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The table below shows summary information of recent Passings. If you would like to view the full database, including funeral time and venue information click here to be taken to the database page.
As Masons we are taught to respect death as a natural part of life. A Masonic funeral is often the last opportunity to reflect on how much a Brother meant to us or to his Lodge and to say our final farewells.

The Northern Divsion website has introduced a new service to enable Lodges to notify the passing of a Brother; for users of this website to be notified when a Brother passes; and to view the database of recent passings.

The purpose of this new feature is to make it easier for you to keep track of departed merit; and notify you of the funeral arrangements so that you can consider attending.
Date of Death Title First Name Last Name Rank Lodgename
2018-02-06 Bro John Hans Nielsen Master Mason Waihopai
2018-02-01 Bro Francis Crean Master Mason The Concord
2018-01-16 Bro Harold Thomas Surgenor Master Mason Pegasus Daylight Lodge
2018-01-12 RW Bro Kenneth Forne Past Deputy Grand Master Avon Shirley Lodge
2018-01-10 WBro John Farquharson Past Master the United Lodge of Otago
2017-11-26 WBro Roy Simmons Past Master Pegasus Daylight Lodge
2017-11-21 WBro Hunter McGahey Past Grand Inner Guard Pegasus Daylight Lodge
2017-10-23 WBro Robert Turner Past Master Waverley
2017-10-16 RW Bro Brian Goodman Past Divisional Grand Master The Caledonian Lodge
2017-10-12 Bro Jim Rawlings Master Mason The Crown Lodge
2017-10-10 RW Bro George Ross Past Provincial Grand Master Waverley
2017-10-08 Bro Douglas Joy Master Lodge of Progress
2017-09-28 WBro Alan Ferriss Past Master Koranga
2017-09-02 WBro Bevan Olsen Past Grand Sword Bearer Avon Shirley Lodge
2017-08-28 WBro Donald Townsend Past Master THe Ashley Lodge
2017-08-02 Bro John KAye Master The Ashley Lodge
2017-07-05 Bro Tom Bennett Master Mason The Ashley
2017-06-18 Bro Ian J Herron Master Mason The Methven Lodge
2017-05-18 WBro Gordon McDonald Past Master The Mackenzie
2017-05-14 VW Bro Arthur Twaddle Past Grand Superintendent of Ceremonies The Ashley
2017-03-23 Bro John Squires Master Mason Waverley
2017-03-22 WBro William (Bill) Armstrong Past Master Takahe