Southern Division

1) Alpine Scooter Safari 2018

2) Christmas Dinner Cheer from Lodge Takahe, The Freemasons Charity and City Harvest

3) Lodge Doric Brighton No. 236 - CHRISTMAS THANKSGIVING SERVICE & LUNCHEON - 10th December 2017

4) "Spud in a Bag for Charity Challenge" - The Winners are?

5) Passing of W Bro. S G Hunter McGahey - PGIG.

6) Pegasus Corner - What's been happening in the District?

7) Richard Baldwin Empty Stocking Fund - Annual Appeal & History

8) How to apply for funding from the Canterbury Masonic Charitable Trust - Three (3) easy steps.

9) The Hororata Golf Club's - Give Golf a Go Day.

10) Greetings from the new Pegasus Page Content Manager & Pegasus District Communications Officer.

11) Three Lodges for a 3rd Degree.

12) W Bro M Luxon, Master of the Avon Shirley Lodge.

13) Grand Master MW Bro. Mark Winger's Visit to the Avon Shirley Installation.

14) W Bro McGahey's 50 Year Service Badge presentation.

15) Passing of RW Bro B A Goodman - Past Divisional Grand Master.

16) Passing of W Bro. Bevan W Olsen - P G Swd B.

17) BLUE SEPTEMBER update - Prostate Cancer Awareness Month.


Alpine Scooter Safari 2018

You’re not here to enjoy yourself, you know!

A Freemason Team made up from the members of the Widow Sons (The Freemason Motorcycle Association) and guests from four different districts (including two divisional Grand Masters) will be taking part in this year’s Alpine Scooter Safari. The Scooter Safari is a charity event involving motorised Scooters riding 250kms Coast-to-Coast, up and over the Southern Alps from Christchurch to Hokitika to raise funds for the New Zealand Cancer Society. 

When is the Ride: May 19th 2018

It's not a race or for the faint hearted – The event is designed to be the coldest, longest, hardest, most gruelling and uncomfortable test of endurance (on a scooter) in New Zealand.

Why do we do it?

The event was started back in 2009 which saw 32 riders and raised $14,000 in donations for the Cancer Society. Since then the event has grown with over 250 scooters now taking part and to date it has raised just over $789,000. The 2018 ride will be the 6th event, where it hopes to reach the 1-Million dollar mark.

All money raised goes towards vital scientific research into the causes and treatment of all types of cancer, as well as providing health promotion and education programmes to reduce cancer risk, awareness campaigns and support and information services for people affected by cancer.

What we need is your help!

We would like to be able to make a sizable donation on behalf of New Zealand Freemasonry that will really make a difference in the fight against this terrible disease. If you would like to sponsor our efforts as a Lodge or as individuals any contribution would be gratefully accepted.

Any Donations/Sponsorship can be paid into the Widows Sons Charity Account BNZ 02-0876-0001948-003

We will be riding 50cc scooters with an average speed of 30kms per hour on the open road. The purpose of the ride is to endure some hardship in support of those living with cancer. We hope that an 8+hour journey on a 50cc scooter traversing the Southern Alps in the middle of winter is worthy of your sponsorship.

For further information please visit the Safari website at

Or Contact me at


Christmas Dinner Cheer from Lodge Takahe, The Freemasons Charity and City Harvest

This Christmas the brethren of Lodge Takahe No. 397 along with the Freemasons Charity and City Harvest joined forces to help the hungry. Together they provided a Christmas meal to 50 needy families through Christchurch, so that they quality food items to cook in their own homes. Some of the food was collected from South City New World while the other items came from the City Harvest food bank. The packages contained a frozen chicken, stuffing, gravy, Christmas pudding, Lindt chocolates and fudge.



