was initiated 8th July 1951 in Lodge Kawatiri-Westport No 152. He consequently transferred to Torea No 121 on 28th May 1988, after Lodge 152 folded. He is a JP and has been and is still active in many local organisations that he is only very rarely seen at Lodge. He was awarded the QSO( Member of the Queen's Service Order) about 40 years ago, for his extensive contributions to the Community, serving on boards and several roles as well as Rotary New Zealand.


MW Bro Wrigley took the opportunity to present the joint partnership with Special Olympics New Zealand to assist athletes with sponsorship and naming rights this year and in 4 year’s time. The Grand Master encouraged brethren attending to reach out to Special Olympics athletes’ and families in their respective regions. He made mention of the contributions no matter how big or small all brethren can do to assist the athletes.

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Marlborough Freemasonry

Lodge Wairau No.42 – Installation


The Wairau Lodge No.42 elected Bro. Mark Uren to the Chair of Kind Solomon for the ensuing 12 months. W. Bro Uren a Master mason has steadily progressed in the lodge and has been a regular visitor to masonic meetings. He has supported the craft lodges in Marlborough with degree workings, and mentored a number of brethren. W. Bro Uren is a Director on the board of Masonic Properties Blenheim Limited.

The Charles Street Masonic lodge room was at capacity at the call on with Grand Lodge numbers adding to the energy and atmosphere of the day, led by District Grand Master. V.W Bro Cameron.

The Ladies participated in an ice-breaker along with a’ bring your favourite dish or food’ to share with the group. Recipes were swapped in a relaxed afternoon of fun while the masonic ceremony took place.

The Refectory banquet again was at capacity. It was great to see families attend with children with a children’s table set up for the evening.

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Marlborough Freemasonry

First Degree Ceremony – Waitohi Lodge 111


The June Regular meeting hosted a large contingent of Masonic visitors from across the Marlborough region at Lodge Waitohi No.111. The business of the evening was to initiate Mr. Greg Horscroft as an Entered Apprentice. The Lodge Inner guard, Bro. Park was on this evening presented with his Master Masons certificate by District Grand Master V.W Bro Allan Cameron.

The Masonic visitors were so great in number an additional table needed to be set in the generous refectory by the Waitohi Brethren, alongside the regularly anticipated ‘Game of chance’ raffle draws.


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Marlborough Freemasonry

Entered Apprentice – Lodge Havelock 104


The brethren of the Havelock lodge who meet at Brayshaw Park Historic village welcomed Bro. Campbell into the craft. It is the first of three degree workings that will be undertaken by the candidate. Visiting brethren from the District with attending Apprentices and Master masons were hosted by Lodge Havelock. We eagerly anticipate Bro. Campbells next stage on his Masonic journey will be as memorable as his introduction to our Honourable and Antient society.

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Marlborough Freemasonry

Sublime Degree – Eckford No 334


The Regular June meeting at Lodge Eckford in Marlborough was to Raise Bro. Smith to the Sublime degree of Master Mason.

The theatre of the ritual impressed Bro Smith, who has been a well prepared candidate. He has done well with his test questions at every stage.

The evening was the annual Grand Lodge visit to Lodge Eckford. VW Bro Cameron DGM, with the support of well-known brethren in the capacity as Grand Lodge Officers appreciated the warm welcome extended by the Lodge.

Bro. Roos was presented with his Master Masons certificate on this evening too. It was a pleasure to welcome Bro Roos to the Sublime degree of Master Mason last month.

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Marlborough Freemasonry

Wairau No.42 – Fellowcraft Ritual


The May Regular meeting at Wairau Lodge No.42 saw Bro. Webb, the Senior Deacon of the lodge guide Bro. del Rosario through the Fellowcraft degree. Bro McIntyre took up the Junior Deacon role to assist Bro. Webb.

Passing a candidate to the Fellowcraft degree is the middle step a candidate takes in his progression in the blue lodge. He is now at liberty to explore the 7 Liberal Arts and Sciences, under the guidance of an experienced brother.

This study was especially important in Greek, Roman, and Western culture ensuring that students learn to formulate effective arguments, to communicate well and solve problems. These disciplines look at: Grammar, logic, rhetoric, arithmetic, music, and astronomy.

