75,000 HITS - A TRIBUTE TO STEVE SALMON   ....cntd
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The Central Division, indeed all of New Zealand has a huge amount to be grateful for, for the huge contribution made by RW Bro Steve Salmon, Past Deputy Grand Master.

7 years ago he had a vision to build a website that could be used by all of the Districts in the Division. He wanted it to be newsy, fun, and informative. He wanted a one stop shop where a brother could stay close to what was happening in his District.

Steve was intimately involved in the initial design and layout and had very exacting standards on how he wanted the site to appear.

Steve was the brains behind the Departed Merit Database; the Dispensations System; the electronic monthly workings system; the ability to file Grand Lodge reports electronically.

Such has been his passion and his vision that both the Northern Division and the Southern Division have done the same thing.

This from the man that also bought us the Charity Jewels - a concept that has proven incredibly successful for the Charity.

We are very privileged to have a man of such character and integrity in our Division. I have no doubt that when the Central Division is counting its blessing it counts Steve Salmon twice!