Lodge Doric Brighton

No 236

Lodge Secretary: 27 Augusta Street, Redcliffs, Christchurch   8081.  Email:






Shirley Freemasons Centre

9 Shirley Road

Sunday 10 December at 11am

Officiated by W.Bro.J.G.H.Latham Lodge Chaplain

This is an opportunity to share in the Christmas spirit so bring along your friends and join our guests.

A catered Luncheon will follow about 12.30pm.

This year due to rising costs unfortunately we will have to levy a charge of $10.00 per person for the Luncheon. Our Lodge Widows and the guest speaker will not be required to pay the levy.


For Catering Purposes please

RSVP on before 3rd December 2017


Roger Cook

Phone:  384-2304



Bob Wright

Phone:  381-4006


“Spud in a Bag for Charity” - The Winners are???

The Pegasus District No.25 “Spud in a Bag for Charity”

Potato Growing Challenge.

The official potato Weigh-in & BBQ was held

on Sunday 3rd December 2017 at the Shirley Freemasons Centre

And the Winners are???

LARGEST INDIVIDUAL CROP @ 2.084kg - W Bro. Dale Brown - Southern Cross Lodge No.6

SMALLEST INDIVIDUAL CROP @ 0.027kg - W Bro. Mark Luxon - The Avon Shirley Lodge No.185

LODGE WITH LARGEST TOTAL CROP @ 7.371kg - Brethren of The Southern Cross Lodge No.6


We trust that the real winners in this are the individuals and families in need, who are assisted by our chosen Pegasus District Charity - "City Harvest Food Rescue".

To the masters and brethren of the participating District lodges, thank you for your efforts.  We've had some fun and laughs and at the same time donated 45kg's of new potatoes and hand over cash in excess of $500.00 for John and Jan's team of volunteers at

 "City Harvest Food Rescue".

 Well done to all who took part!



To the 40 or so brethren, partners and families who joined in the celebratory social hour and BBQ lunch held at the completion of the official weigh in, thank you and I trust you all enjoyed our time together.

By the sound of some of the discussions I heard on Sunday during our BBQ lunch, there are some brethren who are already planning their next years challenge, to better their efforts of this year.

Maybe as one brother suggested, Sheep Nuts are just the thing needed for a winning crop!

Departed Merit - W Bro. S G Hunter McGahey - PGIG

W Bro.  S G H (Hunter) McGahey - PGIG

25th January 1934 - 21st November 2017

May you Rest in Peace Hunter.


It is with sadness that we note the passing of or beloved Brother,

Worshipful Brother Samuel George Hunter McGahey - Past Grand Inner Guard,

to the Grand Lodge above, on Tuesday 21st November 2017, aged 83 years.

Dearly loved husband and best friend of Faith for 57 years.

Hunter was initiated into The Crown Lodge No.138 on 7th September 1967,

and Installed as Worshipful Master 7th December 1993.


Messages for the McGahey Family may be sent, c/o 19 London Street, Christchurch 8013.


Pegasus Corner - What's been happening in the District?

Lodge Idris No.452 - Wednesday 22nd November 2017

An alternative 3rd Degree for Lodge Idris Brother Johnny Hughes was ably assisted by Brethren of Lodge Takahe No.397.  Congratulations Bro. Hughes we look forward to your progress in the craft.


Lodge Takahe No.397 - Tuesday 21st November 2017

W Bro. J A Barlass (Jack) was presented with his 50 year service badge by the District Grand Master of the Pegasus District V W Bro. A M Gerken, on the evening of Lodge Takahe No.397 last regular meeting.  Jack received his 50 year service badge on the anniversary date of his being initiated into Lodge Takahe 50 years ago on the 21st November 1967.


Lodge Takahe members were not only privileged but were very happy to share this special evening with 15 members of W Bro. Barlass’s immediate family, who of course could not fail to be interested in the organisation that has been so important to Jack, that it has been such an integral part of his life for 50 years.  Congratulations Jack!