District Grand Master VW Bro Cameron was in attendance on the evening with a number of masonic visitors from the region. Bro. Geoff Smith, now a Master Mason from Lodge Eckford has been a good visitor during the recent months, seeing the numerous benefits and learning along the way.

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Marlborough Masonry - Lodge Awatere No 292

Fellow craft Ritual


The May Regular meeting was a degree working to pass Bro. C. Stephens-Barker to the Fellow craft degree. W.Bro P. Barker, currently in the chair of King Solomon guided the lodge for a memorable night. The W.M delivered the Obligation to a high standard. W. Bro M Barker, delivered a charge to his Great nephew during the course of the ceremony as well.

W. Bro Plumber added a special charge from the Midland District, “The Special Jewels of a Fellow craft Freemason”. It was a special charge for the Awatere brethren and the Masonic visitors to hear this charge that is only delivered in Lodge Awatere in the District.

Bro. Kesby was presented with his Master Mason certificate from District Grand Master, VW Bro Cameron in the capacity of DC on this occasion, in tandem as DGM. Bro Kesby fulfilled the Chaplain’s role in the ceremony as well as in Lodge Office for the Masonic year.

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Marlborough Freemasonry - Unanimity 106

Fellow craft degree – Lodge of Unanimity


Bro. Tammy Yukoya was this month Passed to the Fellowcraft degree at the Marlborough Lodge of Unanimity No. 106. The ceremony marks the mid-way stage of the Masonic ceremonies in the craft Lodge.

The candidate is now at Liberty to explore the hidden mysteries of Nature and Science. The 7 Liberal arts and Sciences consist of the following: Grammar, logic, rhetoric, arithmetic, music, and astronomy. These were the curriculum known to the ancient Greeks, Romans, and Western Europe in Medieval times. Students learn to formulate effective arguments, to communicate well and solve problems.

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Marlborough Masonry - Lodge Waitohi No 111

Lodge Waitohi Installation


Lodge Waitohi No. 111 extended a warm welcome to Brethren from across District 23, as well as from Wellington Lodges and the Railway Craftsman. The installation ceremony to install W. Bro P Smith as the 137th Master of the Lodge was very noteworthy. Masonic visitors both Worshipful brethren and Grand Lodge Officers undertook charges and investitures of Officers for the 2021/22 year.

The ceremony was presided over installing Officer, VW Bro Cameron, District Grand Master – District 23, Nelson/Marlborough/Westland.

In addition to a full to the gunnels Lodge room, two special presentations were made to senior Brethren. W. Bro T. Bascand, a retiring secretary of 30 years has presented with a special jewel to extend thanks from brethren for his services to the lodge and brethren during his tenure.

W. Bro W Roberstson was presented with his Grand Lodge certificate to mark his rank in Grand Lodge, invested in 2019 as Past Grand Tyler at the Grand Installation in Wellington by MW Bro Winger.

The banquet held at Picton School was catered with wholesome mains and sweet desserts. A ladies programme was hosted by Mrs. C Smith at her residence in Waikawa and featured a wine tasting from Johaneshoff winery. Families and children were encouraged to attend the dinner, with children seated at a specially set table – even taking chocolate prizes home from the monster raffle.

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Marlborough Freemasonry - Lodge Eckford

Sublime Degree – Master Mason


The Regular April meeting of Lodge Eckford No.334 was the ceremony to Raise Bro. Roos to the sublime degree of Master Mason. It was a true team effort with brethren from several Marlborough craft lodge taking part in the degree working. This is proof that we are one team, working together for the good of Freemasonry, now and into the future.

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West coast Road trip

Westland Gold tales at Waiuta


A contingent of visiting Brethren from Nelson and Marlborough explored the historic mining town of Waiuta, 58 km from Greymouth. W. Bro R Roberston presented a talk on the back ground and brief history of the town and gold mine. W Bro Robertson has family connections with the coast and Waiuta. His father was an engineer in the town in its peak. A number of buildings remain with the site now a tourist attraction. The mine closed in 1951, caused by a mine collapse, when it became uneconomic to continue. World War 2 lead to a decline in the number of miners too.

The site now has historic status with a lodge that can be booked for accommodation. Group tours hosted by the Friends of Waiuta group offer an insight in the rich history of the town. The Department of Conservation assist to maintain the site with the Friends of Waiuta.

