"A Daily Advancement in Masonic Knowledge"
Welcome to the website of the Research Lodge of Ruapehu No.444 New Zealand Constitution.  We are dedicated to encouraging Masonic study and scholarship, we invite you to join us in contributing to Masonic education and enlightenment.

Objects - The historical and comparative study and illustration of the origins, development, and modern trends and activities of Freemasonry, its organisation, ritual and teachings, and the dissemination of Masonic knowledge amongst members of the Lodge and other Brethren.

Unlike a Craft Lodge a research lodge does not do degree ceremonial work, although it does have its own charter from Grand Lodge.  Master Masons are welcome to attend the Research Lodge of Ruapehu No. 444 to get a feel of how our presentations and lectures from our members can benefit you with your daily advancement in Masonic knowledge.

You will be able to get a good deal more from your Masonry because you will hear discussions, be able to ask questions and discover answers for yourself.  A research lodge has access to a wealth of Masonic knowledge in the form of books, lecture papers and digital files. Subjects covered can be varied from history, biographies, philosophy of Masonry , aspects of customs, interpretation of ceremonies and so on.

A “paper’ is presented on a Masonic theme and critiqued at the following meeting. An answer to a previously asked question is given together with input from other members. A wide range of Masonic subjects can also be presented in Craft Lodges, often in the form of “question and answer”

You don't have to give a 'talk', but you might develop an interest in Masonic reading and research. we can help you by showing you where to look and how to prepare either a long of short paper.
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