Southern Division
Student Volunteer Army - For Schools

A recent application from the Student Volunteer Army was approved for the Primary School program. The grant will assist with high vis vests for Canterbury school children. The aim of the Primary School Program is to enable students, with the help of their teachers, to identify a need in their community and come up with a way to meet this need.

The purpose of the Program is to ensure the volunteering spirit is part of the student’s identity. The students then use the kit to run their own volunteer event. This may be a one day event, or could be an ongoing project. 

Another excellent example of the Canterbury Masonic Charitable Trust working with the local community.

Supporting Nursing in Canterbury
Working with the Department of Nursing at ARA*, the Canterbury Masonic Charitable Trust has funded two scholarships for outstanding Nursing Students in 2017. Nursing attracts a wide cross section of society, with around 200 students studying Nursing at ARA each year. The course produces a very high success rate, over 90% of graduates obtain employment shortly after completing the course. 
Recipient, Tara Williams-Tuschling is in her third and final year of a Bachelor of Nursing and hopes to work in primary care or mental health when she graduates at the end of 2017. Tara said the funding will assist with the cost of commuting to out of town practical placements required as part of her degree.
Catherine Smith (pictured) is in her second year of Bachelor of Nursing, with an interest in assisting low social economic communities. "This scholarship has been a great encouragement to me" she said. "The Scholarship will also be a big help financially".
Dai Eveleigh, Chair of the Canterbury Masonic Charitable Trust said, "Nursing is considered to be at the front-line of health services and the Trustees are very pleased to support these outstanding students for the future benefit of our community." The scholarships are funded from a donation made by W.Bro Dunshea, who was Master of Southern Star Lodge 256.
The Canterbury Masonic Charitable Trust was formed in 1961. Through careful and prudent management by past and present Trustees, CMCT has grown its funds available for Charitable distribution having recently surpassed over $1 million dollars in charitable grants. Applications for funding are welcomed from Lodges in District 25 and 26 (Pegasus / Canterbury).


* ARA was previously known as Christchurch Polytechnic.

AGM - August 25th 2017

The Trustees are pleased to announce the Annual General Meeting will be held on Friday the 25th of August at the Bevan Lecture Theatre, seventh floor, Otago University (Christchurch Medical School), 2 Riccarton Avenue, Christchurch. Our special guest speak is Dr Moritz Lasse, who was awarded the prestigious Freemasons Carrell-Espiner Postdoctoral Fellowship. The Fellowship is named after two of the universities preeminent and internationally renowned scientists, Professors Robin Carrell and Eric Espiner.

It is jointly funded by the the Canterbury Masonic Charitable Trust, with assistance from The Freemasons Charity, and the Christchurch Heart Institute. Dr Lasses interests lie in the discovery of biomarkers (hormones) for non-communicable diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. In his new role he will be working alongside Dr Anna Pilbrow and Prof Vicky Cameron to identify proteins in the blood that may help predict whether someone is at risk of having a heart attack in the near future. The samples used in the study came from Canterbury volunteers, who generously provided a blood sample and information on their medical history to help research into heart disease. More information is available here:

We look forward to hosting Brethren and partners at this years AGM.


Dai Eveleigh

Chair, Canterbury Masonic Charitable Trust