Southern Division
Greetings for March, 2017

It really is a new beginning with the changeover of the District Grand Masters, the formation of their teams , the development of a Divisional Advisory Team headed by VW Brother Brian Coutts, and the introduction of the Southern Division Web Page. But before I launch into this I would like to thank those District Grand Masters and the officers that have completed their 2013-16 terms; a term that has seen a shift in Freemason demographics, with the next generation successfully moving into management of lodges and Districts.

We have seen innovative fundraising activities benefiting a number of organisations from helicopter rescue organisations to helping individuals that have fallen on hard times and all aided through the dedication of our Masters and Almoners.

The past term has seen changes at a National level ensuring the Craft is in the best position to meet the needs of the lodges and its members. A successful 2016 Communication and Grand Installation with the start of a new “Speak Up” phase aimed at ensuring that these works of benevolence and charity do not go un-noticed. Interesting aids such as the “Tool Box” encouraging Masters to make the best of their meetings were introduced. 

And for the South, as I welcome the new District Teams, I also herald the start of our own web site as this will be the conduit for up to date division news and information available across our districts. The system we have adopted is well and truly tried and tested having been in operation in the Central Division for the last four years. However, like many web information systems it relies on contributions and Districts “Speaking Up” about their activities and good times. As I have previously promulgated, the Division Communications Officer W Bro George Currie will assist Districts and lodges in getting this information to the web and I ask that you all give him all your assistance to ensure we have the best divisional web site. You can email him by clicking here.

The Grand Master will be visiting The Saint Bathans Lodge No 126 at the Installation meeting of Bro Lochie Rutherford  on Thursday 9 March 2017.This will double as a "presentation meeting" for RW Bro J T Clouston P Dep GM, in acknowledgement of his 50 years of Grand Lodge service. It will also be the first visit by MW Bro Winger as Grand Master, to the Division so a great chance for you to meet him and to make him welcome in a true Southern Division way.

Southern Division Conference 2017 Update

Later this month is the Southern Divisional Conferences and I urge you all to be there and participate in the management of your division.

It will held at the Methven  Resort Hotel 51 Main Street, Methven, Saturday 25 March 2017  

Once again National Remits will be voted on at the Conference as well as Divisional business and other items of interest. It is a good venue to be with your other lodge divisional cobbers; to chew the fat, learn what others are doing and to encourage those that are feeling their way in the Craft.

As you will recall the saying:  One Island, One Division , One Team

Please mark your Diary now to be there, and I look forward to seeing you at Methven

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