FAMOUS FREEMASONS from the World and New Zealand

Food For Thought


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Gene Autry
Geoffrey Fisher, Archbishop of Canterbury
Brad Paisley
Sir Ernest Henry Shackleton
Nicholas Hawksmoor
Jamal al-Din al-Afghani

Joey Dunlop, OBE, MBE

Sir James Young Simpson, Bart.

The Rev. Dr. James Anderson, MA

Dr. Thomas Barnardo
Edward Jenner
Robert Stephenson
Sir Elias Ashmole
John Loudon McAdam
Sir Thomas Lipton
Dr. Samuel Johnson
Sir Christopher Wren
Sir Robert Moray
Sir Alexander Fleming
Benjamin Franklin

Adam Smith
King George VI
Erasmus Darwin
The Campbells
King James I of England & VI of Scotland


Henry de Burgh Adams

George Edgecumbe & James Shriner Bond
William Pember Reeves
James Macandrew
Alexander Walker Reid
Max Clear

William Ferguson Massey, GM
Benjamin Mountfort
Governor Sir George Grey
Thomas Bracken and God Defend New Zealand
Richard John Seddon, GM
Charles Heaphy, V.C.


John's World

There is one Famous Freemason added this month - WOLFGANG AMADEUS MOZART. I have used the excellent Masonic Music biography
presented in 1972 to the United Master's Lodge No 167, by W.Bro. Howard Wyatt, PGO., P.M., who was later to become Grand Master. I provide
the PDF file in its entirety which is loaded by clicking on the link.