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Luncheon of The Pegasus Daylight Lodge No 450

As District GM I was invited to attend the luncheon.

32 Ladies and Brethren attended Servantis Restaurant in Christchurch to celebrate 30 Years since the Lodge began. The honour of cutting the anniversary cake went to W Bro Dave King and Mrs Ruth Parkin, wife of the late W Bro Parkin, who were founding members of the Lodge. A very happy and convivial crowd met and enjoyed the Lunch on what was a beautiful spring day in Christchurch.

Pegasus Daylight Lodge meets eight times a year, during the day and provides Freemasonry and social activities for brethren and ladies who prefer to travel during the day. 

The motto of the Lodge is "Daylight Gold for the Old and the Bold”

The name of the main bay east of Christchurch is Pegasus Bay.

RW Bro Rob Angelo may have more information regarding Lodge background and the anniversary meeting in the Lodge room,  I was unable to attend this part of the celebration , hence I have copied Rob in this email and he may choose to add to my report.

VW Bro Stan Hackwell, P Dist GM, with Pegasus. A mythical winged devine horse, he donated to the Lodge on 13 November 2006, when he was the District GM.


The Roll of Honour Corner: W Bros’  Ross Cornish, David Hannah, Jim Gilmour, Alvyn Finlayson putting the world to right.


Front row: Mrs Ruth Parkin and W Bro King Back row:  W Bro Barry Brinson, Philip Rowe (Worshipful Master), Malcolm Johnson, Mrs Jenny Fright


Stan Hackwell and the Worshipful Master W Bro Phillip Rowe, Past District GDC


The Ladies and Brethren enjoying the Luncheon


The Ladies and Brethren enjoying the Luncheon