The town was developed to house workers working the mines. A thriving community of 600 men and families was established in 1905. The first mine named after King Edward VII’s birthday, appropriately called the Birthday Quartz reef mine. The first mineshaft operated from 1908, called the Blackwater shaft with a depth of 563m. Laterly the Blackwater shaft renamed the Prohibition operated from 1938. This had a depth of 879m.

The entire site produced a total of 750,000 ounces of gold. The town it elf was well catered for with amenities like: A hospital, swimming pool, butcher, barber, rugby grounds, tennis court, housing, boarding house, Police Station, and school The population consisted of New Zealanders, Italians, Australians, and Yugoslavians.

Local brethren hosted the visitors for a bbq lunch at Waiuta with a generous food and drink selection before the visitors began their journey home.

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West Coast Masonry

Advance Mawhera Installation


The recent Installation at Freemasons hall, Shanty Town - Greymouth of W. Bro C Byrne was a well-attended event by District 23 brethren at Lodge Advance Mawhera No.61. V.W Bro A. Cameron, District Grand Master, Nelson-Marlborough-Westland was the installing Officer assisted by Officers of Grand Lodge, with Past and sitting Masters too. A contingent of brethren attended from the Canterbury region, adding to the diversity of visitors.

A contingent of brethren travelled from the top of the south, for a weekend in Greymouth. W. Bro Barker – Lodge Awatere organised a van and cargo trailer from Base Woodbourne to transport 7 masons and Mrs. Cameron to Greymouth. We were accompanied by wives too. W. Bro Bowhill taking the opportunity for a family road trip to the coast. Families were invited into the lodge to share the afternoon refectory.

W. Bro Robertson from the West coast arranged motel room for lodgings for the weekend. It is anticipated these weekends will feature regularly, with invites to all brethren to accompany the Grand Lodge Officers. R.W Bro. Cooney was a visiting the region and attended the installation and dined with a large contingent of masons at a relaxed atmosphere at a local eatery in the evening. The Marlborough contingent of masons had a breakfast at Robert Harris Café before a trip to Waiuta for a guided tour and presentation.

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Marlborough Masonry - Wairau Lodge

New Apprentices’ Tracing Board

At the April Regular meeting of Lodge Wairau No. 42, new Entered Apprentices were presented the First degree Tracing board by W. Bro P Nelson. Bro. del Rosario & Bro. Figuracion are two relatively new brethren who are beginning their masonic journey. Both are enthusiastic and ready to learn and make a daily advancement in Masonic knowledge.

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Buller Masonry

Robert Burns No. 50 Installation


The recent April 17th Installation Ceremony of W. Bro. Graeme Ralston and Lodge Officers for the 2021/22 Masonic year of the Robert Burns Lodge No.50, in Reefton took place. V.W. Bro. Cameron, District Grand Master of District 23, Nelson-Marlborough-Westland was the Installing Officer. He was accompanied by Officers of Grand Lodge from across the District.

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Nelson Freemasonry

First Degree – Lodge Nelson No.288


Lodge Nelson’s April Meeting coincided with the Grand Lodge Official visit for the calendar year. VW. Bro Cameron District Grand Master, District 23, Nelson-Marlborough-Westland accompanied by Officers of Grand Lodge, attended the Entered Apprentice ritual for new initiate Bro. Thorben Peppler.

The Regular meeting was held in Central Nelson, The Manchester Unity premises on Hardy Street. V.W Cameron was impressed by the ceremony held in the temporary premises, executed to a high standard by brethren of Lodge Nelson.

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Royal Arch Masonry

Once in a lifetime event


On Tuesday evening, 20th of April a once in a lifetime event happened that was hosted at the Blenheim Masonic centre. This special event was when the Victory Chapter No 12 members from Nelson travelled over the Whangamoa’s to join in with the Marlborough Chapter to carry out a Mark Master Degree on a new Victory Chapter member Bro David Bayliss.

Victory Chapter, one of the largest Chapters in New Zealand, have been facing a bit of a backlog in taking candidates through their 4, 5, and 6th degrees in Freemasonry degrees. This was due to the problems caused by the fire at the Nelson Masonic Hall and also the COVID 19 lockdowns.

David Bayliss has been waiting for some time for a slot to become available to advance him to the degree of a Mark Master Mason. Having considered how they would deal with this delay the members of the Victory Chapter decided to ask the members of the Marlborough Chapter if they would let them come to Blenheim for their next meeting on April the 20th .

