Food For Thought
This edition's topic - Introduction to Food for Thought


Welcome to Food for thought, which I hope will educate, entertain and encourage you, the reader, to wonder at the broad horizons of our masonic world. The pages that this section will hold items on Famous Freemasons, Masonic history, literature, articles that are relevant to our own Grand Lodge in New Zealand, and also to those sister constutions from the four corners of the globe.

There are a myriad of masonic websites hosting thousands upon thousands of files. My blog will provide links to those that have caught my eye, and taken my interest.

I can remember clearly the first month after my initiation into the Alpha Lodge being told that we did a small newsletter, and thinkiing how could we possible get enough material together. I am sure I was thinking like a Mister not a Brother. As I helped the then editor, Russell Ringland, I began to read articles and books about the Craft, and surf the net in search of masonic information. That opened the door to a whole new world that belongs to the Craft. When many people have the hoodwink removed they think that is it, they have been brought to masonic light. That is very far from the truth. While I am not a good reader of books, I immerse myself in articles and magazines and websites and blogs.

I encourage all of you to make that journey through the keyboard to a great new world of information. That journey made me excited and if you are excited it is easy to talk to people about the Craft. If you can express your excitement to fellow men, some will want to join you, and that is what happened to me. My proposer and seconder thought that I would enjoy the Craft, and I do. That is all you need to interest people, and I hope that what I will put in my pages will make you feel the same way, and when you send your friends, acquaintances and people, who you meet and think would make good freemasons, to this website that they will get excited too.

When I first found this website late last year I got excited. It is a credit to the hard work of Russell Pratt. He has waxed lyrical over my Alpha Gazettes, and I can do the same of the Pages, Newsletters and content of this Central Division website. It is the perfect place to refer your friends and brothers to. It provides the best face of New Zealand Freemasonry I know.

Therefore sit back and use your mouse to begin to explore the wide world of Freemasonry..

John Barns Graham