The passing of the Charities Act 2005 into law made it essential that a clear boundary was created between Freemasons New Zealand and The Freemasons Charity to define the latter as the registered charitable entity. Whereas the powers and activities of our Charity have previously been incorporated in the Book of Constitution, it has become prudent to establish its own constitution. However, The Freemasons Charity will remain accountable to the Trustees of Grand Lodge who have appointed The Freemasons Charity Management Committee to administer it as a charitable trust and to manage the nature and extent of the activities it undertakes.

The Freemasons Charity Management Committee, which is effectively a sub committee of the Board of General Purposes, comprises the following. The Deputy Grand Master, the Grand Almoner and two persons appointed by the Board of General Purposes.

Future editions of this regular column will elaborate on the role and activities of the Trust.  Meanwhile, if you have any thoughts or questions on how The Freemasons Charity operates, please forward them to Morris Robertson by clicking here.