Global First? Father & Son Double Degree Performed by Fathers and Sons!.... cntd

This was a way of promoting freemasonry within the wider district, with the goal of having every position and charge being done be a father and son who were active in freemasonry.


The district rose to the challenge, with the fathers piped into the lodge by Craig Fraser and the son’s piped in by his son Callum Fraser. Lodge Saint Andrew’s Master Ross Young, raised the lodge to the 2nd Degree and then handed over control of the lodge to Ron Stack who officiated as Master of the lodge during the working.


The following brethren participated in the working (father and sons)- Ron & Gerard Stack, Craig & Callum Fraser, Martin & Glen Houlihan, Tony & Peter Cross, Brian & Simon Black, Graeme & James Alderidge (Irish Constitution), Gordon & James Sutherlund, Fraser & James Mitchell, Terry Wellington, Terry Knight and David Trott who acted as organist on the night.


It was a fantastic ceremony and a memorable night with 24 lodge represented, including two brethren from the Irish constitution who participated as deacons during the ceremony.


Special thanks to David Trott, Craig Fraser and Callum Fraser for beautifying and adorning the ceremony with music; and to Gerard Stack (Secretary at St Andrews) for organising the fathers and sons working.


Thanks to Dallas Eason for the story and photos!