The plan was then to make this as a working visit by the Nelson Chapter at which they would perform the advancement  ceremony at the Charles Street Masonic rooms.

The Principals of the Marlborough Chapter readily agreed and offered to help in any way they could to make this special event “happen”. Permission for this event was given by the Grand Superintendent David Marsh who had discussed and agreed the details for this unique event with the Grand Scribe Alan Hart.

The plans were then put in place and all looked to be plain sailing. An added challenge was thrown in.  The NZTA suddenly decided that on the 20th of April they were going to close the road from Nelson to Blenheim overnight, to carry out maintenance work at Pelorus Bridge. This meant that returning from the meeting would be a long trip as the NZTA were only allowing vehicles to use the one way bridge for a short time every two hours.

This meant the Nelson Companions faced waiting until at the bridge before they could complete the crossing of the Pelorus River and hence a very late night home! This did not dent their enthusiasm and the meeting went ahead as planned.


The Marlborough Chapter meeting was attended by the members of the Victory Chapter and the Grand Superintendent used that opportunity to present the patents of office to the new team of Principals of the Victory Chapter.

The Advancement degree was performed by the 11 members of the Victory Chapter ably assisted by three of the members of the Marlborough Chapter.

At the refectory David Bayliss thanked the members of the Marlborough Chapter very much for letting this ceremony happen in a “real” Chapter room as at present the Nelson Freemason’s meetings are being conducted in temporary accommodation. He concluded saying that he had found the ceremony very interesting and informative and well worth the wait and he that he is looking forward to the 5th and 6th degrees in Freemasonry later in the year.

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Partners in Freemasonry

Ladies Lunch – Marlborough Masonry


The March gathering for the monthly Masonic Ladies lunch was organised by the Partners of the brethren from Lodge Havelock. Attending in March were ladies from across the region.

Lunchtime dining at the Marlborough Public house in central Blenheim was a well attended event. For those wishing to join this friendly, fun and enjoyable event in the future, contact Lodge secretaries for the next event in the month of May.

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Marlborough Freemasonry - Lodge Unanimity

Lodge of Unanimity – A Scottish Celebration


Masonic Visitors to the Marlborough Lodge of Unanimity were treated to a wholesome evening with a Scottish tradition, being an annual event hosted by Lodge Unanimity No. 106, at the Charles Street Blenheim Masonic Centre.

The evening was attended by V.W Bro. Cameron, District Grand Master accompanied by Grand Lodge Officers of District 23, Marlborough-Nelson-Westcoast District for the Lodge’s annual Official visit.

V.W Bro. Cameron in full Scottish attire, including Kilt in family colours, a military tartan until the 1950’s when it decreed Cameron family members could wear this unique tartan. The tailored attire was appropriate for the ceremony with the Haggis blessing, piped in with piper and bagpipes, sabre, and ceremonial single malt whiskey. Several other Masonic brethren chose to kit out in tartan alongside V.W Bro. Cameron, DGM.

The Refectory supper had a special story from Lodge Unanimity P.M, with V.W Bro Crouch explaining the purpose of the evening being to honour past member Andy Stewart. Bro Stewart left funds with the Lodge in his Estate. This legacy included instructions that an appropriate Scottish evening be held annually at the Lodge, in order to extend hospitality and Masonic friendship to all.

This tradition has been running for the last 30 years and was heartily attended by local brethren from the craft lodges.

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Marlborough Freemasonry

Lodge Awatere 292 - Installation


The Installation ceremony of W. Bro. Peter Barker and Officers for the 2021/22 Masonic year occurred recently at Lodge Awatere No.292, at Brayshaw historic park.

The District 23 Grand Lodge Officers working alongside V.W Bro Pagan PDGM, installed W. Bro Barker into the chair of King Solomon plus the Awatere Lodge Officers into their respective chairs.

An added bonus, District Grand Master – District 23 Marlborough-Nelson-Westland, V.W Bro. Cameron was in attendance, with an earlier Masonic engagement postponed. He was in fine spirit alongside visiting brethren.

A hearty banquet was shared amongst brethren and partners at the Redwood tavern in Redwood Village. Lucky brethren were recipients of a generous set of raffle prizes, in several ‘games of chance’.

