About us
Lodge Rangitikei No. 38 is based in the rural township of Marton in the Rangitikei District of New Zealand.  We meet every month in our beautiful Lodge rooms situated at 365 Wellington Road, Marton. 
Meetings are held every second Thursday of the month, except for the month of January.  Our installation meeting is in the second week of February.
When you walk into the Lodge rooms you cannot help but notice the high curved decorative Victorian plaster ceiling enhanced by modern LED lighting.  The Wooden panelling which covers every wall adds character to the room.  The tiled floor is highly polished with the blazing star adorning the centre. The letter 'G' glistening in antique gold,  above the floor. 
Many pieces of the furniture date back to the late 1800’s, with ornate carvings and inlayed symbolism.   The names of every Past Master since 1880 adorn the walls, chiselled into large marble tablets as a reminder of those who served as Master of the Lodge.
There are other honours boards adorning the walls from other chapters such as the Knight templars and Rose Croix.
There is no denying Lodge Rangitikei has a vintage feel, history is everywhere  and that old worldly charm is inviting, a time capsule of history waiting to be discovered by new Freemasons.
Our Lodge was established in 1880, originally an English Constitution Lodge until 1890 when we joined the newly formed Grand Lodge of New Zealand.  The Lodge rooms originally belonged to The Ruapehu Lodge no. 128 but in 2003 Lodge Rangitikei sold their original Lodge rooms in the Township of Bulls and moved to Marton where the two Lodges were amalgamated.
The members of the Lodge come from all walks of life, Firemen, Farmers, Jockeys, Industry, Company Directors, soldiers, ex nurses, churchmen, and Butchers just to name a few.   We currently have fifty Lodge members of various ages many of whom play an active role with ceremonies, building maintenance, social events, and charity.
It is not all about ceremonials, although our ceremonies play a particularly important part for building confidence and teamwork. We also like to enjoy our Lodge time, this may come in the form of a ceremony, talks about an interesting topic,  general discussion or simply being educated about why we do things in Freemasonry that might appear somewhat strange to people looking in.
Our benevolence fund is used for charitable deeds not only amongst our own members but also within the local communities, district, and national projects.
Being a rural Lodge we are well known for our friendliness and pride ourselves on our well-known zeal for hospitality.  We love to visit other Lodges and we love to have Freemasons visit us. 
We have social events, in fact Freemasonry is about being social! and it is not all about men, no matter what you have been told.   We have had some awesome Christmas parties and our Winter Solstice is a lot of fun.   We are hoping to host a lot more interesting and inactive social event so watch this space.
We want more young men to join our Lodge and experience what I have experienced for 26 years.  The people you meet in Freemasonry will be friends for life, the lessons you learn will stay with you for an eternity.   It is good to belong to something in this world.
Ash Williamson
District Grand Master
Lodge Rangitikei No. 38
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