Richard Baldwin Empty Stocking Fund - Annual Appeal & History



Canterbury Masonic  Almoners’  Association

To relieve the distressed, to visit the sick, to comfort the bereaved is a duty incumbent upon all men,

but particularly Freemasons, who are linked together by a bond of Brotherhood.


Richard Baldwin Empty Stocking Fund

Brethren all,

It is again time for the Masons' of Canterbury Annual Appeal for the Richard Baldwin Empty Stocking Fund which is now administered by the Canterbury Masonic Almoners’ Association.

I ask lodges who have previously donated to this fund, and lodges who are considering doing so to send donations to the Canterbury Masonic Almoners’ Association, c/- the Secretary/Treasurer or by crediting their donation to the Richard Baldwin Empty Stocking Fund (BNZ 02 0828 0076742 97 – please add your Lodge name/Number). Donations will be acknowledged by receipt).

Suggestions are also called for suitable children’s charities that the money could be forwarded to.

Yours sincerely and fraternally,

John F Worsfold, PGW



History of The Richard Baldwin Empty Stocking Fund

VW Bro Richard Baldwin was initiated into The Concord Lodge No 39 on 21st November 1902. He was Master of the Lodge from 1907 -1908 and was Grand Steward in 1909. Grand Lodge conferred the rank of Past Grand Director of Ceremonies on him in 1937. VW Bro Baldwin was Secretary of The Concord Lodge for three years from 1919 – 1922 and was made an honorary member in 1931. In addition to these masonic commitments he was secretary of the Canterbury United Board of Enquiry for thirty four years.

Richard Baldwin is best known for his establishment in 1909 of “The Empty Stocking Fund”. It was his practice prior to Christmas each year to visit the Canterbury Lodges and request permission of the Worshipful Master to take a retiring offering. The funds collected in this manner were forwarded to Hospitals, Orphanages and Homes with children in care at Christmas to provide treats and pleasure for children who would otherwise not receive anything special at this time.

Following his death in Auckland on 9th August 1943 the North Canterbury United Board of Enquiry changed the name of the fund to “The Richard Baldwin Empty Stocking Fund”. This is a fitting tribute to the memory of a man with a big heart, and his works continued under the direction of the North Canterbury United Board of Enquiry.

A number of brethren have administered the Fund since VW Bro Baldwin’s death in 1943, most for a number of years and they include W Bro W A Polson, VW Bro F J Dann, W Bro L G Wise, VW Bro H W Dacre and W Bro E K Tucker.

Each year some 39 Lodges and Chapters contributed an average of $67 which enabled the Fund to give, early in December $200 to the following institutions with children in care: Christchurch City Mission, Christchurch Methodist Mission, Cholmondeley Home, Ferndale School and Resource Centre, Canterbury and West Coast Crippled Children’s Society, Glenelg Children’s Health camp, Salvation Army Home and Family Society, Catholic Social Services, Presbyterian Support Services and Barnadoes.

A typical letter of thanks received (from the Crippled Children Society) reads: "Thank you very much for your letter enclosing a cheque for $200, being a donation from the Masonic Lodges of North Canterbury. The funds will be used for the Christmas party for children who are involved in our early intervention programme and their families. This year our Christmas party will take place at the Antarctic Centre. We have changed our venue from the Botanic Gardens, where we have gone in the past. Please thank the members of the Masonic Lodges concerned for their very generous donation and extend to them the compliments of the season. Yours sincerely, …"

How to apply for funding from the Canterbury Masonic Charitable Trust

How to apply for funding from the Canterbury Masonic Charitable Trust in three (3) easy steps:

Brethren, have ever wondered how to apply for funding from the Canterbury Masonic Charitable Trust?  Here's how in 3 easy steps:

1. Email for the application form.

Complete the application form with as much information as possible. Remember to tell a story about the project, provide information about the organisation, who will benefit and why it will be of assistance.  You should include other additional information about the organisation, (eg. you may be able to cut and paste from their website).


