Southern Division
I was born in Scotland, the youngest of 5 children, obtained a degree in economics in Edinburgh and have spent most of my life teaching in secondary and tertiary educational institutions.

I was initiated in Lodge Buchan St John 636 Scotland in 1969, joined Lodge Nelson in 1987 and am a founder member of the Top of the South Research Lodge.  I have enjoyed every year in lodge, beginning in Scotland and moving on to Lodge Nelson 288, Royal Arch, Knight Templar and Secret Monitor masonry in New Zealand.

I met my wife in Scotland when she was doing her big OE and she returned home after 6 years with a husband and 2 lovely daughters; we can now add 3 beautiful granddaughters.

Having retired I have more time for my interests of church, overseas travel, tramping through the Nelson National Parks and supporting my local football team.
Ian McLean
District Grand Master
Graham Steer, born in Nelson 1949, and bought up in Motueka. Married to Heather and we have two married sons with two wonderful tap dancing teenage granddaughters.

My Masonic career started with the Forest Lodge No 116 in 1996. I have been Master twice and gained the rank of Grand Steward in 2006.

I am a foundation member of the Widows Sons Grand Chapter and currently hold the position of Chaplain. I am also the President of the Rough Ashlars Chapter No 1.

Heather is an associate member of the above Chapters and gives me full support in my masonic work...

My interests centre around my family which includes following dancing, classic cars, Hot Rodding and motorcycling.
Graham Steer
District Grand Director of Ceremonies
I was born in Christchurch and I joined up with New Zealand rail in 1979 to become eventfully a Locomotive Engineer. We moved to Picton in 1983 with the railway and I have worked there ever since.

I was initiated into the Waitohi Lodge 1991 and worked my way through the chairs to become master in 1999 and was again master in 2015. I have also been master of the Dunedin Lodge 931 EC, also belong to the Royal Arch and the Knights Templar. I am the vice Chairman of the NZ Railway Craftsmen association.

I am married to Sheryl and we have five grown children between us and three grandchildren and another one due in November.

I am from a Masonic family as my father was a sixty year mason until his passing recently. I have enjoyed many great years in freemasonry and have made many good friends and am looking forward to many more great years.  

My interests include golf , fishing, rugby and of course my family and grand kids.
Warren Robertson
Grand Steward
I was born in Oldham, England. Studied Computer Science and eventually I headed off to work in the Probation Service. An opportunity to emigrate to Canada and I embarked on an IT career in a town called Toronto. There I met Bronwyn, a beautiful young woman, but from the mega-metropolis known the world over as “ of the South New’s next to Australia!”. 

We eventually headed back to England, as a Manager of the South Manchester district Probation Service with a team of about 25. Bronwyn and I stayed in England for 9 years and three kids before she felt home sick and imported me.

I joined a small computer shop in Blenheim. A year later the shop was sold and I took the opportunity to build my own business, which has been successfully running for 13 years.

Our eldest son and daughter are at Canterbury University. Next son is in his last year at Marlborough Boys College and 8 year old son Raheem is looking for a career in playing on PlayStation.

I joined Lodge Eckford in 2004 and did my first stint as Master in 2010/11 and then a double header 2013/14 and 14/15. I’m currently in my second of 10 year term as Secretary. Joined Secret Monitor in 2011 and then Royal Arch in 2014.
Ahzer Mir
Grand Steward