In presenting his 50 year service badge reference to the word “Service” in the title of this badge, as his service to Freemasonry has been exceptional and that although he has been already recognised, he can certainly wear his badge in his recognition of his SERVICE to Freemasonry for the past 50 years.

W Bro Brodie was initiated into Lodge Arawhaiti No 267 in Auckland, on the 1st May 1968, aged 21 years, and then joined the Akarana Royal Arch Chapter No 58 one year later. He was Master and First principal on more than one occasion, and has always held an active role. Leaving Auckland in 2013 and moving to Motueka, joined Motueka Lodge No 117 and become their Secretary within 5 months where he is today.

He was very involved with the establishment of the Auckland Districts in 2000, Lodge planning and Development within the Northern Division, later to be expanded throughout New Zealand. When Secretary of the Auckland Masonic Centre, he was deeply involved with the sale of the old building and the purchase and development of the new building at Khyber Pass. His guidelines and procedures for the merging of Lodges, and in addition, Royal Arch Chapters have been proved successful. His valued input into Ritual reviews in both Orders have been well received and in many cases introduced.

His involvement, research and contribution to the research Lodges and Chapters has not gone unnoticed.

He has also compiled a booklet on the 80 years of association between Lodge Arawhaiti No 267 and Lodge Waipa No 119 in Te Awamutu, which this year marks the 80th year where both Lodges have been involved with each other’s Installation and other social activities.

His service to masonry has been of great value and appreciated, which still continues today in many aspects of the craft including contributions to the Ritual, historical, Lodge Planning, and genealogy of individual brethren in association to both World Wars.
W Bro Brodie’s contribution to Freemasonry is far greater than I have documented above as I am sure there are many who could add to it, however there are many who will always be remember him for his “Carpark “meetings where after a Masonic meeting, when most have gone home, Brodie with a small number of Brethren will stand in the carpark for an hour or two in full discussion.

It was indeed an honour for me to be able to present W Bro Brodie Goodall OSM (OMS) with his 50 year SERVICE badge and we look forward to November2019 when he will be acknowledged for his 50 year SERVICE Bar to Royal Arch Masonry in the Victory Royal Arch Chapter No. 12, Nelson.

The picture above shows Roger Carson, Brodie and Brian Crone.

R W Bro Roger Carson PGW