2. Obtain two (2) quotes for the items that you want to fund.

This is important and shows that the price is fair and reasonable.


3. Provide the application form, the quotes and any additional supporting information to the Secretary of CMCT for submission to the trust.


If in doubt or need assistance, discuss it with your District Almoner or contact the Canterbury Masonic Charitable Trust secretary on Phones:  03 351 1404  or  0212 102 917.

Yours fraternally

W. Bro Dai Eveleigh

Trust Chairman

The Hororata Golf Club's - Give Golf a Go Day

The Canterbury Masonic Trust, helping children to 'Start New At Golf'

Recently the Canterbury Masonic Charitable Trust together with NZ Rural Women sponsored the Hororata Golf Club’s Give Golf a Go day for children. The day was extremely successful with 53 children and their parents coming out, they had a lot of fun.  The day was free to everyone, along with some golf coaching, it included a sausage sizzle, drinks and treats for the children.  They had a great base of Club Volunteers on hand to pass on their advice.  Canterbury Golf put up the SNAG inflatable and there were various other areas for kids to try their skills at. The day was based around families enjoying golf together. The Trust’s donation, along with a donation from the The Crown Lodge who supported the golf clubs application, was gratefully received and went towards the purchase of SNAG golf equipment. SNAG ‘Start, New, At, Golf’ equipment is designed and aimed at teaching young children who have not been exposed to golf as a sport before and lets them have a go and learn golf skills which, most often, are not available to children until they are much older.


Greetings from the new Pegasus District Communications Officer

 Fraternal greetings brethren, I am Bro Zachary Renholder from The Crown Lodge No.138, if  you  don’t recognise me  it’s probably because I am missing about 3 pounds of black dreadlocks!

 The Very Worshipful District Grand Master has asked me to step in as the Communications Officer  and Content Manager for the Pegasus District for the Southern Division web page, so, I am taking  this opportunity to introduce myself to you all.

I am a very active member of my lodge and love every aspect of Freemasonry. I am currently the JNR Warden of my lodge gearing to go up to SNR in the next few months... so things are starting to get a bit serious. I am also a trustee of the Canterbury Masonic Charitable Trust and over the last few years have enjoyed helping to make a difference in the community and getting to know as many of you as I can better. Aside from Freemasonry I am a musician and artist, I trained as a graphic designer and am currently finishing off my master’s thesis in sociology at the University of Canterbury. I have a young son and fiancé and enjoy spearfishing, bowhunting, and anything outdoors.

I am going to be working on making District 25’s web presence a bit more interesting and trying to reach out to learn and share more about the interesting lives of our brethren, so if you think you or someone else in your lodge has an interesting story to share or any news or an event coming up please let me know.

I can be contacted at the email address and look forward to hearing from you.

Many thanks

Bro A Z Renholder

Welcome Bro. Renholder and thank you for agreeing to take on this most important communications task for our Pegasus District.  Brethren I ask that each and every one of you support Bro. Renholder in his role as Communications Officer and assist him in carrying out his important task by providing news, photos and videos of the latest happenings in your own Lodge to him, for consideration for publication, so that all of the brethren can be kept fully informed of what is happening in their District.

Fratenally, Marty Gerken, District Grand Master.

3 Lodges for a 3rd Degree


Last Monday evening Brethren from The Southern Cross Lodge, the Lodge of Progress and Amberley Lodge [EC] met at the Shirley freemasons centre to Raise a Brother from Amberley Lodge to the 3rd Degree.

This Fellow Craft candidate was in for a real treat as brethren from all three lodges gave charges, this is a rare occasion that would have made for an interesting evening.  The meeting was very well attended, with over 40 brethren present.


W Bro M Luxon, Master of the Avon Shirley Lodge

Brethren those of you who were at the Avon Shirley installation will no doubt be aware of what a special occasion and achievement it represented for their new Worshipful Master as he is blind. We caught up with Worshipful Bro Luxon after his Installation who had this to say about the night.