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Nelson Freemasonry

The Forest Lodge – Grand Lodge Visit


The Forest Lodge No.116 welcomed District Grand Master, V.W. Bro. A. Cameron and Grand Lodge Officers during an Official visit in April. The District Grand Master made a special presentation to W. Bro. P. Butchart, for his services over many years to Freemasonry in New Zealand. In particular to Lodge Kati Kati, with special mention on the future proofing of the Lodge.

The evening saw W. Bro. T. Hazan, present an interesting retrospective in his participation in the 50th Anniversary London flyover of 168 aircraft to commemorate the Battle of Britain, in September 1990.

W. Bro Hazan had the added duty of filming air-to-air the aircraft in formation on approach to London, and the planned Buckingham Palace air parade for the BBC. The aircraft included World War Two work horses, like the Spitfire and Hurricane; - through to the State of the art Royal Air force modern jet aircraft.

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Lodge Eckford 334 - Marlborough Masonry

Fellowcraft Degree 


Brethren visiting Lodge Eckford No 334 shared in the Second degree ceremony to pass Bro. Roos to the Fellowcraft degree, at the Lodge’s April Regular meeting.

Lodge Eckford extends thanks to brethren from Lodge Wairau and Unanimity, for assisting in the degree with charges and Officer’s roles. Bro. Roos appreciated the preparation and execution of his Fellowcraft degree.

The Lodge anticipates a memorable experience to Raise Bro. Roos to the Sublime degree of Master Mason.

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Marlborough Freemasonry

Fellowcraft Ceremony – Lodge Eckford

At the March Regular meeting of Lodge Eckford, Bro. Geoff Smith was Passed to the Fellowcraft degree, in a memorable ceremony.


A large contingent of Masonic visitors from across the region attended the evening - originally touted as a double working on 2 candidates. A single candidate ceremony was completed. The candidate's test questions were well executed. Well done Geoff, great effort.


The Lodge had assistance from some well-known brethren who gave charges and performed some required support roles, an extended thanks to all. Reciprocal help is the usual custom in Marlborough between the Lodges.

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Nelson Freemasonry

Nelson RDA Project

In the middle of 2019, in pre-Covid days, the Freemasons Lodges in Nelson banded together to provide a container-store for the local branch of the Riding for the Disabled group. Providing an opportunity for a range of clients to ride and be active through horse riding assisted by volunteers and instructors.


Brethren bought a redundant storage container from the Nelson-Tasman Hospice, which was in the process of moving into its new purpose built home. However a proviso was that the container had to be shifted very early in the morning.


"Lift 'n' Shift" did the removal at 07.00 hrs one July dawn. They did so at virtually no charge, to the project. A big thank goes out to "Lift 'n' Shift".  A Lodge Nelson team led the installation on-site.


The container has now been in use for 18 months, and the RDA say that they did not know how they did without this addition. It is a large clean and ex-refrigerated unit which keeps all their food stocks and equipment safe.

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West Coast Masonry


Lodge Torea Installation 2021


The Lodge Torea installation was held recently on Saturday 20 February. Thirty-seven Masons gathered at Lodge Torea No. 121 in Waimangaroa for the installation of W. Bro Gary James and his Officers for the ensuing 12 months.  


The Presiding and Installing Officer, District Grand Master V.W Bro Allan Cameron was accompanied by Grand Lodge Officers from Nelson-Marlborough and Westland who assisted in the ceremony.


While several members’ wives gathered in Granity for some retail therapy. Afterwards the ladies joined their partners at a Banquet Dinner in the Waimangaroa Hall for dining and socialising with the visitors.


After last year’s disruptions due to Covid-19 and its lockdown restrictions this truly was a great day for Freemasonry fellowship


Sunday morning saw several Grand lodge members from the Top of the South, staying a night on the coast, were guests of Worshipful Bro Gary James and his wife Sylvia on the Denniston Plateau to learn of its history. It was an impressive illustration of the happenings on the Plateau during its recent past. Many visiting brethren were keen convey their thanks for the hospitality from the Westland brethren.


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Daily advancement - Masonic Knowledge

TOTS Research Lodge Installation


The Top of the South Research Lodge No. 470 held the 12th Installation meeting on 22nd February 2021. V.W Bro Richard Scadden was installed as Master with the investiture of the Officers by the WM. The ceremony was presided by VW Bro. Allan Cameron, District Grand Master, Nelson-Marlborough Westland District No. 23.


