The reaction from many at the sight of the masonic apron was a mixture of intrigue and curiosity. (There is still a little mystery left within freemasonry, even in this world of total interweb knowledge). It was a great chance to engage in conversation regarding the merits of the craft.

This year it was decided to dispatch an invite for all brethren residing in or near Rangiora to join in the parade. The result was that brethren from four different lodges, two districts and two constitutions assembled under a single generic freemason flag in true in rank and file. This unit of smartly dressed and very distinguished members marched with almost military precision as the music of the local pipe band filled the air. It was great to see that so many had made the effort to be a part of the parade.

As the last post sounded and the masonic flag was ceremonially lowered, it showed that we had lost family in those terrible times and that the sacrifice made by our brothers would not be forgotten. After due respect the flag was slowly raised and held high as the procession moved back through the crowded streets back to the RSA.

Our presence within the parade was noticed by a great many people and the bearing of our members during the day gives true testimony as to the strength of character found within the craft. 
Above is a picture of Wally accompanied by members of The Fortitude Lodge at a Lunch at the Ascot Hotel in Invercargill on the 7th September 2017 to Celebrate his Birthday. Representatives of the Other Masonic Orders Wally has been in were also at the meal.

Other Information

Wallace Percival Roy Price Born 03/09/1917

The Fortitude Lodge  No.84
• Initiated 17/10/1959 The Fortitude Lodge No.64
• Passed 24/5/1960 The Edendale Lodge No.289
• Raised 20/8/1960 The Fortitude Lodge No.64
• Junior Warden 1963 / 1964
• Senior Warden 1966 / 1967
• Worshipful Master 1967 / 1968
• Has been a member of The Research Lodge of the Taranaki Province  No.323
• Has been a member of The Research Lodge of Southland  No.415

St Andrew Royal Arch Chapter   No.90
• Mark Degree 20/2/62
• Excellent Degree 20/3/62
• Royal Arch Degree 19/6/62
• 3rd Principle 1969 / 1970
• 2nd Principle 1972 / 1973
• 1st Principle 1973 / 1974
• Grand Standard Bearer 1984 / 1985
• Grand Scribe N 1999 / 2000

Cryptic Southern Cross Cryptic Council No.3
Past Thrice Illustrious

Knights Templers
Held Grand Chapter Offices

Murihiku Sovereign Rose Croix Chapter No.36
30 Degree

Red Cross of Constantine

Royal Order of Scotland
• Provincial Grand Lodge of New Zealand South
• Provincial Grand Master

Secret Monitor
• Supreme Ruler 1969/70
• Secretary from 1984 to 2002
• Grand Conclave offices held
• Dep. Grand Supreme Ruler1982
• Grand Counsellor 1983
• Grand Chancellor 1994