Southern Division
Pegasus District Update - May 2017

Brethren, our Southern Divisional website is now up and functioning and as features are added it is the Divisional Grand Masters wish that it will become the first point of Masonic contact for all brethren of the Southern Division.

The process of roll-out has been steady and it is my own wish that its progress will continue in this manner and you will observe that our portion of the website will be developed more over time.  To this end I expect to make an announcement shortly to confirm the appointment of the contact person for all things to do with the Pegasus District portion of the Southern Division website.

The new contact person for our district will receive all news items from the lodges and brethren of our district, preferably being stories of masonic or lodge interest including photos and videos for inclusion in the Pegasus District news section of our website.

It is pleasing to note that some lodges and secretaries have begun to use the “Submit a Working” feature included on the website, where a lodge is able to enter details of upcoming events and lodge workings, which then allow the brethren of the Southern Division to use the “Create a Workings Report” feature and develop a report of meetings in a single district or of any combination of districts and dates required.  However, this feature of submitted workings and meeting calendar reports will only be of value once we have all lodges in all districts regularly submitting their lodge meeting details to the website.

Please do not wrongly assume that this “Submit a Working” is in any way difficult to use, it is VERY simple.  Secretaries please click on the “Submit a Working” link found on the right hand side list of the home page of the website, have a play yourselves to find how easy it is to use.

If after viewing and trialing the “Submit a Working” link you still find that you require some assistance in being able to make use of it successfully or confidently, W Bro. Dai Eveleigh, the Secretary of The Crown Lodge No. 138 has happily offered his assistance.  Any Secretary that would like to talk through the system and learn how to enter the details (W Bro. Eveleigh believes it's very simple and will take about 90 seconds), can take up W Bro. Eveleigh’s kind offer of assistance by contacting Dai directly on phone 022 020 0750.

Brethren, the sooner we have all secretaries of the Pegasus & Canterbury Districts using the “Submit a Working” link on the website, the sooner and more valuable the Southern Divisional website will become to all of our members, thereby potentially increasing inter Lodge visiting, which we all want our individual lodges and brethren to experience.


Marty Gerken

District Grand Master


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