“As you can imagine I was somewhat apprehensive and nervous given the fact that the Grand Master and the officers of Grand Lodge were all going to be in attendance but as the ceremony unfolded, I felt my confidence growing and afterwards in the refectory I was able to relax and fully enjoy the occasion."


Worshipful Bro Luxon was initially encouraged by his close friend Worshipful Brother Kevin Murray who despite being totally blind was himself able to fully participate in the craft. He was also encouraged and supported to pursue my Masonic career by his mother Dawn Luxon whose father, and Worshipful Bro Luxon’s grandfather Curt Lee, who was himself a Freemason as was her brother in-law, Gillies Calder.

Worshipful Brother Luxon claims that Freemasonry has given him a number of things such as, Brotherhood and friendship, greater self-confidence, and a great sense of personal satisfaction that comes from being part of a long and proud tradition.  During his term as Master he hopes to in some small way give something back to Freemasonry, to live up to the standards of those who have gone before him and to pass something on to those who will come after, and to play an active part in an effort to keep our traditions alive and relevant in what seems to be an ever-changing world.


Grand Master Most Worshipful Mark Winger's visit to the Avon Shirley Installation



Pegasus District brethren were treated to a special night on the second Thursday of this month at the Avon Shirley Installation. The evening was very well attended with 25 Avon Shirley Members, 36 visitors and 26 officers and brethren from Grand Lodge, in particular, the Grand Master, Most Worshipful Mark Winger. Also in attendance was the English District Grand Master SI NZ and officers of District Grand Lodge EC. The Grand Master spoke in refectory and delivered good news and plans for the Pegasus District and had a strong focus on lodge planning and the speak up for freemasonry campaign.


This was no regular installation for Avon Shirley, as the ingoing Master, W Bro M Luxon, is blind which is indeed a rare achievement. The evenings ritual was modified especially to accommodate his needs, which made the ceremony more meaningful to him. Congratulations Worshipful Master Luxon and best wishes for your term in the chair of King Solomon.

The lodge room being so full that extra seating was needed, and the strong turnout in refectory are sure signs to the Grand Master that Freemasonry is alive and well in Canterbury and the night was a special occasion that was enjoyed by all.





'You only get out what you put in' - Hunter McGahey's 50 Year Service Badge

Recently, Right Worshipful Bro. Benstead the President of the Board of General Purposes had the pleasure of presenting the long serving Worshipful Brother McGahey with his 50 year service badge.  It was a great evening and was very well attended which put the brethren of The Crown Lodge No.138 under pressure to perform with such a large and distinguished turn out, and I'm sure it was a suprise for their second degree candidate. While many brethren may be familiar with W. Bro McGahey, some may not, so the Secretary/Treasurer of The Crown Lodge was requested to provide us with a bit of an insight into the life that has served our brotherhood for so many years. 



Arriving in New Zealand in April 1953 at the age of 19 from the town of Coleraine, just north of Belfast, Ireland, Hunters parents and sister moved to Dunsandel where an Uncle had already immigrated. Having started his carpentry apprenticeship in Ireland, Hunter continued with this trade on arrival, gaining his qualification and continuing with the career right through to retirement.

Hunter married Faith in 1960, celebrating 57 years of marriage in September.

While Hunter had the opportunity to join Freemasonry shortly after arriving, he waited a few years. “A friend of my fathers, Bill Wiseman, asked me to join at the age of 19. It was very strict back then, Bill said that he must know the candidate for at least 2 years, so by the time I was 21 I would be able to join – he was keen that I join!”

Hunter was initiated into The Crown Lodge number 138 in 1967 at the age of 33 and has enjoyed every minute since. He offered some advice for Senior Wardens moving through the chairs; “Don’t be scared”. Hunter spoke fondly of the many Past Masters through the years and the support offered not only to him but to every Master that wears the Collar. “I was scared on my first night as Worshipful Master, I was fluttering like a leaf in the wind” he said. “But with the encouragement of the Past Masters, I became more comfortable in the role”.


