Southern Division
One of two districts centred on Christchurch, Canterbury generally encompasses those lodges that used to meet in the predominantly Southern parts of the city and surrounding areas including Malvern, Lincoln, Akaroa and Leeston.  

Canterbury works closely with sister district Pegasus which is responsible for the rest of Christchurch and the surrounding area to the North. The first permanent lodge in Canterbury was established in Akaroa on 1 February 1843 with the title Lodge Française Primitive Antipodienne d’Akaroa but soon became inactive.

In 1851, less than a year after the arrival of the first settlers at Lyttelton, a meeting was held which resulted in the formation of the Lodge of Unanimity which remained in the port town until its building was destroyed in the 2011 Christchurch earthquake and it merged with Lodge Sumner. Two years after the formation of Unanimity, St Augustine Lodge was formed in Christchurch and in 1869 the Lodge opened a grand building in the central city. Mostly demolished in 1920, the façade of the building was rediscovered in 2008 when a building constructed around it was demolished.

In 1859 the Provincial Grand Lodge of Canterbury was constituted with the Hon. J. C. Watts-Russell of Ilam as Provincial Grand Master. This was the first Masonic governing body in New Zealand. Today the district is home to several specialist lodges including United Forces which has many members with a military background and Pegasus Daylight Lodge which meets in the morning rather than the evening and specialises in looking after the older Freemasons in the district.

The full list of lodges in the district (and where they meet) are:

Lodge of Unanimity Sumner No. 3
Lodge of Progress No. 22
The Canterbury Kilwinning Lodge No. 23
The Lincoln Lodge No. 33
The Concord Lodge No. 39
The Phoenix Lodge No. 43
Lodge Ahurewa No. 181
United Forces Lodge No. 245
Unity Lodge No. 271
Pegasus Daylight Lodge No. 450
Lodge of Endeavour No. 504
(Shirley Freemasons Centre)
(Shirley Freemasons Centre)
(Shirley Freemasons Centre)
(Canterbury Club))