The evening was conducted at the Manchester Unity Building Bridge Street, Nelson. This locality is the temporary home of Lodge Nelson, with the local brethren from the craft lodges in alternate meeting spaces across the region.


This lodge is unique with members from across District 23, a wide geographical foot print, from Marlborough and Nelson down to the West Coast. The lodge has the ability to meet in varied locations, with its special peripatetic charter. It is able to move across District 23.


Incoming Master V.W Bro Scadden encouraged the brethren to actively aim for a ‘Daily advancement in Masonic Knowledge’. The Lodge brethren will endeavour to answer this challenge in the next 12 months, to add to depth and abilities of the brethren.

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Lodge Awatere - Marlborough Masonry

EA Ceremony – A Family Celebration


Lodge Awatere recently held a very special First degree ceremony at the February regular meeting. A large contingent of Lodge Nelson brethren made the trip, with several of their own Entered apprentices. Bro. Smith from Lodge Eckford attended his first fraternal visit since his initiation.

Lodge Nelson brethren alongside well known Marlborough brethren assisted with this very family initiation. Bro. Callum Barker was initiated as an Entered apprentice. His Father, Bro. Peter Barker the Junior Warden and Master-Elect of Awatere proudly participated in the ceremony.

Keeping with the family links the Director of Ceremonies, W.Bro Stevens is a family relation in the Barker Family. Lodge Nelson, Awatere Lodge’s sister lodge has Barker family ties. W. Bro Barker, of Lodge Nelson delivered a charge to Bro. Barker, Lodge Awatere’s newest member. 

A very memorable evening for the visiting brethren, Bro. Barker and family, with four Entered apprentices in the North East to observe another candidate welcomed to the Masonic family.



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Nelson Freemasonry

BBQ Trailer gifted by Freemasons


The Nelson Army Cadets have had the BBQ trailer for a while now. It is a fantastic piece of equipment that has been provided by Lodges of the Nelson region.


The mobile BBQ trailer is a marvellous addition to their 'equipment'. It provides wonderful meals when the cadets are out in the field on camp exercises and numerous activities.


They are also able to hire it out to other organisations, to raise some funds for the cadet group. This is an additional bonus and assists in community spirit, promotion, advertising and a source of extra cash flow.


It is hoped that a formal handover will take place at the Cadets HQ later this month, with coverage in the local newspaper.

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Nelson Freemasonry

Nelson Championship Dog Show

The Nelson Championship Dog Show was supported for the third year running by Freemasons from the Lodges in Nelson. Our contribution was to run the "hot dog"/BBQ catering unit for the two days of the show.

The Marlborough Freemasons have a similar relationship with the Marlborough Kennel Club too. The organisers are able to concentrate on the organisation and running of the champ show, while the Freemasons provide on the ground volunteer support manning the bbq.

Despite some slight reduction in numbers of entrants, the showground seemed as busy as ever - and certainly plenty of customers for BBQ food, cakes and cold drinks. Lovely bunch of competitors - and their humans were pretty well behaved as well.

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Marlborough-Nelson Freemasonry

Lodge Waitohi Boat Cruise

On December 5th Lodge Waitohi hosted a Boat cruise around the inner Queen Charlotte sounds for the enjoyment of our Brethren and their partners and friends, from the region and beyond.

We all gathered at the Oxley’s hotel as a meeting place and a quick beer before heading down to the wharf where the Beachcomber boat was berthed. She was gently idling away as we embarked with nibble food and liquid refreshments of our choice.

Once we were given the safety briefing by the skipper we headed out of the marina safely avoiding the Blue bridge ferry then turning into the Queen Charlotte sound towards the Grove arm.

The weather held, with moderate winds and a few specks of rain at times, but that didn’t stop a few of us venturing on to the upper deck for the beautiful views of the inner sounds. After assisting a jet ski to get some airtime from the boat’s wake we set course for Lochmara lodge where we disembarked and headed up for a bit of shore leave.

Some ventured for a peaceful bush walk, while the bar and cafe area offered outdoor views from this lovely lodge. Lochamara Lodge do overnight accommodation for anyone interested in the future for a weekend getaway. The cruise home was mostly inside the vessel as the weather didn’t quite hold out until we were back alongside at the marina.

Many thanks to all who attended this event including W.Bro Steer and Heather making the trip from Nelson, and a nod to the Beachcomber and Lochmara lodge for the hospitality!



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