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On surfing the net for good articles on Freemasonry I come across websites which have many interesting topics. I have in the past extracted an article or two for including in my Food for Thought blogs and pages. However, they will naturally be those that interest me, and as such may not suit everybody who comes here. I have therefore decided to include links to interesting websites devoted to Freemasonry throughout the world.

If you wish to use material out of the web pages of these sites, please follow the instructions of the site, and you must acknowledge the author regardless. it is important that we give credit where it is due.

This list will start with Midnight Freemasonry. It is a website like our own which keeps its back pages on line. I have collated from their site a Table of Contents in PDF format for all their issues from 2009 to February 2018. I have included a link here to that file as well as their home page. This will allow you to download the Index and with the links enclosed in the PDF file go straight to the desired issue. Midnight Freemasons have made it relatively easy to do this, but I will try to do the same with the other sites I list in the future. I hope that Our Divisional websites become an index for world freemasons to find other masonic sites who are free and open.,

MIDNIGHT FREEMASONS - A great site with many back issues on line. A large number of items on each issue

LIVING STONES - Great articles to refer to and learn. A site for all types of Freemasons.