In 2000, Hunter joined the Grand Lodge team as Grand Steward and later as Grand Inner Guard. “We struck a really good team, we just had that something special” said Hunter. “We had great times, travelling to installations and Communications.”

On the evening of the 50 year badge presentation, R.W. Bro Neville Patrick expressed his gratitude of the significant role and unfailing support of W.Bro McGahey. “He worked hard in his Lodge, supported external organisations, total support and effort to Grand Lodge functions and during all this he has always had a kind word and a smile” professed Neville.

Such qualities that are respected and desired to be emulated. Qualities that not only make a great Freemason, but a great man. Hunter, congratulations on your 50 years in Freemasonry. “You only get out what you put in” he said. Wise words from W.Bro McGahey.

Passing of RW Bro B A Goodman - P Div GM

RW B A Goodman P Div GM


 On behalf of the Divisional Grand Master Southern RW Bro R M Angelo, it is with sadness I report that RW Bro Brian Goodman ID 7335, Past Divisional Grand Master Southern,  after a short illness, passed to the “Grand Lodge Above” on the evening of Sunday 15th October 2017. 

I am sure you will all join with me in providing our condolence and  thoughts of goodwill to Mrs Goodman and the family at this time.

 Messages:            The Goodman Family

                            C/- PO Box 39001



Marty Gerken

District Grand Master

Departed Merit - W Bro. Bevan W Olsen - P G Swd B


W Bro. Bevan William Olsen - P G Swd. B

4th July 1929 - 2nd September 2017

Initiated - The Crown Lodge No.138 - 21st January 1954

Master - The Crown Lodge - 5th December 1967, 5th December 2000, 3rd December 2002

Farewell Brother may you R.I.P.

Blue September Update - Prostate Cancer Awareness Month

Brethren, BLUE SEPTEMBER was promoted as prostate cancer awareness month in New Zealand,as 600 New Zealand men die of this condition every year. W Bro. Sam Rowntree, Master of the Ashley Lodge No. 28, as you will know, was championing this cause last month and raised a total of $421 for this great campaign, thank you to all who donated.


W Bro Sam Rowntree comments on the project.

Who are fit and proper persons to raise money for charity? Some may say that the master of each Lodge should take the lead, some would say a master mason! In truth any member of the Lodge can and should be thinking the benevolence of others. One of the more memorable elements of the first degree, is the charge in the N.E. which focuses on benevolence. If an entered apprentice wishes to raise money for a good course they should be encouraged. I am sure that he would receive all of the support and guidance needed from his master and the other members of his lodge. After all they are the future of freemasonry.

Fundraising does not have to be complex affair; the simplest way is to just ask for a donation. Over the past month by taking a cookie jar to each meeting I attended (with the master’s permission) and asking for donations in the refectory.  I was able to raise $421 in aid of prostate cancer, a great result from a little pocket change.

There are other ways for raising funds which take a little more planning but can result in sizable figures being achieved. Sausage sizzles are great and local stores are usually more than willing to donate the food so that the profits may be maximised. However locations can be hard to find as some other organisations may have long standing arrangements in the best spots. Sponsored events is another way of raising not only funds, but awareness as well, unfortunately planning for events such as this can prove complicated and it is easier to gain pledges than it is to make people honour them.

Regardless of the method, if we as an organisation are proactive in the charity sector it can only help in strengthening the craft in general. With the benefits of our brethren working together in aid of benevolence to strengthen the bonds of fellowship. If each Lodge strives to raises funds, in aid of an individual in their community or to support of just one charity a year, imagine the difference we could make.

We have all heard the slogan “Speak up for Freemasonry” well what better way to show New Zealand that freemasonry is alive and well than to be seen helping those in need.​​​​​​


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